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Photos of New Asmara Housing Construction

Housing construction in Asmara has been growing on a steady process. Much of Eritrea's development budget is dedicated to food security, education, roads, micro-dams, health and water preservation, construction of new housing has gotten the least priority. In the next few years however, housing development in Eritrea will get a much needed priority. In this article, you'll see pictures of homes and apartment buildings that have been constructed or are being constructed in Asmara, Eritrea.

The Halibet housing complex as seen below is currently being built around the Halibet hospital. These modern homes and apartment complexes are going to have a soccer field, a gym, a basketball court, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a small park and will have some of the most modern houses and apartment complexes present in the horn of Africa.

This photo below is located just outside of Asmara, around north-west of the city. Since Yahoo's satellite maps for Eritrea haven't been updated in over a year and a half, we can clearly see that this area had no new construction or any housing present. However, if you look at the Google'a satellite photo below this one, you'll see new apartment buildings being constructed. Google's satellite updates Eritrea's image every 90 days or so, so anyone looking to see for new development in Asmara can use Yahoo's outdated maps with Google's updated maps to see if any changes have taken place within the last year and half.



Close up of the new apartment buildings being constructed.

The image below is a screen shot of these new Asmara appartment buildings from Eri TV

The image below is of the blue print of what the new 5 star hotel in Asmara will look like. Construction of this hotel will set to commence in 2011.

The following pictures are of housing constructions in Asmara in the past decade.  Much of the new construction to take place in Asmara has been around the Sembel and Kahawta areas.

Photo below shows a very modern looking house with a swimming pool.

New modern homes near Sembel, Asmara.

These 32 modern homes are located near the Halibet hospital. They are part of the new 700 modern homes to be built within the next few years. Most of these houses are constructed for the diaspora Eritreans. These houses can cost from 150,000 to 200,000 USD range.

Click here if you want to see these homes via Google maps.

Photo of the left is of the Orota Referral Hospital.

Photo on the left is the Asmara Sembel housing unit.

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  1. Beautiful construction I was surprise the quality of buildings/villas exist in Asmara Good work for our brothers (Eritrean People), by the way I am from Somalia

  2. That is good improvement!! I love you Eritrean people.

  3. Unbelievable, I was in Paltalk today and a person whose NN was hwket came in the room I was in and posted the link for this page. This morning I was wondering how I can get hold of information with regards to new buildings back home. So whoever you are thanks a lot hwket.

  4. we donot hate ethiopians as one of the guys claims here we respect them as we expect the same from them, as we wish prosperity to eritrea
    we do wish to all humanity we are not like the west who prefers every
    single $ for them selves and a second byte to africa
    so pls grow up no one hates you we are victms of the greedy west like you.

  5. Awesome , my beautiful country I know and believe it will be the most lovely peaceful place in the whole world to live, can any one there help me with some information , I would like to know is this for sale ?, I want to buy a house so what procedure can I follow. I appriciate on advace.
    Peace for All

  6. awesome i just can't have enough of my beloved eritrea and what it will look like in the future,,,,wow overwhelming and thanks for posting guys

  7. There are people around the globe who have no clue what Eritrea is or stands is for such people that the expression.... a photo / picture speaks a thousand words/or volumes... is a perfect choice here.

    To those who have an open mind and are willing to observe critically to the progress taking place in Eritrea I would like them to be equally critical about their thinking, their prejudice and the world around them.
    Eritrea is about a proud people who want to improve their lot and wish others would do the same.

  8. I am Western educated African some how when i see the construction to me no measure to say W W W W W W, to put in volume like liter or to put in container like kg, really is it built in private own person or by state?, i mean that my appreciation both the sate despite the wonderful Art Deco, keep it up. I am West African with my capital between 20000 and 30000 euro.

  9. Beautiful buildings. Just one question: Very unususl to have such good houses but the roads are unmade dirt? Once the roads and drainage are completed, they will look fantastic.

  10. I am from W.Africa really impressed.

  11. Once again you contacted me through my email, i am residing in Finland, really how a nice art construction houses. I like it and very impressive but i would not like to buy such a expensive houses. I have been living in Finland for 22 years and former Soviet Union for 2 years. By origin I am Eritean I grew up in Ethiopia and i got scholarship from Ethiopia to Europe and in some reasons my study get slow but now a days i have part time work since the last two years and i have a cash capital in Finland bank 30000 euro in the coming five years my capital it grows up to 50000 euro, but i would like to deposit my money in Eritrea bank. My email:

    Best Regards,


  12. wey za adey kemey ket tsibek..congratulation deki ERRE tsubuk ikum tefetwu..

  13. Your articles support me a lot in all mediums of subjects.

  14. I don’t suppose many of websites give this kind of information.

  15. Thank you I am glad about the encouragement! I love your site, you post outstanding.


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