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British Eritrean Community Petition to the Government of the United Kingdom

British Eritrean Community Petition to the Government of the United Kingdom

  1. Implementation in full, and unconditionally, of the Algiers Agreement, including the ruling of Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission 
  2. Annulment of US driven, UNSC’s unjust sanctions,1907/2009 and 2023/2011 on Eritrea 3. 
  3. Total rejection of the fabricated so called report of the COIE  
We, the undersigned members and friends of the British Eritrean community, noting that 

1. Sovereign Eritrean territory remains occupied by Ethiopian forces some thirteen years after the ruling of the UN sponsored Eritrean Ethiopian Boundary Commission (EEBC) despite 

a. the final and binding nature of the ruling

b. the United Nations, represented by its Secretary General, the European Union, represented by its President, the African Union by its Chairman, and the United States, by its Secretary of State, Algeria and Nigeria by their presidents are all signatories as witnesses and and guarantors of the Algiers Peace agreement;

in addition, noting that

2. Eritrea remains under United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sanctions despite

a. the complete lack of evidence to support the claimed basis for the sanctions several years after their imposition

b. the fact that even members of the UN Somali Eritrean monitoring group, the main authority that sustains the sanctions, openly admit that the central elements of the claims or accusations against Eritrea have subsequently been shown to be unfounded

bearing in mind that the failure to demarcate the boundary
  • has exacted a high human and material cost to both Eritrea and Ethiopia 
  • continues to be a major cause of instability of, and consequent migration from, the region of the horn of Africa, a region plagued with failed or near failing states  

remembering also that
  • the people of Eritrea have been subjected to thirty years of bitter armed struggle and over half a century of conflict following a historic injustice by the UN which failed to honour the Democratic will of the Eritrean people for independence in 1950 and again in 1960 as the Ethiopian government dismantled the UN engineered framework of federation. An injustice for which our own country, the United Kingdom, as the last administrator of Eritrea before the hand-over to Ethiopia bears significant responsibility

noting, with sadness, that our government, despite its historic and current moral and legal responsibility
  • has done nothing or very little to ensure the implementation of the final and binding ruling of the EEBC 
  • continues, through our office at the UNSC, to support the renewal of sanctions against Eritrea without a shred of supporting evidence 

take this opportunity to remind our government of its legal responsibility, as a member of the EU the UN, and crucially as a member of the UNSC to

1) ensure the implementation, in full and without preconditions, of the Algiers Peace Agreement including the final and binding ruling of the Eritrean Ethiopian Boundary Commissions decision

2) Annul UNSC resolutions 1907/2009 and 2023/2011 that have imposed sanctions on Eritrea without any evidence.

We further urge that our government
  • as a valued and influential member of the international community, use its good offices to steer the United Nations away from detractions and towards adherence to its principal legal responsibilities towards the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia; Full and Unconditional Implementation of the Algiers Peace Agreement, including the Final and Binding border ruling 
  • promotes constructive bilateral engagement with the government of Eritrea, not only in the resolution of problems of immediate common concern, but, in the promotion of long term peace, security and development in the horn of Africa. 

Noting the critical nature of the issues we raise, we await the response of our government in explanation of what it has done, and intends to do in the near future, in discharging its above moral and legal obligations, upholding and underlining the rule of law as a basis for resolution of our above mentioned and related concerns in the British spirit of fair play and justice.

Members of the Eritrean Community, UK

Friday, 7th of August 2015

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