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Sudanese Court Fines Rescued Illegal Ethiopian and Eritrean Migrants

Dozens of Ethiopian refugees of the Tigray ethnic group entering Eritrea to claim asylum 

Sudanese Court Fines Rescued Illegal Migrants 

By Sudanvisiondaily,

(KHARTOUM) - A Sudanese court ordered the 600 people who attempted recently to migrate illegally to Libya to pay a fine or serve several months in jail after being rescued by the army last week.

The total amount of fines sentenced by the North Sudan's Dongola tribunal reached 40,000 Sudanese pound ($4,800). The courts also ordered to repatriate the foreigners, mostly Eritreans and Ethiopians to their respective countries.

A joint Sudanese Libyan border force rescued last week over six hundreds illegal migrants and transported them to Dongola, capital of North state.

The Sudanese authorities said traffickers had abandoned them in the desert in miserable conditions.

Police authorities in Dongola said a significant number of the victims are Eritrean and Ethiopian.

Sudanese and East African nationals used in the past to go to Israel or apply for asylum in Western countries from Egypt.

However, Libya becomes recently a favourite destination for immigrants who want to reach Europe by boats through the Mediterranean Sea.

Last June, Libyan guards killed a dozen migrants who had illegally crossed the border from Sudan.

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Sudanese Court Fines Rescued Illegal Ethiopian and Eritrean Migrants Reviewed by Admin on 2:50 PM Rating: 5


  1. Where Is Z CrusieJuly 7, 2014 at 7:18 PM

    It is like "better live free for one day than slave for 20 years under HIGDEF"

  2. Such treatment from other countries and nationalities is something I can expect. But when your own like HGDEF does what it does to it 's own citizens is beyond heart breaking.

    By the way I hear Korchach and comedian Yonas have ran for their life. As usual the zombies will be in denial.

  3. hey where is z crusie, what ever u name is, am just curious, seriously, is there any news you like in this site? coz u always have negative things to say!!

  4. Where Is Z CruiseJuly 7, 2014 at 9:22 PM

    What's up Bless! Yes the name is Where The Heck is the Cruise HIGDEF bought in 2006??
    I have no problem with this site, my only problem is with the government that dupes you in a daylight. How can you support for a failure ?? Tell me one successful thing the government has done the past 15 years??

  5. Madote why do you do this?? Sweden has called Isaias to court for human rights charges and Eritreans are being killed. Somehow you always weasel Ethiopia into everything somehow. Also the photo I must add of the "dozen tigrayans entering for assylum". They all appear to be children. I guarantee you those are our children fleeing from a ruthless leader who forces these kids into slavery. Stop pushing away from reality, let us get real news. Not every article has to be about how great Eritrea is and that we are the best and Ethiopia is poor. Why do we not open our eyes and see what has become of our country and see the issues so we may work to fix them. Otherwise, we are no different then when Italians ruled over us. Only difference is we are enslaved by our own. No freedom, no progress, just a pawn.

  6. SEMEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEJuly 7, 2014 at 11:01 PM

    korchachi left HGDF by HGDF.

  7. YONAS great.but those guys they know nothing dont mind the.

  8. Yea Yonas they look like you children haha we do not have people with their green outfit it is not of cours you recognize the you must proud who are that inforior complex must go.

  9. Kept little weasels like you out of the country. That's something they've done successfully.


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