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Bruck Tekle: Paving the way for Eritrean Male Models

Bruck Tekle: Paving the way for Eritrean Male Models

When it comes to representing Eritrea in the competitive modeling world, Eritrean ladies have held a firm monopoly over this industry. From up-and-coming talents like Grace Mahary to the established model-turned-actress Zeudi Araya, Eritrean females continue to make their presence felt.

Yet, that same presence isn't being matched by their male counterparts. The biggest hurdles facing guys is they just don't get the respect, plaudits and financial incentives as their female partners get. In fact, a 2008 study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveled women working full-time in the modeling industry earned 80% of what men earned.[1]

Moreover, outdated social conditioning may be playing a role. For instance, while there are a number of beauty and fashion pageants dedicated for women in Eritrea, there are none for the guys. As far as Eritrean cultures are concerned, it may seem as if fashion and modeling are female activities and one that males need not apply.

Despite these social challenges, young Eritreans in the diaspora are paving the way in reversing these trends. One Eritrean taking a leading role by example is a New York City resident by the name of Bruck Tekle. Born in Krefeld, Germany to Tzehainesh Gebreselassie and Tewolde Tekle,  Bruck has been featured on a number of magazine and fashion runways, with his latest performance coming in two weeks ago at BET's rip the runway 2012.

Yet even Bruck was not looking to become a model. The 29-year-old moved to New York with basketball ambitions. After failing to make a team, someone simply discovered him and the rest is history.

With Bruck's successful modeling career gaining momentum, more Eritrean guys may start taken modeling a bit more seriously or at the very least, give it a shot.

Bruck Tekle - PhotoCredit: sophotography

Eritrean model Bruck Tekle

Bruck Tekle at BET's rip the runway 2012


[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics, via dailyfiance, 2008 Sponsored Ads
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  1. He is very handsome!❤

  2. Indeed he is handsome. But as an Eritrean I've seen even more handsome boys than him. We have a lot to offer we Eritreans in the modelling business. We don't use our potential. And this is a great start. Every Eritrean is on his side!

  3. OMG he's gorgeous! Eritrean guys are stepping up!

  4. It should be illegal to make Eritrean guys this fine!

  5. If only all Eritrean guys would visit the gym more often!

  6. @ Anonymous who posted at 10:29 PM: While Eritrean guys visit the gym, what is your funkybutt gonna do? You think Eritrean girls are the shit? You big foreheaded freaks, you look like Klingons with long hair! Take your sloppy self to the gym and you look good for Eritrean guys for once.

  7. I swear to god I think Eritrean guys are the finest men alive! My healthy obsession with with them started in my first year of graduate school when I met this very charming Eritrean guy named Dahlak. Ever since that day, I've been hooked on them. I live in NYC area and regularly travel to DC just to run into them. If anyone can help me find online video tutorials on how speak Tigrinya I'll be very grateful!

    ~ Eyana Rivers XOXO

  8. It's a myth we have big forehead! Seriously, generally we don't. Not more than any other group of people anyhow. And I agree with the guy commenting here. If Eri girls really could hit the gym more, could dresse finer and become just a little bit more self-obsorbed instead of using the time on worrying about the families at home, man....their beauty would have florished. Some people have nothing, yet they work it nice. While we have a lot, but we don't cultivate it. Eventhoug, it is hard to be Eritrean in this world, it doesn't mean you have to forget your maintanance. God give us a body so that we can have it as a castle! And guys, encourage your women to take care of themselves - a lot of times, it your fault too. Once you've got the girl, you just don't give a damn. She does all the work alone!

  9. Eritrean guys are fione!

  10. Stop hating bc you are not Eritrean or bc you got dumped by one or bc u got dissed by one! THHHANNKKS!!


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