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[Video] Eritrean Migrant Explains IKEA Murders

Considering Sweden accepts 100% of Eritrean economic migrants who claim asylum within its borders -- a political move intended to harm Eritrea for its handling of Dawit Isaak's case---many Eritreans are wondering why the IKEA attacker's claims were rejected. Was it because he was an Ethiopian pretending to be Eritrean? We may never know. Sweden wants to continue to demonize Eritrea so they've kept a tight lid on why they rejected his case.

By John Granlund

36-year-old interrogated by police as he lay in intensive care in Vasteras.

Shortly after that he woke up after several operations he admitted the double murder inside the Ikea.

He leaves a rather incoherent explanation for the attack – but will return to that he lost control of himself because he was forced to leave Sweden.

36-year-old is reported to have hovered between life and death after the severe knife injuries he inflicted himself after he stabbed to death a 55 year old woman and her 27-year-old son inside the Ikea in Vasteras.

But three days after the attack gave the physician in the police permission to hold a first hearing in intensive care in Västmanland hospital in Vasteras.

Recognizing promptly

For the police put 36-year-old produced a confused declaration which is in part about God and partly that he should be forced to leave Sweden.

36-year-old, described as a Christian by acquaintances of asylum accommodation where he lived, states that he came to Ikea to "live in peace", that the people he attacked were innocent and that "they would end up in paradise" and that he committed the crime to "people would understand him."

36-year-old recognizes immediately that he attacked two people with a knife inside the Ikea. He states that it was he himself who committed the crime – and the 23-year-old had nothing to do with it.

Lost control

Several times during the interview he says that the reason for the attack was a negative decision from the Swedish Migration Board.

– I was very disappointed and lost control, he explains in the interview.

Previously, the Migration Board indicated to Aftonbladet that 36-year-old served a decision on July 27 that he will leave Sweden to Italy where he already has a residence permit.

From a police evidence shows that 36-year-old had a new meeting scheduled with the Migration Board an hour before the attack took place on 10 August.

In hearings says 36-year-old that the two victims were unknown to him.

– They were close and it was a coincidence that the two were hit, he said in interrogation.

Should undergo examination

If the damage he inflicted himself after the attack, he says:

– My wish was that God would accept me.

36-year-old defender Per-Ingvar Ekblad states that he does not have any new information about his client's attitude to the deed than that emerged during the hearing on August 13th.

Since then, a decision was made to 36-year-old will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

– The forensic psychiatric examination to be completed in a few weeks, says Per-Ingvar Ekblad.

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