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Immigrants Agenda Veils Internally Displaced Citizens Plights in North Sudan and Ethiopia

Over one million people internally displaced due to ethnic conflict in Ethiopia

Immigrants Agenda Veils Internally Displaced Citizens Plights in North Sudan and Ethiopia

By Yosief Abraham Z

While the European Union is on heated turmoil of ramifications how to address the repercussions of immigration, reports from different sources emphasize on countries which have been using immigrants case as veil to cover huge number of their own internally displaced people.

Taking to North Sudan and Ethiopia as instance from East Africa, the report asserted that the number of internally displaced citizens, in Horn Africa, was 4.1 million in last year. The United Nations office also confirmed that only 1.4 million are living in the region as refugees and asylum seekers.

As main and online streams have been glued to the affairs of immigrants in skewed manner, internally displaced people in North Sudan and Ethiopia, have been abandoned in uncertain policies thus to mitigate the sources of their displacements profoundly. In addition to the underestimated and curtailed plights of the internally displaced citizens in Ethiopia following to the violent conflict between Ethio-Somali and Oromo, the predicaments in Darfur and other regions of North Sudan have also been ignored.

Reports compiled by Xinhua also amplifies that the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has learned that the Horn of Africa remains a major migration transit route including to, from the Arabian Peninsula, and to Europe. “The Horn of Africa is both the host and the source of significant population displacement and mixed migration movements, and this is expected to continue in the first six months of 2018.”

Accordingly, the combinations of drought, conflict and insecurity have worsened protection concerns. With violations against civilians, climatic shocks, conflict, insecurity and political instability as major aggravating factors in escalating the plights of internally displaced citizens in Ethiopia, Somalia and North Sudan, using immigrants cases as political agenda have been also brewing the delusions of the real facts on internally displaced citizens gruesome life challenges.

Unfortunately, as both North Sudan and Ethiopia have been benefiting from donations and funds in the name of supporting neighbor countries immigrants, reports stated that food insecurity escalated by 36 percent in 2017, leaving millions internally displaced fall under glooms of food and water insecurity.

Including to the internally displaced citizens, therefore, nearly 5.2 million children and women were estimated to be acutely malnourished by the end of 2017 and 639,718 severely malnourished children were admitted for treatment during the year, the report adds.

Though OCHA claims the number of internally displaced citizens in Ethiopia is 1.2 million, the country officials, however, diminish the number by over 80%.
Yosief Abraham Z is current Executive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. For any comments, criticisms and questions, you can contact him at

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