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Pictorial Report of the 40th Anniversary Bologna Festival

Pictorial Report of the 40th Anniversary Bologna Festival

Thousands of Eritreans attended the  40th Anniversary Bologna Festival held from 4-6 of July.

"Bologna was epitome of Diaspora resilience and cohesion with vanguard EPLF during liberation war. Festival conveys emphatically same message." - Yemane GebreMeskel

                        Click on images to enlarge - Photos courtesy of Wedi Feday & EritreanLive

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Pictorial Report of the 40th Anniversary Bologna Festival Reviewed by Admin on 1:36 AM Rating: 5


  1. Where is Tesfalem Qorchach?

  2. Qorchach was not nominated to participate in the Bologna Festival, that is why you can not see his photos.
    If he is your relative or fall in love with, call him and he will tell you where he is.
    But I want to tell you the truth he love his wife and children. Perhaps he may ignore you, sorry for that.

  3. Look at the brain washed youth. Born in the west fully enjoying the freedom of the west but want denied what they have to the people of Eritrea. Oh yea one day they going back to Eritrea to build roads and bridges as part of their national service.

    Some of the pictures I saw you have young ladies giving middle fingered aybahilinan ladies.

    1. Anyone know why bologna was not celebrated at 20 or 30 years. What is so magical about 40?
    2. Korchach and Yonas abandon the regime....when will the regime and it's supporters get it that the regime is slowly getting dismantled. I am surprised the name calling haven't started such as Korchach is agame.
    3. While a barrel of water has reached to $35, why was the regime spending millions of dollars on three day festival?

  4. Yea you are right but aren't you suppose to be on qomal hizbi Tigray web site.

  5. Molcolm hawey entay konika da tikuri:

    What dd hizibi tigray do to you? TPDM equo tegaru eyom, nimitay haquifikayom tihadir aleka?

    At any rate, you and I are proud Eritreans we just have different opinions on the direction of the country.

    Have a good day brother!

  6. Eway ane gidi siditat awalid.
    Anta entay zeben eyou metsina?

  7. Abay tigray dream

  8. listen it from 6:16 min

  9. It's not your business, my friend..kethatet men ika neseka kedem?

  10. As the grown ups mature and understand the sinister ploy of the Higdef they recruit children and the innocents.What a desperation!

  11. Cane Libero:

    Anta hawuna hawuka Eritrawi eye.

    We might have different opinions but at he end of the day Eritrean belongs to all of us brother. So that makes it my business. What I have stated is my opinion and what I have asked are my rights as an Eritrean citizen.

  12. Ok hawna, sorry, abzi buzuhat hassadat sebat allewu (neseka wedi addey ika)
    Why you say that GoE is spending millions of dollars? do you have evidence?
    Keddem hetet kendey iyu wagu u ilka, (just seeing this point I see your weakness bro)
    Other question, what you would like that GoE do for you as Eritrean?

  13. A barrel of water $35??????? By the way water is gods creation. One can only build dams to to solv the water shortage. You must have a donkey brain

  14. Eri:
    Come down brother...A donkey has a value as well. Camels and donkey go us victories during our struggle.

    Yes... had bot may $35 nakfa eyou ab asmera that is if you can find it....

    You truly are running out of excuses brother . For all your failures blaming USA, UN, Agame, Weyane, IGAD, AU, EU and now God. When are you and your cult leader going to hold yourself accountable?

    You all said Wedi Tukabo is AGAME. He will use drugs and alcohol and be nobody. I am surprised you haven't said much about he agame too?

    Selam Ma'alti zihawey

    Awet N' Hafash

  15. Nakfa have NOT A $(Dollar) simbol. You need to learn the difference. I didn't say anything about Wedi Tikabo( one thing is true though about him. From hero to zero) I'm 100% sure he regret what he done. AGAIN CHIEP PROPOGANDA. Think before you ink next time.B ut I like your conclusion. Awet N'hafash. That is true.

  16. Cane Libero:
    Wedi Adina now you talking....
    Cost: The Bologna festival, the event is huge. To put such event costs a lot of money.
    As to the GoE: I just want see transparencies and the leaders held accountable by the people. Better institutions would make the process of building our nation smooth.

    I use to admire PIA but now I lost respect for him. Think about it, guilty or not he can jail anyone he wants to. Who would dare to question him. He doesn't report to anyone.

    Brother I don't belong to any opposition. Like any other Eritrean I want Weyane out of our land. Like any other Eritrea I want our ports utilized and benefit our people. like any other Eritrean i want our unity.

    You and I are agreeing to disagree...we not hurting anyone. Why can't we have the the conversations in our beloved country and make our government better?

    Take care hawina

  17. Zgeremo:

    Tie'na habeley entay elika?

  18. Eri:
    Nakfa doesn't have a dollar sign, thanks for the correction hawuna. What type of currency symbol would you use in front of our Nakfa? Now I am just asking because I don't know.

    As to Wedi be honest with you I can care less but for you to be 100% sure that he regrets and he went from hero to zero says a lot about your character. In Atlanta he raised over 63k in one night....he is a grown man let him take care of himself.

    Indeed Awet N'Hafash

  19. Gobez dummy, this are the future leadership of Eritrea dukum hilina. kusto keydu kisto hadiu kitiblu wekaey zybilkume kiterfu ekom gagat.

  20. Ajoka, i understand brother, ane entay yeamen yemesleka, kab ti zeneberena condition kedmi Natsenet maletey iyu..hegi iti infrastructure darga tewediu iyu..hade hager ke a, nezi endeher wediuwo, kalas sheger yellan malet iyu..iti nay PIA zebelkayo..hanti neger kegeltselka, ane ab afrika be serah yekeyed iye, bu unet iye zebleka, mebzahtom hagerat belshewena, hemak merihenet allo, mes nay Adena aytewadaderon ika. Plus if you see most of all they have properties in europe, us ect..
    Selezi wedi Addey zebaes mekniyat yellen, ane kemaka open mind seb iye, kenezarareb terah iyu zellena, kenfered aygebaen, befelay chubut zeykone neger, izi entay yegebrena, hilena zelewo nekowen malet.

  21. Nakfa write simply Nakfa or put N. I wish him all the best wherever he is n whatever he do. But as he should know were the $63k land. Even you for that matter. Talking about the barrel again 35Nakfa = approx $1.5 -$2 in west where they have more than enough water costs about $1/.33ml bottle of water in Eritrea, you get a barrel of water wile in west you get half litre of water. That's according to your info. Isn't it good.

  22. Ronda:
    The future of Eritrea? Are you out of your mind? You expect such westernized kids to be the future of Eritrea? Didn't you see the picture (three girls) showing the middle figure.....Ageb aybahilinan

    1. Society in Eritrea won't accept them....after all don't they call you and I "Beles" meaning seasonal.
    2. There is huge cultural difference therefore if you are counting on those kids you are doming to fail.

    Ekel hadimu...Ekele kab HGDEF tegelagilu tebelina'mo hasina dina? If you can't handle the truth don't come out from your mother's wushate zihawey

  23. Eri:
    I just learned something about the currency symbol. Honestly, thank you brother. As to the 63k, you right I have no idea were it will land. Like you I wish him the best.

    The cost of water, you are right but the difference is were you and I make in a few days is probably what they make annually.

    I wish you a good evening brother.

  24. Love u bro. We are brothers even though we could have differences some times. Differences should be constructive not destructive. As you know in our country not only, water, electricity. .... shortage. We have mountains work to do and will take time achieve them. Bright life doesn't come over night. Just we together have to work harder than yesterday. Just like zeben gedli. Fighting each other will just make us መስሓቒ ሸራፋት፡ those they violating the rule of law and master minders

  25. Proud to be eritrean..stay unite n build the nation. Always I see changes. working people make mistakes n learn from mistake.criticize with doing nothing results pasa tempo.

  26. If you all believe Qorchach defection is political, you must be naive. It is personal issue. Let's hear from his own words.

  27. All I want to say is LOL. Eway hangol kkkkkkkkkkkk.

  28. Wedi Eney Berad kkkkkJuly 9, 2014 at 10:37 AM

    Gal adu n Isaias tembenay.

  29. you aren't foolin anyone, agame

  30. will stay a dream, too


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