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BBC Reporter Osman Ayfarah

Talented Eritreans
Source: BBC

In 2008, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) launched their BBC Arabic Channel. Among the first correspondents to be selected for this prestigious position as an anchor was Eritrea's Osman Ayfarah.

Osman first started his broadcasting career in 2001 with the Arab News Network (ANN). During his time as a reporter for the ANN, Osman became one of the few correspondents to report from Afghanistan prior to the US invasion and subsequent occupation.

Osman went on to be a news anchor and even host a talk-show with ANN, before heading off to Khalifa TV, where he anchored and reported for the London-Based Arabic news station. In 2003, Osman briefly worked for Dubai TV, before he went on to join Al Arabiya TV.

In addition to speaking fluent Arabic, and English, Osman is also fluent in the Eritrean languages of Saho and Tigrinya.

Osman Ayfarah as BBC Arabic Anchor

Osman with his BBC Arabic Anchors 

Osman Ayfarah reporting from Afghanistan in 2001

Osman Ayfarah Meeting President Isaias Afwerki

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BBC Reporter Osman Ayfarah Reviewed by Admin on 2:02 AM Rating: 5


  1. Osman doesn't represent Eritrea. After all, he is not proud of being an Eritrean.

  2. why would you say that? he even has a picture with Isias..

  3. As a person who knows Osman, I can tell you he is a patriot and a good man. He's a real journalist that's respected by his peers. Osman represents Eritrea, that poster who said otherwise does not know him and is probably an Ethiopian trying to diminish his accomplishments in the eyes of Eritreans by stating such false accusations.

    God bless you Osman, keep your head up brother! Eritreans are rooting for you no mater what!

  4. I am not surprised, People like this comes a dime a dussin. Either way I'm always glad to see a fellow eritrean succed

  5. God Bless you ,keep it up mN , ERITREA should proud like u and former ER tv journalist Temesghen Debessai ,bless u bro,keep it trai iye zeblkia ajokia ..........
    wedi etel

  6. great great Osman we are proud of you

  7. I am Proud of u Osman to be Eritrean. May Alah Bless u.Keep it up.

  8. How cute is he? well done.

  9. one people one heart and this is what we mean, he takes a picture with my man.

  10. Bless you Osman. Our Identity is our Pride, Our Pride is our Identity. All Real Eritreans feel the same; no matter where we are.
    Keep it up Brother. Never forget your identity- Ajoka. Happy Independence Day!


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