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Eritrean Incompetence in the Art of War and Peace: And why we must learn it expeditiously

Eritreans need to fight the media war being waged against them. Photo: Eritreans protesting against the unfair and illegal UN sanctions in London 

The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.
  —  El-Hajj Malik-El Shabazz Malcolm X

By Wedi Punt

I think while the Shining Black Prince of Africa stated it so eloquently, any Eritrean could have said the same intuitively. We have been under siege from the Lie that we are the so-called “traitors” to the Abyssinian Empire. Ever since the White empire of Italy and Black empire of Abyssinia battled it out in Adwa over our land, we have long suffered in the media eye. Many of our ancestors fought on both sides, and no matter who won the battle, we Eritreans lost the war and the peace. And by peace I am referring to the political aftermath. In the future, I will refer more to the Treaty of Wuchale and how both sides collaborated at our expense.

All one has to do is look in Eritrean blogs and see the vile and foul language by Habesha saboteurs, primarily Tigrawe web assassins. They wage daily war to violate our image, as their predecessors did to us in the aftermath of Adwa to pose as African heroes and Eritreans as traitors.

Why am I referring to this issue of image and lies? Well, as you all know, many of these “Eritrean” refugees are primarily non-Eritrean with an increased revelation of being Ethiopian. Let me make it clear once and for all. The Habesha are our eternal enemy and have been so for centuries, even before the Turks made their move on our soil nearly 500 years ago. More than a bullet, it is the Lie and its pen that has done so much damage to our image. Recently, there was a hit piece that I read which caused me to analyze what I read as a blatant attack on our people. You can read more here at:

The first thing I noticed was the name, Wegasi Nebiat. One thing about being an Eritrean is that many of us have a good sense for out distinct cultural heritage, so imagine my surprise when an icon of the “Eritrean refugee crisis” had a Habesha name. The name Wegasi stood out to me. I say this because I had an experience recently where I visited a grocery store in my area, and I had a conversation with a Cameroonian woman about African issues. She informed her that her “Eritrean” coworker was grieving over the recent ISIS murder of mostly Ethiopian refugees. Since almost all of them were Ethiopian, I had to wonder if she wasn’t also an imposter herself? How many times have we confronted “Eritreans” only to find they were Habesha, and Tigray to boot? I also took the liberty of speaking to other countrymen and women, and they informed me that Wegasi was not an Eritrean name at all.

The second thing that I noticed was this quote by British “journalist” Colin Freeman who said the root of this issue is not the land occupation by Ethiopia with its American masters’ approval, but the Scramble for Africa movement, his quote directly:

“As with many of the world’s current conflicts, the story has its roots in borders drafted by Europeans a century ago, when Italy annexed Eritrea from the rest of Ethiopia during the colonial “Scramble for Africa”. The move deprived landlocked Ethiopia of its only port on the Red Sea, and when Addis Ababa sought to regain it in the post-war era, the ensuing conflict claimed around 200,000 lives.”

By this alone, it is obvious he is pro-Ethiopia and has made an outrageous lie by insinuating that we were never a sovereign people. This line alone tells me how he thinks and operates. Now let me say that you will not like me but I want you to look in the mirror, and I’ll tell what one of the problems are: Us.
Why would I say something like that when most if not all Eritreans love their people and nation? I say this because if we truly did, we would have set up legal defense fund teams to sue every liar who slanders our people and our image. Don’t you know that the first thing an aggressor does is destroy the image of the victim to justify their actions?? Why then have we allowed the American empire and its minions to get away? We can sue them in international courts and their domestic ones. Why are we allowing deceivers like this Wegasi to claim Eritrean heritage when she does not have our culture and blood, only to slander it? Why are we not working together worldwide to attack the trolls and banning them from out media? Why are we allowing the UN to get away with this one-sided media war against us?

It is time acknowledge that we have allowed this to go on too far. Let me say this first about the President of Eritrean and his regime. I do not know what kind of person he is or whether he is “good” or “bad”. What I know is that as long as the majority of Eritreans sees him as the legitimate leader, he is our leader for better or worst. And if anyone attacks him, we have an obligation to attack them back. Now I wish to make it clear that there is a world of difference between legitimate criticism and outright lies and ad hominem attacks for personal and political gain. There is a difference. And besides, why is America speaking of human rights when every week if not day, another Black person is being murdered by an agent of the state? Or their drone bombs killing innocent people? Or the NSA tapping onto every communication device of Americans?

Before they can criticize us, they must first fix themselves. Lead by example. And why are they obsessed with free speech? We are Africans, and we must first focus on redeveloping ourselves. Private press or government media, it’s all the same if they do not speak the truth. At least with the government we know where we stand, unlike private media where they work for the Lie (and money) and not the Truth.

So what is a solution? First we must cling to our true heritage as a mostly Beja people with roots beginning in the Land of Punt to the present. We must never allow them to call us Habesha. It is long overdue that we protect our distinct heritage. Second, we must form strong and cohesive communities all over the world and build economic power. Money talks, BS walks. We must use our economy and our media to wage war against the enemy of our people, as a people independent of the Eritrean government. It is time to tell the world our story and our real image. Finally, we must sue every NGO and government agent who is against us, and make an example of non-Eritreans who pretend to be Eritrean. And as to the Eritreans who decide to flee, all I will say is they better speak the truth and stop making lies that are not true.

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Eritrean Incompetence in the Art of War and Peace: And why we must learn it expeditiously Reviewed by Admin on 1:33 PM Rating: 5


  1. I really appreciate this article. It's a bomb.

  2. I agree with you, this the time that we must build strong media out let like algezira,press tv,and rt,therefor higher qualified journalists in the end to expose the evil of the west and uplift our image and defend our right.

  3. What a waste reading this mumbo jumbo. BTW, Wegasi is probably Negasi; foriegners are always making mistakes spelling our names.

  4. I totally agree with the writer. It is high time for Eritreans to lift our head high and fight all evils that try to diminish our existence as a Nation. The fight should start right from our homes and neighborhoods. First, we should be proud of being Eritrean, and portray that identity. Second, we should challenge anyone who gives false image (lies) of us and give the right picture who we are. This is a step forward for our struggle. Lets join the write and heed to what is said. Keep it the good fight!

  5. Love the young Eritrean playing our national anthem with her violin.

  6. Eritrea was supposed to be Arab, Arab and Italian cultured, nothing to do with blacks, according to your founding fathers. Now you are Beja, punt origin. You are back to Africa and down grading because the black race was too inferior race for you to be called black. What happened now? you guys are confused about your identity as usual? It is a sad story, anyways.

  7. I'm so glad you all enjoy my article. I'll be a regular and we'll make the habesha wish they never lurked around Eritrea. Over 500-700 years later, I believe its long overdue to close this chapter, don't you?

    And to the habesha parasites, your comments only fuel me to make more articles.

    P.S. Here's one thing we can start doing if you haven't yet: BOYCOTTT ABYSSINIAN PRODUCTS. Do not purchase anything from them, visit their restaurants, etc. Lets make it our business to support only Eritrean people. This is an economic war, so lets start there.

  8. I like that "ikey" true hey are a very IKEY Woyane with twisted heart!!

  9. This is timely and strong message to the Eritrean people. We have been sleeping at the wheel for so long. We need to wake up and start fighting politically, socially and economically. We need to change the dynamics of our world. This parasites have been roaming the field for so long. One thing we should learn from the Jews is, they never forgive and forget their enemies and they make sure their enemies pay hefty price for their actions. Had we sued the Ethiopian Govt for reparation after we got out independence, they would have thought twice before coming to attack us again. And we should stop giving a pass to the Amharas just because they are not in power, they are just as bad and cruel as the beggar agames.
    Nikhid Tray deki Erey.

  10. Dear Punt, we are not incompetent either in war or peace; yes the current situation is annoying and heart piercing agony but people outside Eritrea are catching up to the reality however, it is sad to see a lot of people regardless of who they are be it Eritreans or not are perishing, so while it is wise to feel for all and not to be emotional but rational.
    Eritreans should not expect honest reporting from the so called "FREE MEDIA" after 1997 border war, simply Ethiopia has bought them to do the dirty work regardless of their vile articles Eritrea has shown a marked progress yet some of our young people think the other side the of the grass is greener than the one they are in; by all means Eritrea has its own faults but this does not merit, to sacrifice your life in the Mediterranean sea.
    As for the UN, Amnesty International ,CPJ and other organisations of all sorts of good doers, must create and make believe a country is in crisis, so that get more money, more jobs for the boys and of course appear to be kind elevating themselves as they have the monopoly of good this van only be done by them and only them.

  11. I am just commenting the identity crisis you guys experiencing. You are playing merry-go-merry all the time with your identity. I am having hard time flowing through. What are, Arab, African, habasha, slave, or Beja of the punt? You tell me, I will be cool with whatever you choose.

  12. You do not give asprine to a person sick with malaria and expect him to get well. Yes, his headache and fever may subside for a moment and the patient may feel better but sooner or later the fever, headache will return.

    Bu what ought to have been done for the person to completely recover from his illness? He should have been treated with proper medicine for malaria.

    The Eritrean situation is the same; distractions, diversions, evasions, lying, blaming others etc. won't change an iota for the better,only for the worse, as it transpired since isaias afewerki undertook the wrong path of tyranny.

    Why did isaias afewerki opted for tyranny? He may have his own hidden agenda , and given that all of his inner circle, kisha, the two yemanes, Abraham kasa, asmelash abraha etc. are , like himself, of tigrai descent, growing number of eritresns are suspecting him of plotting to establish tigrai-tigrigni on ashes of Eritrea.

    The second point may be related to the 1998 illegal and uncessary war that he launched and its dsasterous outcome on the Eritrean Defense Forces in particular and the population of Eritrea in general. He might have resorted to tyranny to avoid facing responsibility.

    Probably, the second point, evasion of responsibility, could be more relevant than the first which is supported by his needless arrest and incarceration of the Baito members, abolution of Baito and suspension of the constition , all after the war was over through the intervention of international community.

    It is ordinary practice for a leader of a country to seize complete control by declaring state of emergency but only for the duration of the war. As soon as the war is over, the leader is duty bound to return the country to normalcy. Isaias afewerki did the opposite, worsened the situation by starting reign of terror in the country.

    Was there any valid rational for the reign of terror? And after twelve years of its existence, is there any indication that the country and people accrue benefit?

    The answer to both questions is, no. As a matter of fact, the people and country are in worse off condition than ever before; the only beneficiaries are isaias and his cronies. isaias afewerki has saved his life by instituting reign of terror; hadn't he done that, he would have been history by now for starting the illegal and unnecessary war and for mismanaging it.

  13. Funny you chose malaria, by any chance are you related to Tedros Adhanom another lying mashing for the Woyane mercenaries? or like Melles, who called VOA and asked our esteemed Ambassador Girma Asmerom, aught him pretending to be, waha you people be! yourself man, there is nothing WRONG WITH YOU, say it out loud I am Ethiopian and from Agame oops sorry!I mean TIGRAY, simple and honest!!

  14. Wedi Punt, your heading is a slander to the Eritrean Nation and it looks that you were either uninterested or intentionally far away from the cause for all the bleak years when the hard pressed but well organized Eritrean people, the Gov., Hgdef, Ypfdj and Intellectual Patriotic individuals fought and still do against the sworn enemy be it foreign or from within, wish you join and contribute whatever is possible with the fighting force available to date.
    But as an Eritrean and after all these years Its also puzzling that you don't know the President and his Government as well as you wouldn't want to work with, which is difficult to comprehend but puts one on the opposing side Per-Se.
    Finally the country is a conglomerate of several nations and nationalities which the Beja is one, and believe it is advisable to leave those to the Historians

  15. Speaking of Badme, why is it still in the hands of woyane despite the EEBC decision that it is Eritrean territory? And what does this fact say of you and isaias afewerki whom you worship like an idol?

    Dosent it say ' say that both you and isaias afewerki are simply big mouths? Yes, the implication is just that.

    Have you ever heard our diction that that says, There is no one who does not die for and on his risti and wife? Do you and isaias afewerki subscribe to that? No, you don't; if you did, you would either have altready liberated Badme or would have long dead fighting to liberate it.

    Instead of fighting , you are hiding behind others whom you blame for all your weakness. And what kind of people do blame others for their weakness? Aren't they the cowards, baal qemish adey yehkulni?
    My friend, you can run but you can't.

  16. “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”
    — El-Hajj Malik-El Shabazz Malcolm X

    That's exactly what ERTV is doing to the Masses of Eritrean People.

  17. Blah blah blah typical agame troll buzz of b4 I got mu flit!!!

  18. Well let's see, what is slander to you? Pointing out the obvious and working hard to preserve our very existence as a nation and people, or being accommodating to the enemy at our expense? How do you know the writer wasn't participating in the struggle? You're just assuming and being defensive. And how do you know the writer isn't a historian in the first place? You don't know him. We need to stop belittling our own and support each other, work together to once and for all to control our destiny.

  19. DDT could be better, that's what Barba used to disinfect them before deportation

  20. You r upgraded to Scorpion from the hassad Agame!... capito?

  21. I don't know these people man, this is serious we need to empathise with their illness and support them to come to terms with 'who they are', why is that they don't say, I am Ethiopian never mind Tigray, what is it shaming them to be Ethiopian or Tigryan? I think people the world over are the same but our neighbours are unique, why/ because they hate them selves they hate others!!!

  22. These people are like a snake with two forked tongue.

  23. I think this article is divisive and i don't like referring to myself as "habesha" but i don't find it particularly insulting., i always say im Eritrean first. But i feel like this article is trying pit those who would consider themselves habesha more proudly or who couldn't care less against other "biher" mainly beja alinged ones. The fact is most overseas people that can claim hamasien seraye akuluguzai do see themsleves as habesha peoples for better or worse.

    Why is the focus on habesha? we KNOW who our enemy is VERY clearly infact. Why bring up the word habesha again and again? i don't see absolutely no reason for it we are 9 ethnicity. So I hope wedi punt doesn't have ulterior motives. Because anyone who know anything about our region should know these simple facts. As an Eritrean what i hate the most is people trying to either pit regions against each other or ethnicity aka biher. Eritreanism should be first and last think not habesha or beja or anything., that should be like religion. You have all the right in the world to practice and be proud. Just keep it at home please.

  24. Im everything EXCEPT woyanay

  25. You guys always like to throw around the slave word but you know if you get out of Somalia against your masters orders you guys are dead the next day. Slave? what!? you guys are shameless completely shameless The UNCLE TOM of African calling us slaves.. please!

    As for the others i'll GLADLY accept African! Habesha! Beja.., arab (about 3% of Eritreans can claim direct arab ancestry) sure why not /shrug. We don't discriminate because someone is in the minority.

    ..and for good measure here is your midget with his holy words for you. So you better start calling yourself an arab!

    "I am Yemeni. I know myself to be a Yemeni. We are Yemenis. Apart from the royal family, Ethiopians are Arabs." - Meles zenawi

  26. Erty:
    Did you just slip "Eritrea was supposed to be Arab, Arab and Italian cultured, nothing to do with blacks, according to your founding fathers".
    Have you ever been to Eritrea? Have you chatted with any Eritrean ever? What do you think, Eritrea is thousands of miles away from Ethiopia?. Eritrean leaders don't claim they are direct descendants of King Solomon like your house nigger (of USA and Israel) "Haile Slassie".
    You actually sound more like "Born-Again" Mengistu Hailemariam !
    I don't know how old you are, but you seem like the child who grew-up during the terror of Mengistu ... with his propaganda he used to tell his Zemach (illiterate) soldiers. He used to tell them that Shaebia is arab wonbediewach (terrorist). How can we get any hope from a neighbor who do not even know the history of Eritrea, your forced 14th province.
    The Amhara saying "Zoro-Zoro MezGiaw Ch'Raro" ... .fits you perfect.
    Very disappointed of someone who I thought was better than Woyane.
    P.S. For you own sake, try to learn first hand Eritrean history from someone who was an Ethiopian soldier in Eritrea, under Mengistu Hailemariam. I am sure Mengistu's soldiers were more professional and honest that Woyane bandits.


  28. This so called wedi Punt is neither Eritrean nor credible with his ሃተው ቀትው writing. Don't waste your time reading this crap.

  29. Yes its very strange lalmba he brings up very random and unimportant/unrelevant things. It makes you doubt completely what he's trying to really get at.

  30. How can Eritreans be traitors in the battle of Adwa when the people they were fighting was/is their historical enemy?

    Medri Bahri (modern day Eritrea) was constantly at war with Tigray and Amhara kingdoms, which were collectively refereed to as "Abyssinia". These two entities worked with the Portuguese, British and even the French to attack Medri Bahri.

    When Eritreans sided with the Italians in the battle of Adwa, that was not their choice. But even if it was, they were not doing anything the Ethiopians haven't already done to them. Collaborating with foreign powers is what Ethiopia does best. It only becomes bad when Eritrea do it, right? That seems to be the Ethiopian viewpoint.

  31. Right on the money simon!

  32. Selam @Wedi Punt:
    Thank you for your article. I have read it once, but I need to read it once more to understood in its entirety.
    What I agree with you and ... I have been saying it all along, We should ORGANIZE!, contribute millions of dollars, hire powerful lawyers to sue not only officials like Susan Rice, but even pity refugees who are stealing our Eritrean identities for personal gain or to destroy our history. We have to learn (only the good things) from Israelis on how to defend our identity. I have been advising friends to document anyone you know (or have heard of) who claims to be "Eritrean" while we fully know he/she is not.

  33. Think twice buddy, the word Habesha is DIVISIVE as far as any other Eritrean ethnic is concerned. WE are neither Habesha nor Arabs, we are nothing else but ERITREANS!

  34. Wedi Punt is definitely Eritrean. You can feel his passion in his writing. I just think his Beja vs Habesha angle is misplaced and unnecessary. For starters, Beja is an ethnicity and language, while Habesha is a term some Ethiopians use to describe a culture and identity they inherited from Eritrea.

    Everything in our region has a north to south flow. It doesn't matter if its culture, civilization, language or religion. For example, the first Orthodox Christians were in Adulis around the 1st century AD; 3 centuries before it reached northern Ethiopia. Moreover, the first civilization (ONA culture) in the Horn of Africa that led to the numerous kingdoms, including Aksum Empire, was in Eritrea and that has been carbon dated to being in existence as early as 2,900 years ago. The first evidence of Ge'ez was found in Eritrea. I can go on and on.

    Even among Somalis, this is true. The original Somalis hail from Northern Somalia in the Somaliland region. As these Somalis migrated to the south (towards Kenya) and south west (towards Eastern Ethiopia/Ogaden), they assimilated different Cushitic speaking people into their culture and language.

  35. Our choice is Proud Writrean

  36. Thanks wedi Punt for sharing, i don't have detailed history about that time, i might find some book regarding this issue, to know details..does anyone have any idea which book advice?

  37. You have no idea. The Bejas are people who came from the west( Sudan). The Hamessiens are mainly from Lasta, Welkait and Dembia. The Serayes are almost all from Dembia. The Akeles are mainly from Dembia. The Belews, the Kelews, the Dawyas, the Meronis, the Nobas came to Eritrea from deep south of Ethiopia, south east Ethiopia and even Somalia. Of course, in these three areas, there were local people( the original Tigraians) dekebat. So, in the case of Eritrea, the population flow is South to North and West to East.

  38. Oh this is really sick? I guess the Eritrean Muslims own their fellow Christians. They want to be the masters of everything( politics, history, economy e.t.c.) of Eritrea. And they shamelessly display their idiocy here and there. What is this writer trying to say when he refers to millions of Eritreans as habesha non-Eritreans? Who is he to say so?

  39. ኣሌክ - Alec youApril 29, 2015 at 2:01 AM

    Its about time bro, Best article ever, this is what am saying. we have to be vigilant about this Agame-our eternal enemies. they are everywhere---masquerading as Eritreans in US-Europe- like this woman called Wegasi., she clearly is Ethiopian, everyone with the half brain can see that. and of-course they are everywhere on the NET disguised s Eritreans in-order to destroy our image. INDEED they ARE our eternal enemies and have been so, for centuries. I Agreed with everything u said bro. GOOD JOB.

  40. Eritrean is a good name except it would remind you your unpleasant past, but it is ok if you like it. I can live with that.

  41. ኣሌክ - Alec youApril 29, 2015 at 2:25 AM

    Nebsy don't try to twit it again like that twisted heart of yours that u inherited from ur twisted heart forefathers .
    We are Eritreans--- deki Medri Bahri-- like it or not--- nobody cares what u think. any-who....

    Its u that claim to be what u are not us.....There are Ethiopians who claim that they descend from Jews---and the Beta Israel pple and ur Haile Selassie claimed to be Half Jewish-direct descendants of King Solomon. LOL.... even ur Dead frog Meles doesn't respect u as his own.....In 2010, while discussing bilateral relations with the former Libyan dead president Moammar Gadhafi in Addis Ababa, .......Meles said:----

    "I am Yemeni. I know myself to be a Yemeni. We are Yemenis. Apart from the royal family, Ethiopians are Arabs." isn't that shameful. hmmmmmmm....

  42. You
    have a point Ethiopians look back to their history and they say, they are this
    and that. Eritreans named themselves slave, habash, Arab, Eritrean, colonized, beja of punt and so on, these names at one
    point of their history must have been there. These names carry a lot of weight.
    If someone is just putting them there no history attached to them, that is a shame.
    Ethiopian’s name themselves based on something that has nothing to do with

  43. From where did y get this information? We have to quote the source whenever we exchange information because we learn from one another. Though learning each other is good but we have to be very careful and sure when we post issues like this. It was a long time a go one of my colleagues gave me a piece of paper where it tells from where our ancesstors came from. The source was written. I am sorry now I don't have that paper on hand. In that paper it was stated that King Meroni had three children where the three of them created the Hamassien, Seraye and Akeleguzaie. The other six natives were not mentioned in that paper because the guy has printed only what concerns him. I am very much interested in history and geography. In some instances either the Hamasien, the Serayes or the other ethnics interrelated each other. On one hand people migrate from place to place and on the other hand intermarriage also have impact to bring us together. I somtimes think that it is our interrelationship that bond us together. In this issue the qotation has impressed me. Media mislead and make things worst also have good side too. We have to differenciate it! I remember what Maradona said once how media destroyed him.

  44. Read Johannes Kolmodins book written in 1912. It is very good for starters even though it leaves out some basic facts and details.

  45. Bejas lives in Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt. The oldest reference to the Bejas comes from Ancient Egypt. We see paintings of their distinct hairstyle, which is called the "Tiffa", in Ancient Egyptian tombs. Bejas also played an important role in the army of AE.

    You're interjecting oral myths as fact. First of all, the highlands of Eritrea have been populated by people for at least 2,900 years (likely longer). So when you say new groups of people (agews at that) are the origins of these people that have been living there, it's just balaony, especially when there is no evidence to prove this.

    The only thing you stated that isn't fictional are the Belews (which means "nobles"). The Belews or Balaws were a mixture of Bejas and Bedouins who migrated to Eritrea during the second wave of Beja migrations in the 9th century AD. They were small in number but politically dominant in Eritrea, and I would argue, they established the most dominant kingdom (Balaw kingdom) in the horn of Africa between the 10th-13th century AD.

    Despite their political dominance in the region, they assimilated to the native cultures of the highlands of Eritrea. Most Balaws adopted the Orthodox religion and now speak Tigrinya. Others adopted Tigre and over time, converted to Islam.

    Although assimilated to the Tigrinya and Tigre ethnic groups, there are still small groups of Tigre speakers who identity themselves as Belews today. They are not recognized as a separate ethnic group by the government because they speak Tigre.

    Needless to say, the Belews did not come from what we know now as Ethiopia; they came from the Red Sea town of Suakin in the Sudan. Hypothetically speaking, even if they did come from Ethiopia, it doesn't matter because they were small in number and assimilated to the established cultures/identities of the area they migrated to.

  46. House kneegrow slave agames' inferiority complex again on display in the comments section of every Eritrean webpage, lol. Don't they have their own sites? Quite comical people, indeed

  47. Instead of beating around the bush, answer the question, Why is Badme still in hands of woyane? Answer it, if your big mouth can walk the talk.

    Obviously, you know the answer but you can't say it because you , just like your idol, isaias afewerki, are gutless , baal qemish adey yehkulni. You both are disgrace to yourself and to the Land of the Brave.

    There is no iota of doubt that the current dismal situation of our country is brought about by isaias afewerki in order to escape from his responsibility for plunging the country into the illegal and unnecessary war of 1998 and mismanaging it.

    Adding insult to injury, to evade his responsibility for starting the illegal and unnecessar war, for mismanaging it and for all the resultant human and material loses, he further plunged the country and people into this deeper devastatation and predicament.

    But what could go wrong with his alleged infinitelly unmatched talent of planning strategy and conducting war that had earned him so much admiration and ululation from our Eritreans?

    To answer the question, we must affirm the fact that in the aforementioned war, for reason only known to him, he had sidelened nearly all of the Military Generals of the Mighty EPLFs that had led the defeat of Ethiopian colonialism along with its soviet surrogates.

    Specially, during the woyane Third Offensive, isaias afewerki had totally monopolizezed the conduct of the war under the slagon of " Spectacular Victory",
    However, it was during that time woyane armed forces penetrated deep into Eritrea through undefended territory and launched surprised attack from behind of our armed forces with disastrous consequences.

    Barring possible conspiracy of isaias afewerki against Eritrea and its people, based on the outcome of the war and the lies he has been perpetrating to deceive us ever after, we can definitely conclude that he did not earn the admiration and ululation of our people by merit but through creative crafts.

  48. I'll copy and paste since you didn't seem to have read what i said.

    We KNOW who our enemy is VERY clearly infact. Why bring up the word habesha again and again?

    As an Eritrean what i hate the most is people trying to either pit regions against each other or ethnicity aka biher.

  49. An Ethiopian is white slave from your forefathers until todays generation who cannot stand by your own for a single day. A mixture of wee generation rastafaris, israeli slaves flashas, somali blooded ogadenia, who never have the pride of Ethiopianism and agame the most hated twisted snakes with inferiority complex LOL

  50. Dear Wedi Punt: If interested, organize, be committed, and act one step at a time
    I like your high spirit, but high spirit is not enough for success in fighting for freedom against Eritrea's(ns') adversaries.

    What initiated your comment is Colin Freeman's piece on The Telegraph, April 25, 2015. Freeman's piece is more propaganda against Eritrea than factual. Is Wegasi, Nebiat an Eritrean name? I think it could be an Eritrean name if the author's typographical (and other) errors are corrected: It most likely is that Nebiat Negasi could be her name. A "back-slant" line added to the front side of "N" could make it look like, or change it into, a "W". But, we can't be certain until it is verified. If you organize your approach, some Eritreans who live in the country Nebiat landed may be able to perfect the information about her. I don't think boycotting buying from/selling to Ethiopians would help us expose any lies in Freeman's piece.

    We have long understood that the Ethiopian elite make statements asserting,without credible proof, that the Eritrean people are both Habeshat and Ethiopian, and the entire Eritrean territory was/is part and parcel of Ethiopia. Some also claim, still without credible proof, that the peoples of Ethiopia and Eritrea are one and the same people who, because of the conspiracies of the enemies of Ethiopia, just ended up to be in two countries. These elite and their foreign supporters make any statements, and they want us to accept them as facts. Ethiopian history is polluted by a certain line of a nationalist ideology (Stanley Burstein(1997).Ancient African Civilizations..., p.15). You may also see John Sorenson(1993). Imagining Ethiopia.... in

    We, as Eritreans, may not be free of other incompetence, but we are not clueless of what to do about the propaganda lies thrown at us--i. e. reject them right away. We have not been able to respond to every propaganda lies hurled at large. But that is inability (lack of sufficient power, resources, or capacity) rather than incompetence (lack of the qualities needed for effective action). There is a big difference between the two. I think it is better to organize self, others, etc. to gather facts (no matter how small they appear) and educate ourselves and the public at large. There is power and building of capability (with its inspirational and multiplier effect) in organizing to act (no matter how an action for our freedom seems insignificant at first). Regards.

  51. Please I politely beg you not to talk about history again. You are very dangerous. You have no idea.

  52. Ask anyone in the planet What the FIRST thing that come to their mind when they hear the name Ethiopia .... Please don't punch them 😳

  53. Good job , from the ID Theft point of view and its negative impact on Eritrea as a Nation and ERITREANS as a People!
    We have been serious victims of such a kind of defamatory campaign and Psychological Warfare indeed!
    Despite our ineffectiveness, inefficiency and the overwhelming campaign against us, we have survived thus far but that is NOT enough!
    Forget the poor lady,who survived the death in the Sea and may God bless her soul and help her to achieve her dreams!
    Talk about the more than 5000 Eritrean victims of the Sahara, and the Sinai Deserts and the Mediteranean Sea!
    What about the thousands of ERITREANS , who have been victims of Rape,Torture,Organ Harvesting,etc....,an atrocity never seen in the world history in its kind!
    We have to deal with the major ID Theft of Eritreanism , not just by the Tigreyans and their Ethiopian bros and sisters but others as well!
    It is so sad and embarrassing to let things go like this since 1998 where all Ethiopians ,the Oromos and the Amharas included, were the primary beneficiaries of the asylum here in the USA in a well organized manner with the full support on the Ethiopoan Immigration Services and their Kebeles(Counties) whereby the Ethiopoan Asylum Seekers were getting Official Supporting Documents from the TPLF Gov as if the Ethiopoan Asylum Seekers and their families were " Real Deportees"!
    The real ERITREAN victims were denied asylum as they were unable to get those " Supporting Documents".
    I was one of the victims, who was a real victim but denied an asylum status!
    The worst, since 2000, the Ethiopians in general and the Tigreyans in particular have been the beneficiaries in the name of an ERITREAN ID!
    It has been a public secret that the TPLF GOV has been carbon -copying and making the exact same ERITREAN ID Cards like the ones provided by the Eri Gov so as to make it easy and smooth for the Tigreyans to have an asylum granted easily!
    In fact, lots of them have safely and legally made it to the West and Oceania and have successfully been granted asylum in the name of ERITREANS !
    And what have we done?
    To my best knowledge,NADA!
    Shame on us!
    As to the Anti-Eritrean Defamatory Campaign, the only Group ,which attempted to do something was the London Group but that Group remained mute now for some reason !
    Dihri Mai nab be'ati'
    But still we have an obligation to protect Etitrea and Etitrean ID,bought at the expense of Oceans of blood'

  54. Bla Bla Bla ...
    Go back to school.

  55. Jacob, you are habesha, I can see you are trying to create confusion here. We Eritreans are not habesha. Why is it so difficult to understand. Do you know Abyssinia was the former name for the present day Ethiopia? Therefore, habesha is the nationality of Abyssinia. In order for Eritreans to call themselves habesha, they would first have to be citizens Abyssinia. Some Western historians have played the game of bundling us together to de-legitimize our independence with full knowledge of our difference. Once again, we Eritreans are failing to differentiate ourselves from the parasite neighbor to the south.

  56. Thank you. I would do so.

  57. Nice article. We eritreans are a mix of beja and beduin Arabs in terms of ancestry..

  58. When we think of our own big media outlet I think it needs a huge amount of money. For the time being I believe building the nation should be a priority in whatever way possible for individuals, party, communities, mahberes etc. The already means such as this forum and others, Eri tv , Voice of Eritrea, facebook and twitter I guess are good enough. The only thing missing I think personally is we don't listen to each other and don't want to try to adjust ourselves by using the opportunity we get a head of others. We could also try to understsand that everyone of us knows who we are but we reflect the place we raised or lived.These have a big impact and bring difference sometimes apart us. If we think of our sovernighty and Unity ahead of anything I am sure we come together by being forgetful and give room for forgivemness. The 'gedli' had embarrased everyone. Why is it a problem to 'meseweare' now? The media outlet got the bad information from us so we should be able to speak in the big medias instead of thinking our own.

  59. You personally may not be Habesha but do not forget that there are millions of Eritreans who identify themselves as Habesha. ok? Let us respect each other. You seem to be a die hard Eritrean Islamist of the Beja(Geja) tribe. And for you information, you Bejas are relatively new comers to Eritrea. The Habesha Eritreans are the natives of that land.
    Enjoy this now:

  60. And bear in mind that I am your cousin from south of Mereb. Believe me man. You people are creating stories and destroying your own original history, the history of your proud forefathers and mothers. We your cousins south of Mereb are keeping your original history and profiling it orderly so that one day when you wake up from this almost 60 years madness and deep sleep you read and learn it as original as it is. It is so tragic.

  61. wow akal guzayi are beduin too.kkkk identity crisis at its best

  62. Yah, In case you did not understand my last comment, habesha is for Abyssinian people only. What is wrong with Beja anyway, they are worriers and you know how you lost miserably every time you came to attack Eritrea. The Eritrean Courage is second to none. that is typical of habesha divide and conquer. We are a lot wiser now after fighting and dying together for Eritrea during the struggle. We Eritreans know each other. By the way we are all related regardless of religion and tribe. You SOB's tried religion and regionalism to divide Eritreans, you failed miserably. You tried that BS and nearly succeeded in bringing religion war to our peaceful and tolerant people in the late 50s until our wise religion leaders came out and said this is not our culture or desire but perpetrated by our enemies. Guess who the perpetrators were? You guessed it, it was your stinking relatives. You simple minded said so much garbage when we printed the Nakfa currency about the pictures. Abyssinia will never be a cohesive and peaceful country for the simple fact that you are a narrow minded, tribalist, white people worshipers, genocidal maniacs. You are trash and subhuman. You f'ng cowards. That is why you have to lick uncle Sam's boot and sell your soul to the devil. Tigray deema seb tekotsirkum. Guhafat.

  63. hawi55, I think you have a problem comprehending the intention of the article. We are not habesha although we have been using it to describe ourselves out of habit. The writer has a point and seems to know the difference. Case in point, when I was in Sudan in the eighties, the Sudanese use to ask us if we were Eritrean or Habesha. I never understood until recently when I visited Dubai Museum when I saw a map from the year 1570 showing Eritrea as Bahr Negassi. The map was made by a Greek cartographer and was showing the whole Eritrea. I took a picture of it and start digging. After all those years, I remembered why the Sudanese and the Arabs as well, never addressed us as habesha. So stop nit picking at the article and start researching for your self. Another point is, few years ago I read an article from a food critic who went to Eritrean restaurant to check the food out. He was very happy with the food, the service and cleanliness of the place. The only thing that puzzled him was, why Eritreans can't describe their food as distinct instead of saying "same as Ethiopian" This is a white guy and was not please why an independent people could not identify themselves but trying to define who they are by their neighbor. You know what, he did a good job at explaining why Eritrean food is different than Ethiopian line by line. We have been hijacked of our history by the false Ethiopians. Do you know the name Ethiopia does not even belong to them but to all dark faces, and in particular to Nubian people. We should never let them define us. We need to differentiate our selves, otherwise we do not have the right to call ourselves independent people. They are trying to confuse us and telling us we are the same people brothers and sisters. That is just lip service. If possible they would love to drawn the whole Eritrean population to the sea so they can claim our land and sea. We can't forget and allow them to forget what they did to our martyrs' graveyard. This b'tards need to pay for what they have done. Besides they are still committing genocide in Oromia, Ogaden and Gambela. But they have uncle Sam protecting them from going to the ICC. They are safe for now, but uncle sam will not be there forever.

  64. Wey-Gud! n'Adgi zey kebedos n'Teyki....what's all these blubber anyway, and don't put your foot into someones shoes!!....
    I, believe without any assumption or being defensive, a proper response was given to the said comment of Wedi Punt which (I, Stand By It) if he is genuine enough let him join the Eritrean National Bidho, where true patriots are fighting the enemy in all forms without a respite from day one, and he may be a plus in strengthening the movement.
    As for the word Habesha irrespective of the way our adversaries use, it's part of our heritage for centuries if not millennia, don't know about you but I was born at Asmera's Geza-Band Habesha went to Asquala-Habesha, used Fewsi-Habesha, Qotsera-Habesha equa zbehal and above all use kdan-Habesha for all cultural ceremonies too. Kudos to Shaebia we were able to learn more of our History like the Funji and Axum Empires but above all we are Eritrean Citizens irrespective of the multitude of Nationalities or ethnic groups.
    Finally nay Abow mssla: "Tehaguami Kellos Tehazzi Y.........." koynu neger

  65. Dear Hope: It is not the time to be sad or embarrassed

    What you said makes little sense to me because you did not try
    to be more specific and tie them together. Your statements lack facts that could be helpful for anyone to take action.You said something about ID, or identity, theft and ERITREANS as a PEOPLE, but you are not telling us facts about them. And you say something about
    "negative impact on Eritrea as a Nation and ERITREANS as a People!"

    Eritrea as a Nation means Eritreans as a people--i.e. when organized and united under their government. Eritreans who are trying to cross the deserts and seas are individuals and groups, that is, parts of but smaller than Eritrea as a nation, or Eritreans as a people. They are
    individuals or groups of individuals each trying to achieve their own personal goals, which are not the same as, or coordinated or synchronized with, national goals.

    You said "We have been serious victims of such a kind of defamatory
    campaign and Psychological Warfare indeed!" You need to explain who you mean by "We"; be specific about who the victims are and who was defamed when, where, how and by whom for me to understand what you are trying to tell us, and may be then we can figure out what could be done.

    You want me to talk about the 5000+ victims of the Sahara and
    Sinai deserts. Talk what about them? How did you know they were "more than 5000"? What facts could you report to us about them. What are you saying or proposing about any of them?

    You are trying to say something about " thousands of
    ERITREANS , who have been victims of Rape, Torture, Organ Harvesting, etc" What about them? Could you please be more specific? Name names, places, perpetrators, their methods, options on how they could have been stopped, etc. if you can.

    I believe you are trying to send some kind of message to us
    about how Ethiopians and others are being helped by their own governments and coming out victorious in getting political asylum by pretending to be Eritreans; and you are one of their victims. Are you suggesting that the Eritrean Government should assist Eritreans to get political asylum as the Ethiopian Government is helping Ethiopians? What do you want to happen, according to your wishes?

    As a general guiding principle, all those who have harmed or are
    harming Eritreans (whether they are Ethiopians or others, with or without the assistance of the Government of Ethiopia or otherwise) should not go free without any retributions. They must be exposed and/ or stopped, sooner or later, (morally, politically, or legally). A second guiding principle is to start with facts and evidence in hand and fight one small fight you could win. It is here that you, Hope, as a victim, become crucially important by truly telling us your story, and encouraging other victims to tell their stories. That is why I suggested the other day to organize you story and the story of others and be
    ready for action. We don't know yet what needs to done before you convincingly present your stories with evidence. Wrong-doers ought not go unexposed and/or unpunished. This is not time to be sad or embarrassed. It is time to get even. Ajjokha.

  66. It is not a matter of relatiivity. Possible y could be my relative. No wonder! By virtue of being my forefathers particularly from Eritrea, I am an Eritrean! We r all from one source 'Adam and Hewan' if y go beyond. Since there is a boundry our country is Eritrea.

    Yesterday I was watching TV when all the rescuers from different countries taking out the Nepals. I thought to myself if there is ever such kind of relations, cooperation and collaboration it would have been good. Only this is during mother call! Y people if y had thought twice this kind of up and downs would have not happened.


  68. Geza-Banda Habesha? Oh. with all the agmes? Oh well, now I see the connection. You mean to tell me you are a genuine patriot because you joined ENB? Aboy Fekadu baolom yenaadu. You are no more genuine patriot than the average diaspora. What about the people who are digging dams and working hard to make the country self sufficient. Think before you open your big mouth. So, instead of being internet worrier and spit your poison here, educate others about Eritrea. Make your life's mission to reach as many people as possible and educate them intelligently about the incredible heritage of Eritrea. If you make it interesting and factual people will listen.

  69. I know the history very well actually. I am the MAIN person to correct people. I usually take alot of slack for it 2 i don't mind since i want my origin know and my culture. I know my history well im medri bahri my land is tahazzega aka wedi myguyla. I know we are distinctly different. Even the Ethiopians have a movement to stop calling themselves habesha. Some ypfdj kids did a great video about how our identity is being stolen with this habesha phrase. I don't mind an Article explaining detailed and fact based history., not at all. But i do have a problem of shifting the focus from woyane to habesha. Weather on purpose or ignorance or just not giving a damn people are calling themsleves this word some are hardcore Eritreans and they know the diffrence. But i just feel like its the west and their war on terror. How do you fight a word? As you so clearly stated our martyrs graves were decescrated by WOYANE ok. So i feel this refocusing is not at all good. There is not point we can deal with the habesha issue more indeptly later after we get rid of the very REAL threat. Habesha is just too vague and not honed enough. Also like it or not in the west alot of Eritreans call themselves this word who cares. Also i have much respect to the beja but all our biher/&/or ethnicity do not stem from them actually 3 of the big tigre tribes are hamasien by blood. See this starts to get into more regionalism and ethnicity. I don't want that We are Eritrean wth does this war on habesha come out over night from? I could see if it was framed differently but its not. This guy comes off as some teenage punk in the way he talks i don't want anyone like that representing me. As far as the food etc.. its all Eritrean. I don't know why people name it ethiopian maybe they are ignorant. Like people when they are asked where is Eritrea they tell them it borders ethiopia when there are many different DISTINCTIVE things taht can be said that are way more unquie to us. Like saying we are on the red sea etc... its just people not being educated enough etc...
    I once went into a bank and i saw a girl that looked like she was form our region. I usually say something but in this instance i didn't cause i was in a rush., when she took my card she was like "i knew you were habesha". I said im not... im Eritrean (pretty sternly). She frowned a bit and say... well.. that is all the same. I told her not its not many people in my family died for me to be called Eritrean. So anyways i got to know her after a while and she even marched with the Eritreans in dc against sanctions., and she is a tigrawit. So ever since then i have eased up on being so ridgid. What you have to understand is i agree with you guys on 90% of the things i just think we are fighting things that don;t deserve our attention ATM. We have SO much on our plate with very REAL threats. I just think this is immature atm. I think the kids at ypfdj did better on the habesha issue than this guy who is suppose to be an adult. Excuse the excessive typing i just wanted to be a bit clear on where i stand and why.

  70. Here is the greatest way to tackle the habesha problem :

  71. Now shut up and enjoy the song above by the beautiful girl. The Bejas are nomads. Not all Eritreans are nomads. And the above singer is non-Beja Eritrean. Enjoy her song.

  72. The very medicine the voodoo doctor gave him is an Ethiopian(Habesha) coffee with an Ethiopian( Habesha) Finjal. You are so low. Identity crisis at its best. The 'Eritrean' identity is a new , alien, 100 years old identity given by colonizers to the people who had a Habesha identity for millenia in the land now called Eritrea. No one was identified as an Eritrean before 1889( the Italian colonization of Eritrea). Get life.

  73. Dude you got your name in 1922? by menilik befor that it was abysinnia? or whatever the fuck the white man called it. We are called medri bahri since the 1100's means land of the sea. Now we call ourselves Eritrea aka land of the RED SEA. All ethio culture and langauge is stolen form tigrinya speakers dude from the highland of Eritrea so please stop it. You call your self ethiopia aka burnt face THAT IS WHAT IT MEANS. SO please spare me the unfounded self righteousness. Ethiopia was created by puppetmasters in england with a little midget that adored *white culture*. fuck outta here.

  74. You have no idea. Go and see the emblems and stamps the Ethiopian emperors were using before your magic number 1922 and then come back to say sorry to me. Emperor Yohannes'(1872), Tewodros'(1855), Emperor Fails(1632) e.t.c. stamps all had the name Ethiopia. The name Mdri Bahri was what Ethiopian Emperor Zerayacob gave to one of his provinces, the land around Hamassien( not all Eritrea). Emperor Yohannes had changed that name and had given the name Mereb Mlash to the land much larger than the former Mdri Bahri( including much of Seraye and western low lands). These names( Mdri Bahri, Mereb Mlash) e.t.c were nothing but just the names of the provinces of the Ethiopian empire as are the names Shum Agame, Shum Temben, Begemdr, Yeju, Shum Enderta e,.t.c. They were not autonomous entities. I do not want your response now. Thank you.

  75. I don't give a shit what a woyane said That bitch yohannes is dead in sudan like he should be. Thank you our brothers in sudan for killing another lying snake!.

  76. I appreciate your long answer my dear brother and I appreciate the YPFDJ clip as well. One thing you have to understand is we have been obsessed with woyane for the last ten years that we forgot who we were fighting against for 30 years to get our independence. As PIA said few years ago, woyane is kedama that does not have mind of its own. If you notice, he barely mentions them. Woyane is not separate but a continuation of the habesha imperialist war mongers. We should never trust the amhara and tegaru. they are the same deceitful and back stabbers. What I don't understand is with all the energy and time dedicated to fight woyane, what is going to happen when they get booted out of power (hopefully this election) and the amharas rise to power and they continue their political, economic and military offense against us because they claim they have the right to our bahri. Here is the kiker, the woyane start fighting the new power structure to get their independence or to simply share power with the new gangs in Menelik palace. Who are we going to fight against then? It is sad we are not seeing the big picture. Today woyane, tomorrow amhara. What difference does it make who is in power as long as they have one goal towards Eritrea? This is why fighting the habesha identity becomes so crucial for the simple fact that if you want to fight somebody, you first have to disassociate yourself from that person. Why do you think the west dehumanize the Arabs or any other countries' people and values before they attack them. I am not advocating to dehumanize the habeshas, but in order for us to fight for our existence and values, we have to first claim our identity. Only when there is identity and cultural distinction, that others will see you as separate and independent people and country. Otherwise, we will forever remain society in limbo without clear identity to be called by outsiders "you are all the same" That is not acceptable.

  77. My only worry is that its taken hold so much in the community that we will get into drawn out arguments for something that will eventually lead to no substantial gains. I do think we need to fight this but on a family to family basis and under the radar where you can tell our people " hey listen.. this is the history this is the outcome etc..". I feel on any site even one that is showing our views and side it will devolve into bickering with no real outcome. The ones that wish us ill will, will use this to try and create problems where there are none. As far as the amhara go.., we will never forget them don't worry about that. Any Eritrean worth his salt would do well not to trust them either. But i guess we both can fight it in our own ways and even if this type of article continues i will try not to be the roadblock anymore. Even if i see it counter productive.

  78. I am glad we can meet halfway, I believe it is important as Eritreans that we work together for our survival. This is an existential issue. It has to not only be discussed among family members, but throughout the entire society at large. My fear is if we don't have that strong independent identify, by the time of the next generation it will become diluted nationalism. And that is very dangerous, so we need to start aggressively dissociating and fight internally and externally without fearing who we will offend. What I am basically saying is its OK to offend people when you have the truth and the facts behind you and that you believe in what you are saying wholeheartedly.Thank you for the discussion, it was enlightening. Good luck and let's keep up the good fight.

  79. Aboy Fekadu ba'elom ilki, hehe ....enqua'e Jingna aybelki! gin Gual Jeganu konki. Ezi b Me'ar ztelewesse Ei'rre hassabatki smells Fishy,
    But what's all these bravado anyway? blowing hot air and spewing poisonous pseudo ideas, you have no audacity even insinuating and belittling the patriotic diaspora populace, or right to comment at the Warsa/Yikealo, & acting more than the Pope will not make one a true Nationalist.
    Bringing the obsolete, divisive & unhappy history of the '70s & earlier Eritrea at this time is a concern and untimely, let the Historians and the Academics debate at it in their formal place of higher learning or wherever.
    As for connecting Geza-Banda Habesha with the Agames....hehehe it's not only infantile but shows how shallow you are, perhaps, instead you may have expected & wish it's Geza-Banda Tlyan or Tira-Avolo or any of the former European quarters of the old (Apartheid) formed city, would it make more Eritrean for you? Last but not least I, suggest that you find out some of the great 'Tegadelti' who lead the Sewra and present day Eritrean Government were reared and nurtured, and that will show how the Habesha quarters had produced Jeganu and real Wulad-Geganus' not pretenders behind the screen the "Cyber warriors/ Wulad-Jeganus"



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