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Construction on Dahlak Resort Nearing Completion

Updated 9:25 PM EST: the first phase of construction on Dahlak Kebir has been completed.

October 12, 2012 — The luxurious Dahlak resort, which is financed by Qatari Dirar, is set to be in operation within the immediate future. The resort is part of a grander master plan the Government of Eritrea envisions for the island that will include five high-end resort villages connected by a central core town.

Construction of the five-star resort began in 2007 by Kuwait First Logistic Company (KFLC), a firm appointed by Qatari Diar, while the engineering supervision task was awarded to EDESSA group, a Lebanon-based company that's working on several projects in Eritrea.

Following a labor dispute in 2008 by KFLC, all construction on the island stopped and their contract with Qatari Diar was terminated. Construction resumed in early 2009, after Qatari Diar signed a joint venture agreement with the French construction company, VINCI.

The 48 million dollar resort features 2 high luxury 850m² villas with swimming pools, 50 bungalows, club house, roads, network utilities, landscaping, helipad, desalination plant, staff housing, kitchen, laundry and other amenities.

Dahlak resort 
Dahlak Kebir's 5-star resort

Dahlak resort helipad
A map showcasing Dahlak Kebir's Master Plan locations
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  1. thay say this place have gas that is why qatar bulid on it b/c jast wont sale the gas qatar from they r conturay

  2. "Ene Ayetew Yemayawku bet Gomen sikekel Yachebechbal"

  3. Looks very huge. i am looking forward visiting that place.

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