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Latest Development Projects in Eritrea

The following are some of the development projects in Eritrea

A new residential building has been constructed by the Homib Construction Company in Teseney, Eritrea. Over the next few years, the Government of Eritrea (GoE) aims to urbanize the town by focusing on housing and commercial centers. Inline with this endeavor, the Teseney-based construction company has been active in developing a wide range of infrastructure projects that include construction of a modern Sug-She'ib trade center, bridges, walls,  roads, dams and schools in Teseney and the areas surrounding it.

Starting April 17th, Eritrean Airlines will provide direct flights from Frankfurt to Asmara. Using a newly leased Airbus 319, the flights will occur three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In the coming months, plans are already in store to modernize Amsara International Airport, expand routes and adding more planes to the fleet. Eritrean Airlines now operates four airplanes: two Airbus A320s, Airbus A319, and a Boeing 767 ("Queen Bee"). 

Eritrean Airlines and airport to be expanded and developed

New commercial or municipal building in Massawa's mainland. Further details will be given as they are provided.
New municipal building in Massawa.  Photo Credit: Jonathan Okbamichael
New hotel development near the Massawan beach. Further details will be given as they are provided. 
Hotel development near Massawa - Photo credit: Jonathan Okbamichael 

Asmara Public Library has recently been expanded and refurbished with improved equipment and faster Internet service, according to state media. During the inauguration of Asmara Public Library, the Administrator of the central region, Mr. Kahsai Gebrehiwet, disclosed he is working on allocating enough funds to expand and renovate other libraries in the capital.

Expansion and Renovation of Asmara Public Library Completed 

At the request of the Ministry of Health, the Anberbeb Share Company imported 17 new ambulances. Costing 15 million Nakfa (1 million USD), the mid-sized ambulances are fitted with a defibrillator, stretcher, suction unit and a number of other medical equipment to meet the needs of patiences. It is important to note that all ambulance services and medical expenses are covered by the GoE.
17 new ambulances imported 
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  1. This is goog for the people. God bless the heart and soul of hard working Eritreans.

  2. what's meant to be is meant to be!

  3. To what extend is Asmara international airport being expanded, I read the Asmara international airport was being upgraded due to some from the mining money. I read that on Wikipedia.

    So to conclude:

    Whats being upgraded ?

    When will start and finish

    How much will it cost?

    Is a foreign collaboration in the effort to upgrade the Asmara Airport ?

  4. Currently the Eritrean government in collaboration with the Pakistani government is constructing a multi-million-dollar terminal, thanks to money from a new gold mine.

    The airport underwent substantial renovation in early 2011, and the new Eritrean Airlines are currently flying there.

    The government of Eritrea is currently paving and repaving the roads of Asmara International.

  5. what is your source mr. Anonymous claiming the Pakistani collaboration?

  6. Nikid Tray! to the economic emnnicpation and self reliance. As PIA said 2012 we changed the gear to accomplish the many plans to our beloved country!!!

  7. All airplanes used by Eritrean airlines are leased from Pakistani Airways. I would not be surprised if they are involved into the upgrade of the terminal in Asmara

  8. some of the visitors looks unhappy, m'anteom zteqertsu yimeslu, why all this meticulous scrutiny?

  9. agame above, ahahahahaha! hirir da bel wediza 'silemariam'. btw, how is that 'double digit going in shitopia? lol

  10. Admin please can you delete or edit the about comment it personally insults the president mother.

  11. I am eritrean living in uganda. i want to move back home. I am a teacher here in uganda with a bachlor degree. I am told that I can get teaching job in asmara with a salary of 1200 nacfa (30 dollar) per month. i am wondering if that can be enough for my family. i have a wife and 3 children. what is the rent in asmara. any one who can help answer my questions is wellcome.

  12. My sincere advise is that now it is not good time to move back home. the rent in asmara is about 1500 nacfa for one room. of course it will not have a bath room or kitchen or living room-It is just one room. that will leave you with 300 nacfa deficit. It is very likely that will be your only source of income. if that is so you have nothing left for food, light, transport etc.

  13. Thank you very much for your sincere advise. I met another eritrean brother who moved to uganda recently and provided me with more or less the same info. i have now cancelled my plans to move to eritrea and will stay where i am. thanks for your honest quick response.

  14. Eritrea will be needing more skilled workers in the mining sector come next year. Anyone that has the muscle and strong backbone need to bring their stealtoed shoes and move to Eritrea thereis more jobs in Eritrea, more services will be there for the people with the right business plan, such as restaurant and small shops with the basics.


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