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Ethiopian refugees inside Eritrea

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25 Ethiopian refugees of the Tigray ethnic group have entered Eritrea this week. The Ethiopian refugees stated widespread dissidents is taking place within Ethiopia against the EPRDF Ethiopian regime. They further disclosed the Ethiopian government is committing widespread atrocities against Ethiopians. It is to be recalled the same time last year, a record-breaking  42,000 Ethiopian refugees fled Ethiopia and ventured off to Yemen (Reuters) and tens of thousands more fled to Kenya, Sudan and Eritrea.

Many of the Tigrayan refugees that enter Eritrea often take up arms and join the Tigray Peoples' Democratic Movement (TPDM). Most of the 25 Tigrayan refugees that entered Eritrea this week insist they will join TPDM to topple the Ethiopian regime.

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Tigray refugees inside Eritrea (Nov 27, 2010)

25 Tigrayan (Ethiopian) refugees entering Eritrea

TPDM and EPPF rebel groups celebrating a battle victory in  

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