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Eritrea's Telecommunication Makes Major Gains

Telecommunication Tower in Keren

110 Million spent on Eritrea's Telecommunication

May 2, 2011 (ERITREA) – The general manger of Eritrean Telecommunication Corporation (ERI-TEL), Mr. Tesfaslasie Berhane  explained his company had implemented over 1.6 billion Nakfa (around 110 million USD) on communication projects since independence in 1991.

Going into detail with the number of tasks accomplished, Mr Berhane noted only 13,000 telephone lines were in service during the first few years of independence. As a result of major investments and placing modern equipments, this figure substantially increased to 55,000 lines at present.

 He went on to highlight that there are over 198,000 customers of mobile phone service. Moreover, Mr Berhane stated a modern server that could provide mobile phone service to 1 million customers has also been installed.

Internet Service Being Upgraded to 3G Speed

The head of mobile telephone and internet services of ERI-TEL, Engineer Mihreteab Tesfagergish, on his part added that Eritrea is implementing 3G technology to upgrade the speed of internet service throughout Eritrea. “We have been putting the necessary infrastructure for the 3G mobile internet service which would begin as soon as submarine fiber-optic services become operational,” Eng. Mihreteab said.

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Eritrea's Telecommunication Makes Major Gains Reviewed by Admin on 8:31 AM Rating: 5


  1. I'm glad Eritrea's implementing 3G internet speed and will be using Fiber-optic cables! This will help with education and development of our nation!

  2. I would suggest EriTel does not have proper planning at all. comparing the investment done and hard currency wasted.
    they have started a lot of auxiliary services since 2004 yet no body uses. they have started 3G before the infrastructure is done !
    i think they have to learn from other Eritrean ministries what should be done first !


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