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Photos of New Development Projects in Eritrea - July 2017

The following are photos of some of the development projects taking place in Eritrea:

Construction of Chinese Embassy in Asmara

China is building a new embassy in Asmara. Perhaps the large size of the embassy is a sign of confidence for China's growing partnership with Eritrea.

Click on the pictures to see larger quality. Credit: Massawa Tube

Gahtelay dam update

Gahtelay dam is located 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) away from the town of Gahtelay. When completed, it is going to be the 2nd largest dam in Eritrea in terms of its water holding capacity. Currently, the dam is 13 meters (42 feet) in height and growing.

Photo Credit: Mesfin

Asmara Housing Project update

The Asmara Housing Project located in the districts of Halibet, Sembel and Space is making progress and is currently around 45% completed. The project comprises a total of 1,754 housing complexes including 930 apartments and 824 villas as well as 192 business complexes. The project is being undertaken by Italian company "Piccini" in collaboration with local construction companies.

The following photo is of the Sembel part of the project and was taken in June 2017.

Photo Credit: Mesfin

Water storage construction

Huge water storage construction in Tera Emni (south of Debarwa), Eritrea

Photo Credit: Mesfin

Adi Halo Dam Update

Video update of Adi Halo dam. The dam is expected to bring water suply for Asmara and agricultural efforts around the region.

Orotta Referral Hospital extension

Here are recent photos of the Orotta Referral Hospital new cardiology and open heart surgery buildings in Asmara. The extension project was completed in 2014 at a coast of US$5 million.

By Shabait

Asmara, 14 October 2014 – Additional building complexes and modern equipments in Orotta Referral Hospital put in place at an expenditure of USD 5 million through joint cooperation between the Eritrean and PRC governments were inaugurated today.

The facilities include Cardiac and Neurology Centers, Oxygen Plant and renovation of the Orotta Referral Hospital.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony attended by Ministers, invited guests and health personnel, Ms. Amina Nur-Hussien, Minister of Health, outlined the duration of diplomatic relations between Eritrea and the People’s Republic of China, and commended the PRC’s active participation in Eritrea’s nation-building endeavors in general and the health domain in particular.

Credit: Massawa Tube

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