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Nipsey Hussle: I want to go back to Eritrea next summer

Rapper Nipsey Hussle (Ermias Asghedom) -image: Dr. Jays
September 24, 2012 — Rapper Ermias Asghedom, better known to his fans by his stage name of Nipsey Hussle, says he wants to visit Eritrea and perform next summer.

"I want to go back this summer. I don't know if I'll be able to but I'd like to. And when I go back, Hell yea I'd like to perform! Most definitely," said Ermias in a video interview with Eritrean media.

The California native, whose father hails from the Red Sea State, last visited the country in the summer of 2004, where he met with several members of his family for the first time.

"I went back home in 2004 and it's 2012, so that's 8 years ago. I'm due back for another trip. Yea, I went to Sawa. Hell yea, f'sho! That was cool, that was a great experience," he said.

The 27-year-old rap star, who also models, acts, and owns his own record label, is known to  support up-and-coming Eritrean musicians and is said to frequent Eritrean festivals in the U.S.

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Nipsey Hussle: I want to go back to Eritrea next summer Reviewed by Admin on 1:19 PM Rating: 5


  1. He should speak tigrigna or any of the other national languages to call himself Eritrean. Sorry Ermias, I'm sure your okay - but not speaking your paternal language is a bit of a disgrace.

  2. That's ignorant, he's only half Eritrean for starters, so the language might not have been very common in his household.

    1. Who know you are eritrean or other ignorant person from tigray? He have. Right to speak whatever language. You trying to do him hate Eritrea but you can not. He is smarter than you. He is eritrean. Du you understand you felfela? If you are a man show your face instead of hiding like a rat. You trying to show as like eritrean by given comment and eritrean name but you are fulish person. We eritrean know very well who is our enemy. Go and serve your aray beles.

  3. Well, I would knew would I - unless the message of he being half Eritrean is across here on madote. Not every Eritrean is a hip hop lover, who googles about hip hopers.....

    1. What an ignorant thing to say. Please step outside of yourself and get a clue. Being raised in another country, where the people you are constantly around do not speak your native language heavily influences your use of the language you are most exposed to. You sound like a damn fool. Not every Eritrean loves hip hop, but who cares? What's your point? Should he sing country or jazz instead to appease everyone? Get out of here. You obviously have no clue when it comes to the world of artists; you just don't pick up and switch talents.


  4. It is nice to see him to try to get contact with his roots. I would like him to see Eritrean from different angle and perspective as I think it is not wise see something from one angle: it is biased. Man you are living in a country where you can do whatever you choose but those who you met them in SAWA are not doing what they choose but being told what to do. Good luck for the trip and hope you will realize how the young people back home are living.

  5. somebody called me agame when I have long and sweet bloodline in the old capital of Sealords of MedriBahri, Debarua. Maybe you should stop and think a bit before you can call anyone agame. I still think he should speak tigrigna or of the other language we have. It is important, but I don't deny his Eritreanness.


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