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Nigerian Eritreans - The history of Hausa and Bargo in Eritrea

The Hausa and Bargo ethnic groups of Eritrea, who collectively go by the name of  "Tokharir", are Muslim people who migrated to Eritrea from Nigeria (2001, Johnathan Bascom, p. 70). Their settlement in Southwest Eritrea was associated with rising exploitation of the peasantry in Northern Nigeria and religious pilgrimages to Mecca (2001, Johnathan Bascom, p. 70). Their ancestors, who first settled in Southwest Eritrea and eastern Sudan during the late eighteenth and especially the nineteenth century (1999 Giorgio Ausenda, p. 179), were immigrants returning from the pilgrimage to Mecca who quite often brought their wives along and even begot children on the way (1999, Giorgio Ausenda, p. 179). To survive along the way, which took them several years, and pay for the Red Sea crossing, they stopped during the agricultural season and worked as farmhands or sharecroppers (1999, Giorgio Ausenda, p. 179). As a result of this sporadic immigration, estimated by Burkhardt at about 1,000 per year, there is now a large Hausa settlement in the Gash Delta (1999, Giorgio Ausenda, p. 179). Conservative estimates suggest that more than thirty thousand Hausa and Bargo ethnic groups were once living in Eritrea when conflict with Ethiopia escalated in the mid-1970s (2001, Johnathan Bascom, p. 70).

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Nigerian Eritreans - The history of Hausa and Bargo in Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 10:15 AM Rating: 5


  1. these people should be regarded as an eritrean tribe more than the rashida.. i heard rashida done some bad things in the past to eritreans

  2. NA: the Rashaida have done nothing you animal. They fought for Eritrea's independence and died in masses to defend Eritrea's borders from invading and warmongering Ethiopians. Stop listening to scum agame websites of and This is where your backward information is coming from. You are backward for even visiting those scum woyane websites.

  3. The Hausa people span many countries across east, central and west Africa aside from their original home in Niger and Nigeria. They are peace loving and enjoy long distance trading and commerce.

  4. The Hausa people of Eritrea are said to be generally peaceful and industrious. It takes dexterity and hard-work to migrate from the West African region to Eritrea. The (Hausas) deserve every respect, honor and privilege. The government of Eritrea should accord these people every rights and privileges due to worthy citizens.

  5. Salaam Family! Eritrea is the Land of Punt and groups of people in the so called Sub-Sahara are from West Sudan coming to Eritrea cause that is the original Mecca....Islam is the way of Life. We all practice it before it was introduce to us in the pale arab way of religion.

  6. Wake up people !! this is what happens when you don't protect your borders. Your land and your race gets polluted by nomadic drifters the so called Rashaida, Baria, Tukrir, and other toxic tribes. They happend to be included in the Eritrean population for the sake of "unity" and to silence external enemies, but the fact is that if given a chance, those toxic tribes wont waste a second to wipe out the Habesha people. Facts: the Kunama allied themselves with the nigger Mengistu Hailemariam to execute people and the Rashaida have a bloody hand on human trafficking, killing and raping Habesha. Those thugs are nomads, they have no ties to the land as we the Habesha, once again those nomads are drifters, so let them drift away, ..away from Eritrea. Get out !

  7. You seem very toxic my friend

  8. Islam is great only if u are a man, good luck if u r a woman!

  9. Good thing I wasn't born a Muslim, Seeing what Islam has done to many Countries in the Middle East and even some part of East Africa.


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