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Al Jazeera Documentary on Eritrea

Al Jazeera has been broadcasting a serious of two minute segments about Eritrea the past few days. Here are the ones they've uploaded to Youtube thus far.

In this clip below, Al-Jazeera features the beautiful city of Asmara and the classic modernist art deco buildings its renowned for. The documentary also discusses Eritrea's religious harmony.

The man being interviewed at 1:14 into the video is ERI-TV's main Arabic anchor. The second gentlemen being interviewed is none other then the legendary Eritrean soccer star Italo Vassalo who played a role in getting the African nations cup victory for Ethiopia, when Eritrea was forcibly under Ethiopian occupation. Till this day, he is often regarded as the greatest football (soccer) player to ever come out of the horn of Africa.

This documentary below is about the ancient city of Massawa. Al-Jazeera TV indicated that Massawa not only served as a safe haven for Prophet Muhammed's earliest followers but also paved the way for the introduction and spread of the Islamic religion all over Africa. They also feature the ancient mosque in the port city which was built in 7th century by the “Sehaba” who migrated from the Saudi territory known as “Shu’eba.”

This segement below focuses on Eritrean women’s participation during pre-and post-independence period. Al-Jazeera mentions that there's active women participation in all domains of Eritrean society, including areas traditionally dominated by men. In regards to female participation, Al-Jazeera points out that Eritrea is an exemplary model in East Africa.

In the video below, Al-Jazeera highlights Eritrea's many cultures and traditions. For this segment Al-Jazeera interviews famous Eritrean singers of Mohammed Osman and Kedija Adem.

In this clip below Al-Jazeera focuses on the Dahlak Islands. It features old Islamic inscriptions which were created during the Dahlak Kingdom.

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  1. I Love eritrea!! God Bless Eritrea!Long Live Eritrea! <333

  2. It is great pleasure to see these decoumantry films about Eritrea and my best wishs for all Eritrean Citziens.


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