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Dr. Lisa Masterson from "The Doctors" TV show Visits Eritrea

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Asmara, 8 December 2009 - Dr. Lisa Masterson, an American doctor and co-host of the popular TV series program “The Doctors” said that at a time when a number of developing countries are suffering from lack of enough medical doctors and in which their citizens are falling victim to various diseases, the fact that Eritrea manages to nurture doctors on the basis of internal resource attests to the country’s bright future. 

She made the remarks in an interview she conducted with ERI-TV during the recent graduation ceremony of the first graduating Eritrean doctors from the Medical College in Asmara.

Noting that she has a long work experience in a number of countries, Dr. Lisa explained that the majority of the developing countries put aside the action plan they mapped out, especially as regards the development of the health sector due to managerial inefficiency, internal crisis and corruption, as well as the absence of clear vision and strategy.   On the contrary, Eritrea with its prevailing peace, clear vision and program, as well as a dedicated leadership could be categorized as a model for others in managing to establish its own medical college and graduating the first Eritrean doctors domestically, she elaborated.

Expressing admiration to the country’s development endeavors and the achievements so far registered, Dr. Lisa stated that she has visited Eritrea many times and that she is highly impressed with the prevailing peace in the country and the hospitality of the Eritrean people.

As regards the competence of the recently graduated Eritrean doctors, she said that they deserve admiration for their competence, intelligence and dedication. In this respect, Dr. Lisa said that their contribution to the development of the health sector is not to be viewed lightly. Such success would not have been achieved short of the full cooperation of the people and the Government, particularly that of the dedicated role of the martyred fighter Minister Saleh Meki.

Dr. Lisa Masterson, Co-host of “The Doctors” TV series program and founder of the International Maternal Fetal Care Organization visited Eritrea with a team of surgeons 4 years ago to provide professional service, and ever since she has been collaborating in the development of the health sector.

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