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Eritrea Frees the Four British PVI Contractors

Four British PVI Contractors Have Been Freed.

June 12, 2011 (ERITREA) – Sources within Eritrea have confirmed the four British PVI contractors have been released and flown out to Qatar, where they will spend the night, before they are flown back out to the United Kingdom.

After completing there investigation, the Eritrean government came to a conclusion the detained men were not there for terrorism and espionage, but did enter Eritrea illegally bearing arms on numerous occasions and tried to flee after receiving thousands worth of fuel and commodities from the Eritrean port city of Massawa.

All four men had admitted fault for entering Eritrea's sovereignty illegally and for trying to flee the port city of Massawa after receiving thousands worth of fuel and commodities. In a bid to hasten their release, their company PVI had recently stated they “deeply regretted” the ordeal and issued, “an unreserved apology for any wrongdoing”.

Three of the four men are identified as being Adrian Troy, Christopher Alan Collison, and Alan Sims. According to the men, during their nearly six months of detention, all were treated well and kept in satisfactory conditions.

PVI's Background

Protection Vessels International (PVI) is a new company established in 2008, that offers maritime security on the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Aden, where piracy has become a problem. The company was founded by a former British Royal marine named Dom Mee and is based in the United Kingdom.

                                           [Click on the Images to See larger quality]

A photo taken by PVI of a practice drill on Eritrea's Red Sea waters

Four British Contractors who were detained.

18 high-powered weapons and Sniper Rifles were Confiscated 

Their Vessel contained eight hand guns.

Ammunition Confiscated
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  1. wow this is good news.i'm glad this hoodlums are reunited with their loved ones having showed the world THE STATE OF ERITREA is not to be WRECKED WITH, AND NOT 'JUST ANOTHER DUSTY AFRICAN PLAY GROUND' for foreigners.we are glad to see you, but at the same time respect our rule of law and sovergnty....
    proud eritrean.

  2. just leave us alone we don't want your donnations your "humanaterian
    organizations" even though i suspect they are humain in their motives we know that you raise counless slogons but it's just fake no one will believe you in the international community stage you are just selfish specially we eritreans becouse we know your shamefull history in our countryin 1950th.
    bcouse of you we paied heavy price and we are paying till today
    you are the couse of our suffering not only Eritrea but the whole africa so hands off Britain......

  3. well it is good to hear that they were released and it is known UK did well thru the lobby of Qatar for those criminals to be released,other wise they are indeed criminals and UK has been involved in art of crime against the ppl of eritrea and the the sovereignity of eritrea as well.
    Shame to UK for their bad art of crime against the most Honest ppl of Eritrea.....I urge any body to have thorough understanding of the ppl Of eritrea and u will discover how The Biritain gov't in histor and now has done an aggrigate crime .

    well reunion to their family and please enjoy the experience of playing stupid games arround the red sea in Eritrea Side.

  4. It is good to release those guys on humanitarian basis. Otherwise, they are criminals, as far as they cross and were in the sovereignty of Eritrea territory. I am proud of being an Eritrean. No ever dear to step in our beloved country. We have already paid a lot of price for this sovereignty.

    Always Love You Eritrea.
    Bravo Eritrea.


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