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Dahlak Construction Photo Update

The new 48 million dollar construction project on Eritrea's Dahlak islands is nearing completion for some of the main resorts. Meanwhile, related development projects, including villas, paved roads, landscaping, and power plants are still being built throughout the Dahlak Kebir island.

The following images are the latest photos of the construction going the Dahlak Kebir. Click on the images to see larger quality.

Close up a Swimming pool and one of the resorts

wider shots of two large resorts, with both of the pools showing

Another angle 

A wider image of the various construction projects on the island 

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  1. when will they finish the construction projects?

  2. Which website did you use to upload these photos.

    There is a graphic or concept picture showing a model "Gergesum" beach on the ethiopian forum website.

    Gergesum beach is going to replace Sherm Al Shejk:

  3. "gergesum" is actually just a Somali concept model that's probably never going to be built.

    You shouldn't read or believe anything on Ethiopianreview or any political website. Here's the original source to that Ethiopianreview picture posted by the thread starter

    As you can see, it's a Somali concept model and will probably never be built, although I hope it does, the Somalis need peace and development.

  4. It's amazing how beautiful and modern these buildings look. Wow, it's not even done and it looks amazing! Viva Shaebia! Viva Sheab Eritrea! Viva Warsay! Viva Eritrean Shababs!

  5. Amazing!! Eritrea is moving in the right path! 48 million dollars is a lot of money. This would make it the largest and most expensive construction project in the horn of Africa!

  6. According to the construction companys website "The island (Dahlak island) is to be turned into a holiday destination. Project Components included an Airport, Harbors, Marinas, Villages, Resorts, Infrastructure and Utilities." So it looks like they are building a whole lot more than just villas on Dahlak. But if you look at some of the other projects they have, it seems as if they are rebuilding the entire Massawa as well. I cant wait for it to be finished..

  7. This is very exciting. I been dreaming for this day for long time. The water is incredibly beautiful and i hope it attracts a lot of tourists.

  8. I would love to see the pictures when the resort is completed!

  9. What is "the first phase" and why on earth did it cost 100 million US dollars. And from looking at the website of qdvc the airport consists of a helipad lol, but thats a good thing since that means people have to go through Massawa to get there. Or does it just mean that it is not qdvc that is going to build it but instead it will be Edessa group since it is their website that says an airport will be built there. And also, do you think that they will build any big hotels out there..because none of them mentions any hotels.

  10. Why do they need hotels for on the Dahlak Kebir? They already got high-end resorts.

    Besides, a new 5 star hotel is going to be built in Asmara very soon, plus there are 4 new hotels just opening/opened at Massawa. I doubt they would build all those hotels just to have an unnecessary one on the Dahlak Kebir.

    Remember, we want to maximize Eritrea's economy, so having tourist stay or stop by at Massawa will help Massawa as well. Having a hotel on the Dahlak Kebir would be difficult and too expensive, since all the water on the island have to come from desalination process (turning sea water into fresh drinking water), which is extremely expensive.

    I really like what they are doing with the construction on the Dahlak Kebir. The Kebir will be the tourist destination for Arab and European nations.

    They are also starting construction on another Eritrean Island (I forget the name), so there's a lot of construction that are still ahead for these beautiful islands.

  11. President Isaias recently said an international airport will be built on the dahlak Island soon. He didn't give details. The details of the next phase is not out yet but the plan is to turn the huge island into a Sharm el Shiek alike toursit destination. According to VINCI's CEO he is not sure if he can go all the way and fulfill the dream of the Emir's bottemless pocket. VINCI considers the project very challenging as the island is in remote area detached from the world.

  12. When will the Dahlak Kebir project fully finish ?

    Why does the first phase of the project cost $100 million when the summary above says the following ? : "New 48 million dollar construction project on Eritrea's Dahlak islands is nearing completion for some of the main resorts"

    Were and when did the emir say . "The Qatari Emir Shiek Al-Thani told the CEO of VINCI that he wants to build a better facility tourist Island better" PLEASE SEND THE FULL LINK SHOWING THOSE COMMENTS I CANT FIND THEM ON VINCI

  13. I was just curious about the hotel situation on Dahlak because I would love to stay there but it makes sense that it would be too expensive considering the water situation, either way I'm really glad that all of this construction is going on and I trust the government will do what is best for Eritrea and her economy at the end of the day.

  14. This is a google translation from a french megazine.

    Dealing with the fantasy of the Emir

    In a country where politics and economics are closely related, Vinci has also learned to juggle with unusual requests the emir. Engineers and Vinci have received a very precise specifications for the decoration of the checkpoint of the future pump station. "He mentions the Latin name of plants that we represent, and all shades of marble and origin, says an engineer. Besides that, we still lack the technical details," he sighs. But a much more delicate issue mobilizes the French construction group: the construction of a luxury resort for the Emir in the Dahlak archipelago, Eritrea. The yard has been imposed almost overnight. "We were called in Vienna December 22, 2008 by the Qatari minister in charge of the project, who asked us to take over from a Kuwaiti company," said Fabrice Martin, Project Director QDVC.

    Unable to refuse a request ... even if it means putting on hold the group ethics: the contract requires him to work with a local subcontractor that employs collage soldiers, peasants ... and prisoners. Delivery of the two houses of the emir is expected at the end of the year. To meet this deadline, the group's engineers do not hesitate to go there any problems, despite the six hour flight and two hours by boat separating Dahlak Doha. All materials are shipped in containers, including trees and plants intended to be developed by lush gardens on the almost deserted island: if the operation succeeds, the emir may decide to maintain this momentum and turn the archipelago 200 islets in Sharm el-Sheikh Eritrea. But Vinci will perhaps be no adventure. "We made them understand that the JV was not intended to be present on all projects financed by Qatari Diar," said Serge Moulène diplomatically.

  15. Can you tell me where I can find this pictures of this Project in Dahlak !! thank you.

  16. We would like to visit the islands for a week in december 2011. Is part of the resort available for tourists?
    What other resorts are there in the islands now? It is tough to find this informaion from Canadian travel agents. Thank you.


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