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We Need to Foster and Develop Eritreanism and not Regionalism!!

Eritreanism - Photo: Eritrean Toronto Festival (Credit: ZANTANA IMAGING)

We Need to Foster and Develop Eritreanism and not Regionalism!!

Drs. Tsegezab Gebregergis, London, September 25, 2014

I am writing this short note in reaction to some of the unhealthy and rather injurious views expressed in response to Ato Kelete’s recent articles by some readers. One of them is Mr. Mr. Berhane Tecle.

Mr. Tecle has stated that he has been following Mr. Keleta’s writings for the last 13 years, but he thinks despite his positive approach, this guy is now purposely (deliberately) defaming a specific awraja (province).

I too have been following very closely and keenly all the articles written by Mr. Keleta Kidane, but I did not detect in his writings views which favours one region to the detriment of another. I am thus with the opinion that we need to exercise self-censorship when dealing with such sensitive issues. In other words, such unhealthy views, as you and others have expressed needlessly, are not in the interest of unity and nation-building. Yes, everyone is free to express his/her opinion freely but only responsibly. Indeed, what we need at this juncture of our history is to foster and develop Eritreanism and not regionalism.

Long Live Eritrean Unity!!

Down with all those who preach regionalism!!

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We Need to Foster and Develop Eritreanism and not Regionalism!! Reviewed by Admin on 11:46 AM Rating: 5


  1. No regionalism but Nationalism eritreanism

  2. What causes and promotes regionalism and factionalism within a nation like Eritrea?
    A nation is unified only when the people are the Sovereign from whom the Law of the land emanates, and when the officials in the Government, including in the Executive, legislative and Judiciary branches, are assigned to the job and removed from the job at the expressed will of theirs.
    When however the political situation is pathological in which the servant ( the Government officials) are paradoxically the Sovereign and the people are herded subjects, as is prevailing in Eritrea, then the unity of the people breaks down to anarchy and factionalism.
    Why does this happen?
    Such usurper government, as prevails in Eritrea, is fundamentally corrupt, and because the usurper gov. puts its own interest above that of the people, brings in spineless, mediocre ,corrupt yes-men/women to every office of the country. You can liken this sad state of affair of the country to a bed ridden man who is suffering from a virulent infection.
    Once upon a time, in the ancient time, a rascal, like isaias afewerqi , took over the people's gov. Unlike what is transpiring in Eritrea where our people are taking the ravages of the rascal in submissively, the people remained adamant to his usurpation.
    Despite many evasive and deceptive maneuvers, the usurper could not pacify the people. As a last resort, he sent his one of his yes-men to seek counsel from a wise person. The yes-man informed the wise person of his mission. While the yes-man was expecting a reply, the wise man muttered as if to himself.... all the corns' longer leaf blades must be leveled to the short ones.....
    The yes-man returned from the trip; and fear stricken, he told his master that the sag did not give him what he asked for.
    Did he say anything, inquired his master?
    He was talking of leveling the corns' leaf-blades to the short ones, replied the yes-man.
    Immediately, the usurper grasped the implied message of the sag and undertook a drastic measuring of slaughtering the leaders of the people and once the leaders were removed, the usurper, by a combination of terror and flatter, he was able to pacify the people.
    This was exactly what the rascal isaias afewerqi did to the senior EPLF leaders in 2002.

  3. Brother Dawit meconen, you have so much unger brother, TUF belo, why so much stomakokha tehirir I beg you to mind your own sedet rather than be smart a%5 or enhole meda enhole fesres get ak47 and face the man you cursing!! manta ala diya?

  4. Here below is an excerpt from an article written by one of our Eritrean scholars, patriots and prolific writers. The reason I selected this phrase is just because as lumpen (social outcast) as you are I perfectly saw that this phrase will fully express who you really are.
    “These (you & your alike) stinking political corpses are at war against the Eritrean people, nation and government. Like a drug addict desperately seeking his daily fix, badmouthing Eritrea is their career of choice and Isaias seems to be their drug of choice.”
    Thank you Hillal for the phrase.
    Isayas & Eritrea Are Inseparable Now & Forever, period.

  5. The only chewable and convincing parts of this article are the two final slogans: Long Live Eritrean Unity! and "Down with all those who preach regionalism!
    The rest is in defense of Mr. Keleta Kidane accompanied with vague wisdom coated phrases.
    There is no doubt that 'unity' is vital, a prerequisite without which no national endeavor or interest of any kind can be achieved, therefore the quest for Unity besides being a noble sentiment, it is a duty that has to be by 'will' or when necessary 'forced'.

    It's common knowledge that, the enemies of Eritrea's first and utmost wish or target is to destroy the Unity of the people in order to implement their evil designs and that they will never refrain from using all available stratagems of division and disorder.
    We can as we did in the past defend our Unity from the attacks of foreign enemies, the question is: Can we defend our Unity from the 'native enemies, the termites of our own home?

    The answer is, yes! Provided that as experienced patriots we continue rallying and standing firmly with our trusted govt.
    Our govt. whether they call it, dictatorial, undemocratic, despotic, primitive...etc. It's our govt. with it we have everything and without it, we lose everything.

    Individuals like Keleta Kidane and Dawit Mokonen, above, are pretentious people, confused and attention seekers, they should be instantly ignored or rejected, if they should merit any consideration, they have to reconcile or have a good relations with the govt.

    The rule is simple: Any one who is anti Eritrean govt. is anti Eritrean Unity.
    The Eritrean govt. is the only solid ground of/for our Unity.

  6. Very Nice article. If someone try to sabotage ur unity for their own agenda. u have to eliminate them period. kab surom ktneqlom aleka. cuz Eritrea b'sakt aykonetn metsia. kemziaom zameselu sebat hade agrom ab gudgad atiom kelewu, b'dhrey saeri ay'tbqola aynet eyom. EZEN regionalism t'bla zelekn it will cost u your life!!!

    YES!!!!!!..TO.. Eritreanism and NO!!!...TO.. regionalism.

  7. Regionalism of any form is cancer and we should kill it before it spreads and kill us all. I have read Mr keleta's article and it very good one and balanced. It preaches to fight divsion and strength unity.

  8. wedinakfa,
    You are cruel indeed. D. meconen call the man on his nightmare too, he wakes up of Isayas voice in the middle of the night and cry Iseyas! Iseyas! ok! ok! LOL

  9. Bring the said article, so that we can have our judgement before commenting the piece.

  10. KirKir the boy needs to slow down brother, from his writing it would be easier for him to pick ak47 and face the man who is mouthing too much, after all Simon Bereket and Melles has pledged millions of dollars with ak's ... so why wait on cyber when you can do it for real in the field!!


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