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Alexander Pushkin Monument erected in Asmara, Eritrea

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On November 28, 2009, the highly anticipated Pushkin Monument was inaugurated. Many government officials, members of the Russian Parliament, and foreign guests took part in the historic ceremony. Mr. Tewolde Kelati, the administrator of the Central region, stated the monument of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, who was one-eight Eritrean, is the first of its kind in Africa. The Eritrean government hopes the erection of the Pushkin monument and the subsequent opening of the Pushkin Cultural Center would assist in contributing to developing arts, culture and education at the national level.

Mr. Kelati noted that the construction of the Pushkin Monument would create a link between Eritrean and Russian cultures. He went on to conclude that Eritrea desires in developing a closer cultural link based on mutual equality between both nations.

Other notable speakers of the event was Mrs. Elena Drapeko, who is a member of the Russian Parliament. She added that Pushkin’s timeless artistic works are cherished across the globe, and went on to mention the poet was proud of his African origin. Furthermore, she expressed the erection of the monument would play a important and vital role in enhancing Eritrean-Russian relations.

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  1. where are our hero , like Mebrahtu who did incredible work for their people. Iseyas is doing all to make our history zero and playing games against our diginity. pushkin who we never are sure where he is from became the first monument in our home city, Guys mind pls this man is destroying our identity and he is still assumes him self as American enemy but history will tell us who Iseyas is but fellow eritreans pls pls pls calculate calculate and think . dont blindly look things from iseyas


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