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Eskindir Tesfay, Eritrea's Bruce Lee

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Eskindir Tesfay, born in Eritrea and raised in Germany, discovered his affinity for martial arts at the age of 5. However, before being able to take martial arts classes, he had to convince his mother that martial arts weren't about harming other people. When she learned that martial arts were based on a philosophy that teaches respect, humility, sincerity, self-reflection, self-defence and the search for inner peace, she finally gave in and granted Eskindir his wish for martial arts classes.

Martial arts then turned into a trigger in Eskindir’s life: its philosophy became his guideline and taught him virtues that influenced his whole life. Moreover, martial arts sparked Eskindir's interest in Asia, especially China. He started learning Chinese, and at the age of 19 he went on his first training trip to Wuhan, China. Back home, he intensified his language studies and soon won a nationwide Chinese language competition in Germany. He was rewarded a scholarship that took him to an intensive Chinese summer course at the Beijing Language and Culture University. It was here that Eskindir met two Chinese martial artists who motivated him to seriously consider a movie career instead of just dreaming about it. Not much later, Eskindir realized his first TV commercial in Taiwan.

When Eskindir came back to Germany, he had made up his mind: he wanted to become a good martial artist staring in action movies in Asia. In order to be able to concentrate on his training, Eskindir gave up his Chinese studies at University. Instead, he started living and working as an action actor, stuntman and martial arts choreographer both in Germany and Taiwan. During this time, a new goal emerged: Hong Kong, the mekka for every martial artist. But it took Eskindir a detour via Berlin before he got the chance to work there: in Berlin, Eskindir made several friends who shared his dream. Among them were Mathis Landwehr, who became a close friend and training partner for almost two years, and Mike Moeller, who showed Eskindir's showreel to director Xin Xin Xiong in Hong Kong. As a result of this, Eskindir was invited to play a little role in a Hong Kong action movie – a childhood dream came true.

Eskindir Tesfay is currently involved in an action packed Martial Arts Movie Project as one of the lead actors: 'Guerilla's Blood', written and directed by Arend M. Remmers.

“I have the desire to express myself and make positive changes in this world. Some people use Music, Writing, Dancing, Painting and other Arts as instruments to express themselves –my instruments are Martial Arts and its teachings. The desire of turning hardship and defeat into personal victories is what makes me overcome obstacles.”
Eskindir Tesfay

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  1. this is fantastic but there is there is more eritrean talented people
    j-holiday - RNB singer in amercia
    Winta from norway also singer
    Nipsey hussle - millionare rapper and also gonna be a film star.
    there are also eritrean acots in amercia
    also, the eriam sisters have a big future ahead of them


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