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Touring Eritrea: Salute to Exemplary Achievements

Gedem Cement Factory: Leading the way in a formidable Cement production  

By Yosuf Idris | Compiled by Semir Seid

“Every action has its pleasures and its price”, words of the ancient and classical Greek philosopher, Socrates. Everyone wants to see what the final results are and how they are fashioned, just to get pleasure, feel proud of and admire. So do Eritreans residing away from their country. Every time they land in their motherland; their expectations are high. Let us share with you, in today’s issue, some of the experiences of events, which took place in some parts of the nation these past few weeks.

Indeed, thousands of Eritreans residing abroad landed in their homeland to celebrate the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of Eritrea’s independence. On this occasion, many took the chance to tour the country and witness some of Eritrea’s development projects and achievements.

Hence, many embarked on a visit to the sub zones of Ghindae, Foro and Massawa. The citizens were able to individually and collectively visit various sites of the Northern Red Sea region including developmental projects, historical places, factories, the International Massawa Airport, the national Museum of Massawa, the port, naval base among other developmental sites. The citizens arrived in Eritrea exceeding 80 in number from different countries of Europe such as the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and Great Britain as well as from Australia, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Canada and the United States.

Throughout the tour, respective concerned parties provided them with adequate explanations on the Sea region where, Mr. Yohannes Ghebreyesus, Director of the Museum, guided the group by going through the treasures and remains from the time of colonization, the armed struggle as well as evidences of Eritrea’s ancient history. Besides, Mr. Yohannes underscored that archaeologicaly significant evidences of the Adulis site date back 1400 to 2000 years comprising of broken pots, black stones, utensils of households and churches remaining made out of stones, several chairs and beds brought from abroad. Adulis is a historic site located 56km South East of Massawa on the coast of the Gulf of Zula. At the moment, the site is positioned 7km from the coast line between the villages of Afta and Zula.

The visit went on towards the cement factory located near Massawa where Mr. Welday Kidane, Director of the factory gave them clear information regarding the production process as well as a briefing on the factory’s background and activities. Mr. Welday, moreover, explained that the resources available near the factory allow it to potentially produce more than 10,000 quintals a day comprising three types of cement namely, OPC, SulphurResistant cement and Pozzolan cement. Currently, the factory has 300 employees and is exporting some of its production to countries in the region.

Visitors also had chance to visit the plastic factory situated at the heart of the Port of Massawa, the organization of the shipping area, the construction of fully equipped industrial freezer units. The factory manager, Mr. Mehari Segid, stated that the factory has extended its product lines to pipe assembly joints and wider pipes of 63 to 400 diameters. 

The next journey was to the naval base of Eritrea in Gedem where a warm welcome was provided to the visitors upon their arrival. The Chief of staff of the naval force of Eritrea, Colonel Melake Tesfamariam, told guests that the naval force of Eritrea is working to ensure the peace and stability of the Red Sea by drafting its short and long term strategy. He further explained that Eritrea has the capacity and strength to protect its territorial waters and still coopertate in agreements with stakeholders on sea and coastal area issues. Following this visit, they embarked on three separate boats for a two hours’ sea ride.

Visitors told the Eritrean News Agency (ERINA) that “seeing is believing” and fully enjoyed the clear presentations and the openness in answering any questions in all places and sites visited. They also shared their satisfaction and astonishment of the achievements made so far thanks to the active and keen participation of the people and Government of Eritrea. 

Mr. Thomas Samuel and Mrs. Haimanot Ghebreyesus from the Netherlands addressed that all the endeavors executed in the last 25 years are the foundations of the country’s bright future. Further, they noted that it is better to see rather than to hear from someone. In other words, they emphasized on the significant responsibility of all citizens to continue working for the generations to come. Visitors promised to share what they have seen and to fulfil their duties as citizens.

 One particular and touchy statement was made by Mr. Sebhatleab Simon, a resident of in Australia in which he expressed his appreciation of to the current activities aimed at ensuring the long-term vision of social justice in Eritrea. Mr. Teumuzghi Keleta, stated that even thier stay was a short period, positive, they were able to notice the social, cultural and economic impacts that are put on ground. “The Adulis infrastructural activities, which will advance tourism and other achievements shown, are events that surprised and scared our enemies and proved our existence and potential as nation”, he added. 

Citizens from Canada, such as Mr. Hadgu Tesfay noted that, “as far as the world is focusing on building its economy, its productivity and defense; then it is a must for us to strengthen our national pride and revolutionary foundations and march on and the 25 years of accomplishments were a reflection of the workaholic government and culturally hardworking people of Eritrea”. 

Additionally, Ms. Kristina Kiflay from Germany, stated that celebrating the Silver Jubilee with her people and families “is beyond words can tell; especially when looking at the immense projects, factories constructed, other infrastructures and social services available when compared to 25 years ago, are astonishing”, she added. On her final words, she stated that all the youth residing abroad have to be united and fully fulfill their duties to preserve the national treasures accumulated so as to get to the stages we hope to reach as one people and one nation.

In sum, the citizens’ words simply show their gratitude with the national achievements within the remarkable and spirited quarter century of resilience.
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