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Ethiopia is the aggressor against Eritrea: Kenyan Diplomat

Kenyan Foreign Policy has been 'hijacked' by Ethiopia says Kenyan politician

March 17, 2012 (ASMARA) — In an interview with Kenyan media, the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya, Mr. Farah Maalim, disclosed his country's policy towards Eritrea is based on appeasing Ethiopia and cautioned this position is not in Kenya's interest.

"Eritrea has had a war with Ethiopia, an issue that has gone to the international court, and determined by the international court, which actually said Ethiopia is illegally occupying Eritrean lands. They (Ethiopia) are the aggressors", said Maalim.

As members of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) region, Maalim noted the role of Kenya should be to bring Eritrea and Ethiopia to settle their dispute peacefully and maintain neutrality. However, he says his country has taken the side of Ethiopia and that this is a 'mistake' on Kenya's part.

"If you start taking sides, it becomes apparently clear and an open secret that we are doing the bidding for Ethiopia. It's like our foreign policy has been hijacked as far as the region is concerned by Ethiopia. There is no IGAD, IGAD is Ethiopia", the Deputy Speaker candidly explained.

In highlighting the extent Kenya has went to do the bidding of Ethiopia, he pointed to allegations made by Kenyan officials last November of Eritrea sending three plane-loads of arms to Baidoa, Somalia to arm al-Shabab, a claim later found to be completely fabricated by the UN monitoring group.

Mr. Maalim went on to add his nation is dancing to the tunes of Ethiopia and this hostile approach it has adopted against Eritrea will have severe consequences for his country if the Red Sea State were to return the favor.

"We're dancing to their tunes. And they (Eritreans) can only take so much. The day they decide to pay us back in kind, God forbid, God forbid. I don't want to even imagine that",  warned Maalim.

Eritrean mural -  Photo: DJ Adulis 'Chedo' Mokanan
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Ethiopia is the aggressor against Eritrea: Kenyan Diplomat Reviewed by Admin on 5:25 AM Rating: 5


  1. The Kenyan Deputy Speaker is well informed about the history of the region. This was what Eritreans have been saying for ages. Unfortunately no one would listen to the bitter truth; everybody will like the sweet lies, because it sounds good. Had the world followed the truth, all the blood sheds and famine in the region would have vanished long time ago. So the region is now known for its underdevelopment and ignorance. Today another war between Eritrea and Ethiopia is about to start again, this time it is under the financing, supervision and blessing of the big powers, US, UN, European Union, Britain, World Banks, IMF etc, against poor tiny Eritrea based again on fabricated lies. The UNSC had passed two resolutions of sanctions of Arms embargo against the small and poor nation Eritrea whose territory being occupied by Ethiopia in defiance of world court order, yet denying Eritrea arms whcih needs it badly for self defense. All the big powers, US, Britain, UN and EU claim that they are 'concerned' about Ethiopian aggression and calling both parties to restrain themselves! They think that is the correct respond showing their impartiality! The right thing to do was to condemn the aggressor and lift the sanction against the victim Eritrea. The UN sanction is emboldening Ethiopia to raid Eritrean territory and brag about it through the international media. As the Kenyan Deputy Speaker correctly spelled it out, there will be so much the Eritrean will take and when that limit is reached, he said "God forbid, he does not want to talk about it". That is a true assessment of the situation in the Horn of Africa. The day when the Eritreans chock the Red Sea and disrupt the flow of oil and goods to Europe, Middle East and Asia, how would the world economy would look like? What would be oil price in the world market? Right now few pirates in the Gulf of Aden has created havoc to shipping in the Indian ocean for years, with so many naval forces trying to protect their ships from pirate attacks, which has resulted cost of moving thing to be so expensive, that the world economy still unable to recover from the great recession of 2008, causing rampant unemployment so high in the Western countries resulting wide spread riots everywhere. The Eritrean are still apealing to UNSC as usual falling on deaf ear to their complaying. When the Eritrean bashing passes its limits, then all the amateur diplomat will be caught by surprise and panic. The Eritreans could take the world economy to hell with them. I hope and pray that day will not come!

  2. Eritrea is a peaceful country with a peaceful people, so there really is no problem! They talk and talk, haha...we just love to be us, to at home, to do what we love. We love our country. And the world economy is not dependent on us. When we succeed, they can invest in our country as much as they'd love to!

  3. We still have control in the part of the red-sea that belongs to us, and still we dindn't ruin the world economy. the same goes wirh yemen and saudi, and Sudan, egypt and jordan. the red-sea is not eritrea's and us being there has not will will not destroy the economy.

  4. Eritrea is about peace and living a dignified and meaningful life, it's not about ruining other's lives. However they wish to ruin our lives. And since oue state of mind is peaceful, we will always be living in peace.

  5. The comment above is actually ignorant. The right for commerce and war ships to pass through the sea is ruled by international convention, wich Eritrea is a part of. All nations of the world are bound by it. So there is no way, that eritrea would chock the red sea, if it does it will be against international law!! In that is not in the interest of Eritrea nor the rest of the world!

  6. Eritreans are peace loving people and that is why they have restrained themselves from causing any aggression in the region. But we will not take another round of colonization from any one black or white. Four generations have suffered in silence, until we decided to rise with arms resistance that took 30 years and uncalculabel human and material sacrifices to unravel the 100 years of colonial mischievous plots. we paid more than any nation to be free. Since we achieved our independence there has been many trials to reverse our independence using Ethiopia as the condom. We demand to be treated fairly, we will not go indefinately being mistreated.

  7. It's karma. Now it obviously Eritreas time to florish, and Ethiopia will taste its own medicin, and others will be ashamed of what they used to think. I'm 27 now, but when I was 3 years old - I saw that the war in 1998 was to come, and many events that was to occur to family by the time I was 20 did happend, much of it thanks to the war of 1998. I think that war was a transition war, before Eritrea could step to maturity and prosperity it had to undergo maturity time. It just couldn't jump from winning its independece to being is not that easy, and Eritrea had to learn humility and shake off the youngster yes we won attitude. Now, I think Eritrea is round and mature. It has wisdom, and it has learned its lessons. At the same time, the world had to learn how to accept nations like Eritrea. If you see that country in a world perspective, it's a country of revolution and impart maybe also of evolution. So, the people of Eritrea and the government have learned tough experiences, now they are in a better place than they ever was! It was meant to. As I said, I saw the war of 98 when I was 3 years old in about 1988 in Asmara.

  8. I say to the Ethiopians that learn your lesson quick befor too late stop agression, the American government will not be always for you there becouse in polotics there is no everlasting freindship it is all about intersts!we Eritreans will be there with you wethere we like it or not this is our fate so pls stop being arogant and I say to our government hve we learnt our lesson ? lets strngthen our national unity becouse of it our enemies looking to us as weak!!!

  9. The West led by USA has a world-order view that everyone else jumps to its beck-and-call. It's leaders have no idea what they end up dealing with and as a result of their superiority complex treat everyone with contempt. You get the jist of this from wikileaks. Some of the correspondences of the American Ambassadors to their government.

    The arrogance, the attitude and the crass disregard for peoples' rights has been on display in abundance over the last fifty years. They think it is their God-given right to go around the world and tell everyone how they should behave.
    All previous superpowers did exactly that, namely, dictated others and forced them to do their bidding. History repeats itself, always.

    USA, with a trillion dollar debt and paying a billion dollar a day to stay afloat, how long can it keeep up its shambolic economy? Superpower, it is, all but in name. The real power lies somewhere else.

    The way the Chineese have been turning the tables on the free-market economies is hilarious. Who has the begging bowl now then? Imagine a USA factory that churns out chop-sticks? It is all about 'borrowed-time' state of affairs.Who will pay up the 16 trillion dollar debt the USA is in for? Whose money is it? This current generation of Americans is spending future generations wealth without impunity.However,the bigger they are the harder they fall.

    When you rely on might is right and you walk rough-shod on the rights of others what possible future can you hope for? You will only reap what you sowed.Injustice has one unfailing just judge, namely, Truth. Everything does the bidding of the Truth. None escapes it. None defies it. None overcomes it. None can stand up to it. Everything serves it. Proof? Check out the history books. Find out what happened to all the major powers /empires in history.They all crumbled in the end and the alarming parallels are already here. The discontent of the masses, the failing economies, the restrictive mass-media(dictats), and the flagrant disregard of human rights.
    In the case of Eritrea, a fully-fledged UN member State, can anyone fail to see what USA is getting up to in the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia? It is a classic might is right situation. Unless the outcome is what the USA wants it is unacceptable.

    However,playing God with the lives of innocent people has its consequences. The Truth comes out and the just cause ultimately wins.Everything does the bidding of the TRUTH. The Eritean cause is on the side of the TRUTH. This is what fills the hearts and minds of the Eritrean peoples come high water or hell fire!!

  10. As much as we don't like US foreign policy and the policy of French and British foreign poloicies, no one really want its people to suffer. We want them to succeceed, but they have to change their attitude 360 degrees. The motto of ERitreans is we have a godgiven right to have a happy and dignified life, so do you. But Mr. West, ERitreans can never accept the dirty side of your personality. So improve your personality!

  11. You say Eritrea is a peaceful country but your dictator uses most of the state budget for militaristic purposes. Paradox here.


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