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Influx of Ethiopian Refugees Entering Eritrea

Influx of Ethiopian Refugees Entering Eritrea

April 28, 2011 (ERITREA) – Political repression, drought, and economic instability in Ethiopia is leading to a sharp increase in the number of Ethiopian refugees entering Eritrea, sources disclosed.

Reports indicate at least 374 Ethiopian refugees have entered Eritrea since the start of April. On average, around 250 Ethiopian refugees enter Eritrea each month, which annually amounts to 3,000 refugees.

This influx of refugees can be attributed to Ethiopia's deteriorating economy, which, according to the Ethiopian Government's own figures, has reached an inflation rate of 25%. Foreign reporters inside Ethiopia also observe daily long queues for basic food commodities such as cooking oil and sugar.

Reports also reveal 50 Ethiopian soldiers have defected to neighboring Kenya over the weekend, including two colonels by the name of Hayla Mariyam Kumsa Wakayo, and Gemechu Kebede Furgasahave. In a similar event, in 2006, hundreds of Ethiopian troops; along with two Ethiopian generals had defected to Eritrea.

Photo of 19 Ethiopian Refugees of the Tigray ethnic group who entered Eritrea a few days ago

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  1. I just got back from Ethiopia and things have gotten from bad to horribly worse.

    Everyone in Ethiopia dreams of fleeing their homeland. It's too expensive to buy even bread in Ethiopia, or other food items. Even though we produce coffee, the average Ethiopian can not afford to buy it.

    Dictator Meles Zenawi has sent our country back half a century. We need a regime change. Hopefully, by May 28, 2011, the Ethiopian revolution will oust this blood-thirsty regime.

  2. Meles and Azeb Zenawi will step down only after being pushed out of power by force. People have to fight for it, and fighting till the end is the only solution to remove dictators. Everyone has to work toward improving their living conditions, at the moment having money does not mean one is financially secured, when problem comes it comes for everyone, and those with plenty are just as vulnerable as those without plenty of money. Based on many people's opinion, the next three to five years will be hard for everyone, food prices are going to go through the roof, most people will be forced to go out of the city into the provinces.


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