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Is the suspected Sweden IKEA knife attacker really Eritrean?

With most "Eritrean" asylum seekers in Europe consisting of non-Eritreans migrants looking to exploit the EU's open door policy for Eritrean migrants, it begs to question if the recent knife attacking suspect is really Eritrean.


By Wedi Punt

It's time for a call to action against identity fraud. Recently, there has been much news of the tragic murder of a mother and son in an IKEA store in Sweden. What made this crime stick out to me was the tight lip action of the police in releasing names. Now typically, police will usually release a name and picture of suspects. Keep in mind that a suspect is not always guilty, but as a form of procedure and a way to calm a panicky public, they will usually do so. Hasn’t anyone wondered why their names and pictures have not been released to the public? In my last article, I uncovered the name of an “Eritrean” refugee in Greece, who was heralded as a “victim” of the Eritrean government, only to discover she had a Habesha name.

Also, the Swedish authorities have gone ahead and made security measure to “protect” refugees from vigilante actions by Swedish people. Personally I believe they (Swedish govt.) are giving an impression of looking out for immigrants at the expense of indigenous Swedes. This kind of action can fuel the perception of an “invasion” of non-whites that feed the rise and power of white racists. Now I do not live in Sweden, and yet I have heard of the increase of outright racist and right-wing movements that are anti-Islamic and anti-African in there and growing. Whenever these kind of incidents occur, people are always presented as a scapegoat and a raison d'etre (Def. the most important reason or purpose for someone or something's existence) for any bad things. Think Blacks and crime in America or Jews and German’s loss in WWI with Nazis.

Right now, it seems that Eritrea is being maligned as never before, and I guess that the recent media victories of Eritrean bike riders has something to do with it. And now, the elites of Sweden (which takes its cues from the American empire) are purposefully covering identity of the killer and posting them upon the public as “Eritreans”. This incident will not end well, and I am concerned about the safety of my people living in there. Already, this incident is being spread like wildfire in the media and social media of our enemies, as well as racist White online groups such as VNN and American Renaissance. Now many of you may wonder why I am concerned that we know of these ignorant groups I listed. The reason is simple: We must know everything about our environments so we may better look out for each other. Every Eritrean life is priceless, and that is how I view our predicament.

So what can WE do about it? Well, we can contact IKEA and speak to their public relations, local police, and the lawyer for the defendants, Maria Wilhelmsson for further clarification.

Also, there is a video of a witness recording a suspect arrested. If we can make out the audio, maybe we can hear what his language is to clue in on his identity.

I’ve already contacted press contacts Mona Astra Liss and Joseph Roth but have not returned my phone calls. If you wish, you may contact them at this web link.

Every Eritrean Diaspora, it is time to take action on the matter. The Eritreans in Sweden will be critical. It is of paramount importance that we discover who the suspects are, and uncover any and all refugees (real or imagined) who claim to be Eritrean. This crime is a battle in a war of identities, and we must do our part in the media war.
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