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Ethiopia’s Economy System Transcends to Pro or Anti-Poor Polemics

Mekele market in Tigray, Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s Economy System Transcends to Pro or Anti-Poor Polemics

By Yosief Abraham Z/HorMid

“Ethiopia remains the poster child…and those kinds of jobs will stay for the short and medium term.” Elsie Kanza, 2017 Africa’s World Economic Forum

While Ethiopia’s nominal GDP is registering paramount role in enhancing its economic expansion, unfortunately, the growth has been embattled by controversies. As Indian economy is successful in creating widely differentiated gaps between Maharashtra, the wealthiest Indian state, the Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh, the inequalities in Tigray, Ethiopian Somali region, Afar region and the Benshangul zone has been clear manifestation of possibly dilapidating economy system for Ethiopia.

Taking the facts that while India’s average annual per capita income was $1,410 before some years, it was just $436 in Uttar Pradesh and only $294 in Bihar, one of India’s poorest states, undeniable economy system of Ethiopia has also created doubts on mitigating regional inequalities, a case from which India economy system is suffering.

With recent success in running before Kenya, East Africa’s largest economy power, in very limited sectors, wide regional variations in terms of destitution, accessibility to infrastructure and socio-economic development, income rate gaps among the destitute and the wealthy men, literacy rates between urban and far-flung areas, high rate of unemployment among educated youth, are challenging Ethiopia’s economy growth.

Though Ethiopia has full potency of driving its economy through modern agricultural mechanization, quasi-government forces from Tigray are hobbling such economy development. As a few businesses from Tigray like Mesobo Building Materials Production, Mesfin Industrial Engineering, Addis Pharmaceutical, Guna Trading, Hiwet Agricultural Mechanization, Ezana Mining, Sheba Tannery, Saba Dimensional Stone, Sure Construction and the Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray (Effort) have been dominating the economy sphere, reports indicate that regional variations are escalating.

With such facts, Ethiopia economy has created solid ground for doubting if the country’s economy is anti or pro-poor members of the state.

Yosief Abraham Z is current Executive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. For any comments, criticisms and questions, you can contact him at

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