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Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia's report cards.

Please Note: All the information presented here is outdated. Visit here to get the latest information.

The following charts and graphs will be focused towards the human development and economies of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Somalia. Nearly all the sources listed below are backed by the World Bank

HIV and AIDS is a gashtly epedemic in Africa. The numbers of HIV/AIDS cases has slowly started to stabilize in the horn of Africa due to government sponsored campaigns to educate the populations. Unfortunately, over 60,000 Eritreans, 1.6 million Ethiopians, 560,000 Sudanese and 50,000 Somalis are estimated to have the HIV/AIDS virus.

Horn NationsNumbers with Aids (2007)Percentage
 Ethiopia1.6 Million2.14%
Source for numbers living with Aids/HIV: World Bank

Internet access in the horn of Africa is modest at best. Sudan has greatly jumped in internet usage while Eritrea has gradually increased their numbers. Due to government clamp downs, Ethiopian internet access is one of the worst of its kind. Only a staggering 0.4% of Ethiopians have internet access.
Horn NationsInternet accessPercentage 
 Eritrea200,000 out of 5 million4.06%
 Ethiopia360,000 out of 85 million0.4%
 Sudan4,200,000 out of 41 million10.2%
 Somalia102,000 out of 9 million1.1%
Source for Internet access: World Bank

Child mortality rate has drastically fallen since 1995 for Eritrea and Ethiopia, while the Sudan has gradually decreased it. Due to wars and lack of having a central government, Somalia's numbers have yet to decrease.
Horn NationsChild Mortality Rate, Under 5 (Per 1,000)Percentage Change 
 Eritrea115 in 1995 and 58 in 200850% reduction 
 Ethiopia180 in 1995 and 109 in 200839% recduction
 Sudan119 in 1995 and 109 in 20088.5% reduction
 Somalia200 in 1995 and 200 in 20080
Source for Child Mortality Rate: World Bank

The literacy rates are somewhat outdated. All these estimations were done in 2003, so one can assume these numbers have steadily increased (exception war-torn Somalia). In 2003, Eritrea's literacy rate was estimated to be around 60% of the population. This number may very well have climbed to 65% or even 70% of the population being able to read and write.
Horn NationsLiteracy rates (2003)Percentage
 Eritrea 3 to 3.5 million out of 5 million60-70%
 Ethiopia29 to 38 million out of 85 million35-45%
 Sudan24 to 28 million out of 41 million60-70%
 Somalia3 to 3.6 million out of 9 million35-40%

The GDP per capita is far more important than the GDP national. GDP per capita tells us more about the average citizen than the nation as a whole. The average citizen in Eritrea earns around 335 dollars yearly. While the average Ethiopian citizen earns around 316 dollars. Although these numbers have increased since 1995, both of them are extremely low compared to even most sub-Saharan African standards. Thanks to oil discovery, the Sudan's GDP per capita has increased by 67% since 1995. This year will be the year Eritrea will begin exporting her gold resources and both the national and per capita GDP will get a significant sharp rise.
Horn NationsGDP per capita (2008) Percent change 
 Eritrea180 in 1995 and 335 dollars in 200853.7%
 Ethiopia133 in 1995 and 316 dollars in 200858%
 Sudan448 in 1995 and 1,352 dollars in 200867%
Source of GDP per capita: World Bank

Life expectancy in Eritrea has gradually increased from 52 years average in 1995 to nearly 60 years average in 2008. All horn of African nations life expectancy have increased to various degrees.

Horn NationsLife Expectancy (2008)Average  
 EritreaMale       Female59.5 years
 EthiopiaMale       Female55.2 years
 SudanMale       Female58.1 years
 SomaliaMale       Female49.8 years
Source of Life Expectancy: World Bank

Thanks largely to Eritrea's abundant gold and mineral resources, Eritrea's economy is expected to grow by a steady 6% in 2010 and 8.5% increase in 2011. Sudan's red hot petroleum backed economy will slowly start to stabilize and stay around 4.2% for both the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Ethiopia's economy will grow around 7% in 2010 and 8% in 2011.
Horn NationsGDP national for 2010 GDP national of 2011
 Eritrea6% est. (source)8.5% est. (source)
 Ethiopia7% est. (source)8% est.    (source)
 Sudan4.2 est. (source)4.2 est.    (source)

Depending on which source you take, Eritrea's population as of now is somewhere between 5.2 million (UN source) or 5.7 million (CIA factbook). For the next 5 years, Eritrea's population will increase by 157,000 yearly average or a 2.8% annual increase. Both Sudan and Ethiopia will also have a large annual population growth both reaching 2% or greater growth for the next half a decade.

Horn NationsPopulation Increases (2010-2015)Percentage
 Eritrea157,000 annual growth2.8%
 Ethiopia2.2 million annual growth2.49%
 Sudan1.3 million annual growth2.0%
Source: United Nations data.

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  1. seyfejab@yahoo.,comJune 18, 2010 at 8:21 AM

    Do not be foul for your self, your country, and Stupidity leader ship. This is the not the concern of Eritrean people. Don't you know how many people are in suffer, in jail shortly in hell? pls, pls, pls...

    I will write a very detail criticism on this issue soon

    May God Bless our people,

  2. Eritrea is the steadfast camel that always marches forward. I love it how even though the sources are there for anyone to click on, we have Ethiopians crying and bitching about Eritrea's progress.


  4. You must be kidding!! Even the shuntiest of villages are transformed into vibrant cities in Ethiopia. Eritrea may be compared to Sumalia...but Ethiopia is now in a different class. It appears it may be even better than some European nation in five years. I'm not kidding. I don't like Woyane but that is the reality

  5. Oh really, Anonymous August 10, 2010 1:03 AM
    How do you know Eritrea is comparable to Somalia???(Oh, I mean "Sumalia" as you spelled it). Have you been there???(Wait, if you are an Ethiopian, then I doubt you can even get in). I think you feel threatened by what you are looking at.(But again, I might be wrong).

    P.S. We Eritreans don't care about whatever is going on in Ethiopia. (Be it that, Ethiopia is (or will be) transformed to some European country or downtown Baghdad). Dude, seriously , we don't care. Our wish you could do the same towards us.

  6. why do u feel the need to compare with other african countries? Eritreans are so patriotic and always has the need to feel they are the best when thier actually worse with thier dictator Isaias.

  7. Don't worry about the dictatorship in Eritrea? Mind your own Country and looking for aid every year and a double digit growth on UN chart. WikiLeaks website is coming soon to tell all the truth how Ethiopia is serving under the AID year after year (do you the number how many people are hungry this year. I lost the %. It is hard to remember these days).

  8. Some motherfuckers are still trying to bother Eritrea. But i tell ya, NO WAY. Ethiopia is nowhere near ERITREA! Ethiopia lives on the AID though, still it's serving as an example of starved people. Mr hypocrite, is that what you call some European nations are? You're damn deaf! Go Eritrea Go Go!

  9. Anonymous said...
    August 26, 2010 10:20 AM
    "We Eritreans don't care about whatever is going on in Ethiopia." Oh reallllly? Then why the hell is there more stuff written on this website about Ethiopia than Eritrea?? It seems like YOU GUYS are the ones obsessed with Ethiopia. Everything you do you compare it to Ethiopia. You create your made up "facts" about Ethiopia and you post them and try to make Eritrea look better. Listen, living in your fantasy world online doesn't help your people. If you love your country, you should go and help the 2.6 million Eritreans that are dependent on food aid. Thats real help.

  10. Let Eritrea be the best on earth then what? For me as Ethiopian this will be best reference for us on the ways forward to keep our double digit economy to accelerate further. But this is totally hypothetical as it ranked 155 while Ethiopia is the fifth fastest economy on earth I wish Eritreans be the first top fastest economy though that is totally impossible. Putting oneself some where unrealistic position will let you fail identifying your shortcomings and might fail to look for better way out and sure please do never try to compare yourself with Ethiopia, we are not comparable by any standard as here things are changing for good!

  11. Anonymous said...
    December 24, 2010 12:45 AM
    Let's see:
    1."We Eritreans don't care about whatever is going on in Ethiopia." Oh reallllly?
    Yeah! I know it is a bummer but deal with it!

    2.Then why the hell is there more stuff written on this website about Ethiopia than Eritrea??
    There isn't actually. Again, deal with this too.

    3.It seems like YOU GUYS are the ones obsessed with Ethiopia. Everything you do you compare it to Ethiopia
    Well, you are on a site that is dedicated for Eritrea and Eritreans. Not the other way around. Now what does that point to?

    4. You create your made up "facts" about Ethiopia and you post them and try to make Eritrea look better.
    We really don't need to. The very fact that we got our independence from a country that is more that 20X our size without any significant help from anybody is good enough for me.

    5.Listen, living in your fantasy world online doesn't help your people. If you love your country, you should go and help the 2.6 million Eritreans that are dependent on food aid. Thats real help.
    Ahh!!! 2.6 Million people on food aid??? See you just made my point. First of all, it is a lie.(If not, where is the evidence?). And secondly, didn't you say that we are the ones who care about Ethiopians?(PSSSSST! Why on earth would you go to fabricate a lie like that?)

    Dude, we really really don't care about you or Ethiopia for that matter. I know it is a hard pill to swallow but it is what it is.

  12. Why are you trying to compare you country to Ethiopia somalia and Sudan and some of the info is false

  13. ufff!!!!!!!!may be we should've left dusty,impoverished state out of this report ON SUB=SAHARAN states. or may be madote u should put it on top regardless, keep the great work as always.WE LUV YA MADOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A BARRIER OF GOOD MEWS AMONGST.....

  14. Dear Ethiopians , Dear Somalians and Dear Eritreans. please, keep us Sudanese away from your cyber wars. In fact, don't link us with you at all. You are giving inaccurate information about Sudan + Sudan per capita is over $2,500 probably something like $2,800.

    The problems of your countries are very Big, Ethiopia has famine , Eritrea lacks education and Somalia has nothing lol please don't link us to you guys lol

  15. economical do not compare Sudan to you guys, Sudan competes in top 10 of the continent while you are still beating up each other down there lol Sudan is already a lower middle income country while all the rest of you are low income countries, Sudan is in a different class guys :)


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