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Solar water heating project in Eritrea

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      Solar water heating project in Eritrea

Eritrea's solar project was established and funded with the collaboration of and Ökozentrum Langenbruck in 2004. The task of building and installing up to 200 solar plants was given to the local Eritrean company of Tesinma Sh. Co. Each single plants of solar panel came equipped with nearly 37 gallons of storage tank and consisted of a surface area of two square meters. Most of these solar panels were put in place over the roof tops of public and private buildings through out Asmara and Sawa.

Before the implementation of these projects, Eritreans normally relied on electric boilers, electric continuous-flow water heaters, and water heaters that ran on petroleum oil. All those options were not environmentally friendly and created pollution.

As a result of the training and technical support given by the Okozentrum Langebruk, Eritrean technicians are now able to produce and manufacture these power heating solar panels with out assistance and supervision of foreign technicians. This renewable heat resource will greatly assist Eritreans and bring them one step closer to the path of self-sufficiency.

Photo above: Eritrean technicians creating a solar panal

Photo above: Eritrean technicians creating solar panal

Photo above: Technicians installing the solar panel into a rooftop 
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