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[Video] Eritrean Mass Resistance Against Imperialism

By DiasporAm Media

The Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea delivered a new report about Eritrea which concludes that they have reasonable grounds to believe that crimes against humanity are committed by the Eritrean government against it's own people. Many Eritreans and friends of Eritrea went to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva to protest against the report. They argue that the report should be rejected by the UN, because it is politically motivated and it used flawed research methodology to come up to their conclusion.

Quotes from the video:

At 3:59 into the video, Saba Gebregiorgis said:

I don't think Eritrea should be subjected to a country specific human rights assessment. Eritrea already fully cooperates with the Universal Periodic Review. It submits its recommendations. It is willing to be scrutinized under that mechanism. The idea that Eritrea is so gross in violating human rights that it deserves its own country specific commission of inquiry is simply not acceptable.

At 7:39 into the video, Dr. Mohamed Hassan said:

I have visited Eritrea and I was invited for the silver jubilee...... Then I switched it back in Amharic in order for the Ethiopian people to follow what was happening here and explaining to them this false accusation on Eritrea. It's not only against Eritrea but also against the Ethiopian people themselves and against all the movements who want to change the minority regime which has destroyed Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia today the situation is very miserable for the population. Ethiopia is the only country which sells her children in the name of adoption. Ethiopia is the only African country which exports our daughters to Arab countries as slaves. In Ethiopia there is a very big number of political prisoners. A lot of young Ethiopians are leaving the country and dying in the seas (Red Sea, Indian Ocean), in the lakes, in the prisons of African countries. In Ethiopia there is a land grabbing process where farmers lands are taken and are chased from their lands. All these gross human rights violations and nobody is speaking about it. Genocides are committed in Ethiopia.

In the contrary, in comparison with Eritrea, there is a government with a sovereignty concept. A nation building where by the meager resources they have they use it on their population. And Eritrea is targeted because its an example for the whole region. And from that perspective, any attack against Eritrea is an attack on the Horn of Africa.

At 14:13 into the video, Thomas C. Mountain said:

They are puppets of the United States. The purpose of the Commission of Instigation I call it. To instigate economic damage and sabotage in Eritrea by blocking funding for Eritrea's next major step in the mining industry which is the Colluli potash mine. The Bisha mine is a total investment of  230 million. The Eritrean government, right as I speak, is trying to find 760 million to fund the Colluli potash mine. The Bisha is bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars into Eritrea, the Colluli potash mine will bring billions of dollars into the government. So we're expanding our mining industry by ten times. That's why they are so desperate to slander the country and even to send Weyane (TPLF) to attack us to scare off investors. Of course Weyane is attacking us for their own internal problems, right?

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