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How UNHCR Lies about Eritrean Migrants

Eritrean, Sudanese and Ethiopian migrants in Tel Aviv, Israel

How UNHCR Lies about Eritrean Migrants

Today UNHCR has released its midyear asylum trend. Predictably, Eritrea is in the top 5 countries of origin of asylum seekers. But what the report wont tell you is the labels "asylum seekers" and "refugees" are highly subjective terms that are strongly influenced by politics.

Nowhere is this point more glaring than in the statistics provided by European countries on all asylum applications. As the data below shows, when it comes to asylum cases in the West, Eritreans receive the VIP treatment.

All asylum applications:
  • France: "nearly 90 percent being rejected" [1]
  • United Kingdom: "the rejection rate is around 62 percent" [1]
  • Switzerland: 85% of asylum claims were rejected [2]
  • Sweden: "Sweden grants asylum to about a third." (67 percent rejection rate) [1]

Eritrean asylum applications:
  • France: 55% accepted, 45% rejected [3]
  • United Kingdom: 81.6% accepted, 18.4 rejected [3]
  • Switzerland, 88% accepted, 12% rejected [2]
  • Sweden: 100% accepted, 0% rejected [3]

How can the EU justify this preference for Eritreans? Why are Eritreans special? With so many countries and people facing wars, famine, and even genocide in Africa, why place Eritrean migrants as a top priority?

The only rational explanation for many EU countries showing preference for Eritreans is because it's politically motivated. It's intended to weaken Eritrea by unfairly rewarding Eritrean economic migrants with asylum statuses. This high rate of acceptance of Eritrean asylum cases induces more to flee, and makes other African migrants more likely to pretend to be Eritreans when entering Western countries. Thus, what you end up with is a grossly exaggerated figure of Eritreans claiming asylum in the West, which in turn is used by UNHCR to condemn Eritrea for something they themselves helped create.

It's important to note that these western countries receive most of their information on Eritrean migrants from UNHCR officials. UNCHR, which makes it no secret it has an ax to grind against the Eritrean government, shamelessly says Eritrean migrants will be killed or imprisoned if they were to be sent back to Eritrea. This obvious lie is intended to force the hand of these Western countries to baptize Eritrean economic migrants as persecuted refugees who deserve asylum. However, as Israeli officials have found out, what UNHCR says isn't always based on facts.

In 2013, 461 Eritrean "refugees" in Israel requested to be sent back to Eritrea. After returning them to their homeland, Israeli government organizations regularly checked up on them and found none of them were arrested, let alone killed.

"Organizations that visited Eritrea to check if the people who returned were safe reported that these individuals had not been arrested." Said Gideon Sa'ar, Israel's Interior Minister.

UNHCR defends its Eritrean refugee fetish by presenting lots of interviews of Eritrean migrants telling harrowing stories. The names of these migrants are always withheld, and to this date, none of the stories have been independently verified. But as some investigative journalists have found out, using the stories of migrants isn't very convincing when the incentive to lie is so great.

In 2012, Danny Adino Ababa, an Israeli journalist who went undercover as a migrant in Tel Aviv, shed light on a popular false story African migrants like to sell to UNHCR officials in order to stay in Israel:

My cover story has not been finalized yet, but luckily I run into Jeremiah, who’s been in Israel for three years now. “What do I tell those who ask how I got into Israel?” I ask him. “Lie,” he says. “Don’t tell the whole story. The Israelis, and mostly the non-profit groups working with the infiltrators here, like to be lied to.”

“Say you were a soldier, and that if you return to Eritrea you’ll get a death sentence. Keep in mind that you must be consistent with your story. The bottom line is that everyone uses the story I’m telling you here, and this way they fool everybody,” he says. “Almost none of them arrived on foot from Egypt to Israel. None of us crossed any deserts…it’s all nonsense.” 

Statistically speaking, dozens of African countries have far more migrants fleeing their country than Eritrea does. But when you hear Eritrea is a top 5 asylum producing country, that gives the illusion that Eritrea is a top 5 country with people fleeing their country, which it is not.

For example, in 2013, around 1,500 Eritreans left their country every month, according to Human Rights Watch.[4] This figure, which is obviously exaggerated for political consumption, translates to 18,000 people fleeing Eritrea every year. In comparison, CCTV reported that Ethiopia had 800,000 of its people flee to Saudi Arabia in 2013 [5] (66,600 Ethiopians per month). So when you compare Ethiopia's population (93 million) with that of Eritrea's (6.3 million), you'll learn that Ethiopia had 44x the amount of people fleeing their country to Saudi Arabia alone than Eritrea did worldwide, even though it's population is just 14.7x larger. That right there is more telling than the bogus labels of asylum cases that are predominantly given to Eritreans over other Africans.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter what labels these migrants are given. If they leave their country permanently, then that's all that should matter. Labeling some asylum seekers over other migrants is absurd when you consider it's just a subjective term based predominantly on politics.

3. 2014 EU Commission Report on Eritrean Asylum Applications

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  1. And how about how DIA lies for his own consumption? Eritreans want
    Eritrean leadership and the only reason my people are fleeing instead of fighting is bc this tyrant has terrorised, imprisoned and culled off Eritrean leadership for so long.


    AKH TUUUF anta reghum Tigrawai!

    You may fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool
    all the people all of the time.

    LUUL GHEBREAB FOR President!

  2. Its not abt not being safe after return to homeland becouse Eritrea is the safest nation in the world since it is a big prison.But the problem is no one in eritrea able to feed his children and live a good life. It is shame for you to defend the party that was initially brought to being by eritrean people to get them out of colonization, but unfortunately made life hard for them.

  3. We can not say that Eritrean migrants are only economic migrants becouse they r leaving back a rich country to EU which is hard for semi illitrate soceity like ours to live in. I can say they r purely assulym seekers who r running away from a big prison with hard labour work and almost no care

  4. Message to Eritrean government (PFDJ) from Europe and USA:
    You are with us, OR every refugee in the planet will be yours.

  5. Of course it is politically motivated, as you said. The idiots in the West believe somehow, they can deprive Eritrea from its young. They couldn't be more wrong. Eritrean youth are as patriotic as the rest of Eritreans. It is easier to wish for any natural water stream to flow up hill defining gravity than to expect Eritrean youths to betray their country. IMPOSSIBLE!

  6. I sometimes wonder to whom this.kind of articles are written. Almost all Eritreans by now knowsomeone close relative.fleeing the country because there no hope of living in Eritrea. People wouldn't mind serving the country even if it was 5.years as long as there is a hope that.after 5 years you will have a normal life, seeing the end of the tunnel. Who in his right mind would server a dictator (not to be mixed with country)?. Please don't try with that shit about west is trying to weaken us by giving asylum to our youth..The dictator is doing great job in dismantling the country and he doesn't need any help. BTW please give us one reasonable reason for why the west would like to.weaken Eritrea?. Don't come with again one more b*shit about because if the dictator refuses to be a puppet to west. We had wonderful relation with west especially USA until 2002, so do you mean the dictago was a puppet until 2002?. Please don't insult our intellegece with this kind of articles, most of us already know the truth.

  7. Because America asked the government to give them a base in Eritrea and Eritrea refuses to give them one. that's why.

  8. Here you go another propaganda, instade of asking why eritreans are special? Why don't you ask why they are leaving eritrea? You are insulting eritrean you have a rule of laws?do you have a rule even when president make a mistake to bring him in front of the law.we eritrean need a government who cars for his youth, the dictatorship always touch people and it is common people to leave the country. Take Castro cuba, take north koria, eritrea........

  9. I think we are on the right track. Once the grass root people are with trend to good health, education etc we should encourage and be close to do the rest together with our gov't. We just need to compromise, see things as the way the gov't try to prioritize i.e doing what comes first. Tolerance, patience, good heart, love and respect would bring us to where we need to be! Open discussion and good constructive criticism will bring us together. Every Eritrean realizes what he left behind so amending the grievance and looking back to our objective should be our motto. We straighten things 'egawe bega'!

  10. Which calander are you using?

  11. Gasha so my open discussion point is, what happen to the word "COMMUNICATION" it seems to me, the government is failing behind for not communicating timely!!

  12. Why u always compare ur shit with Abyssinia ??? Are u f*cking crazy? We know when some eu or us asks ethiopian why they here?their answer is one is harder, and they left their motherland for better aprounity!! That's it !!! So just leave ethiopia alone ..when many Ethiopians got killed in those evil Arabs land ..ethiopian Gov, didn't say they are eartrians, or they didn't talk shit ,they just tried hard to bring them back to their holly land so stop lying man that's fucking Shme ...u claim u are the richest and the most modren in Africa. In fact u see yourself as the black arab / Italian so instead of blaming eu us and ethio for ur shit ,do something to change it ..ur sing-a-poor going down ..

  13. Oh cut the crap. Everyone who has visited Eritrea knows that the youth are delusional about what they perceive life will be in the West. Many are seeking "greener pastures". Let's be honest with ourselves but most of us Eritreans have not taken independence seriously. It's not easy and quite frankly we need to all sacrifice so that the future Eritrea can be what we want it to be. And for gods sake, people in the Diaspora need to stop selling these individuals false dreams. If you're struggling in the Diaspora, don't attempt to go to Eritrea on vacation and act as if you're a multi-millionaire.

  14. So many inaccuracies in your statement, it's not even worth dissecting them. Why do you even live if your life is about lies? Go hang yourself you deranged idiot.

  15. It's evident you have no understanding about "hegemony" because if you did you'd know why nations like Eritrea will never be accepted by the US and its allies. You might want to pick up a book of two and educate yourself.

  16. ብዛእባ፡ናይ፡ስደትኛ፡እዚኦም፡ተቃዋምቲ(ተቆመርቲ)፡ቀዳማይ፡ዘረብኦም፡ካብትከውን፡ብዙህ፡ጌራላ፡ፀማም፡ሀደ፡ደርፉ፡ክምዝብሀሌ፡እሳቶምም፡ነዚአ፡ጥራይ፡ይደርፍዋለው፡ግና፡ደርፊ፡ብዘይ፡ጣቅኢት፡መቀረት፡የብሉን።

  17. How could they insult your intelligence?
    We will wait until the day you become intelligent.

  18. Oh so to make eritrea perfect you have to torch that what you are telling me? Or the tourch is part of the development ? Those kids you are calling them a delusional they are the continuation of the previous who left early 2000 to 2005. They knew there is nothing future for them.befor their life destroyed they are trying to save their future and I don't blame them. I never struggleed in USA, thanks to God and the United state goverment.i went to school i got my degree and i am enjoying my you have to work hard in USA yes you have to work hard just to have a good life. I neve contribute any thing for USA, but US goverment gave me evrthing.the other way i served eritrea did not get anything but a torch and wasted my time.when was doing my duty and i was trying to ask a question? The Dectatatore said no you don't question your master.then I left the country please dont blame the youth blame your DIA.

  19. ዝብለህ፡እዚህ፡መጥተህ፡ኤርትራ፡ኤርትራብለህ፡አታልቅስ።

  20. Shut the fuck up Italarabian!! Just read Bbc news about ur worthless arab land ...shit suck DIA dick nigaaa ..why did u leave your country if it's the richest nation ???hahahah I know u just one pussy ass shabia ..go fuck yourself!!

  21. So the u.s. gve you everything and deny you u.sism( u.s. "ism") otherwise you will be happy and content with your new found fortune. Ironically, we are in an agreement with the u.s. principally but the u.s. does not like to be emulated rather like to dictate to small and big nations and people.
    The u.s. that gave you so much has and is still taking a lot more from the majority of the world's poor and poorest.
    Have you heard of the industrious poor? Google it and learn. Geopolitics, geographival despositions, bounty and bountiful may be new terms to you, but they have been bones of contention time immemorial.
    Grow up and take your time to firmly stand on your two feets where ever in the u.s. you call home and in twenty years time, remember this, its all a magic show and you will realise that you are a resident alian longing for a place called HOME-ERITREA if you are one, but gudam? Dergee gudameya was more Eritrea than Eritrean!

  22. So you are a hopeless woyane that is addicted to subsidies and thinkth its acceptable and normal, get a life and get yourself with your own bootstraps! Shamefull begerd.

  23. ጉዳም፡ትዛረቦ፡ናይ፡ነብሱ፡ፈታው፡ናይ፡ኤጎይስት፡ዘረባ፡ኢካ፡ትዛረብ፡ዘለካ፡ትዛረብ፡ዘለካ።ብዛእባካ፡እዩ።ትዛረቦ፡ናይ፡ሀደ፡እምኒ፡ዘረባ፡ኢዩ።
    ናተይ፡ህቶ፡ከመይ፡ጌርካ፡ዲብሎምካ፡ረኪብካዮ፡እዚ፡ከይፈለጥካ። ደደብ፡እምኒ፡የሀይሽ፡ካባካ፡እምንስ፡ገዛ፡ትሰርሀሉ፡ካባካስ፡እምኒ፡የሀይሽ።፡

  24. U are the one who is not happy, but me I am happier morethan see how childish you said ( us-sisim) they gave me everthing.what do I need after I am living happly.they gave me their passport I can travel any where I want, what do I need mother that? I been tourched enough in eritrea and how come I will say I am not are the one who failed in life and try to cover your shitttt by blaming US.
    Read what I wrote before you open your big shitttt mouthhhhhh and answer my questions.

  25. እስካ፡በጃካ፡በጃካ፡ግደፈና።
    Agazi the boss

  26. My passport is Eritrean, can't help you there and i will never say they gave me my passport because it's mine and i demand it! Just as i have demanded and gotten my independence by the barrel of the gun; only lingo they understood.
    As far as their generosity is concerned, enjoy it and make the best of the presented opportunities, i don't disown you for mistaking the forest for a tree. Good luck and be the best that you can be and we will always take pride on all Eritrean' s success where ever!
    I'm content where i'm.
    Thank you.

  27. ይጋልብ።አሉፈረሱ

  28. The gov't was working hard to meet the deadline of the UN obligation. UN represents the WORLD. Therefore WORLD is UN. 'lehulum geze alewe belol talaku mesehafe. In open discussion critics should requires honesty, genuineness, good heart etc. There is a saying 'think globally act locally.

  29. Please write and talk proper Eritrean tigrinja before talking about Eritreans.
    In Eritrea we don't use the : after every word and the word xe that you are using have been out dated sice independence.

  30. Gudam,

    Did you say you have a degree? Is that high school degree or university degree?
    I suggest you go back for 4 more years....

  31. why do you speak amharic when discussing Eritrean issues? im suspicious you work for the enemy because amharic is not Eritrean language.

  32. Love it Thank you B. Adal

  33. LOL Adal,
    So you give up Eritrea for juj'manjuj ? I mean the salad bawl of Ethios, Camrons, Sudanese, Somalis...etc who call themselves Eritreans ? Eritrea is the Legacy of our martyrs, man.

  34. You mean USA accepted us as a country until 2002 but not later? Did you know USA defence minister was in Eritrea in 2002.and Issayas offered him any assistance USA needs including USA soldiers in Eritrea? Just Google it, this is not a secret. My brother learn about international politics ABC. USA has its own interest to protect, and between Eritrea and Ethiopia they choose Ethiopia of the simple reason of they have bigger intrest in Ethiopia than Eritrea. What do you think will happen if Woyanes go to.war with Egypt over water?.USA will choose to side with Egypt again of simple reason they have bigger interest in Egypt than Ethiopia. The problem with HGDEF and the blind supporters are after 23 years you still don't get it how of works.

  35. Z-HYPERACTIVE manja tutti of -Ethiopia, eating from the AID-BAWL know what I mean LOL

  36. አብዚ፡ንዛረብ፡ዘለና፡ብዛእባ፡አዲዩምበር፡ብዛእባ፡ቆንቆ፡አይኮነን።

  37. Im the witness of the situation. I live in Israel detainee who abondened my country years back and I know how our people have it in my village are affected and here is my story. Because most of our fathers are on military service the mothers and children of my little village are harassed, haunted by woyane infiltrators near the border. They steal our living bread (our cows, goats and sheap) and sneak into our market places and poison our young with their false retoric "it is better to stay in Ethiopia". The young taking this as promising, cross the border by the help of smugglers through some unidentified openings every night. At first they call the young as their cousins inorder to take advantage of them then divide them in refugee camps by the means of village/region/Religion wise and teach them Ethiopian Tewahdo and teach them about how the tgrayans and eritreans near the borderline are related to eachother.. Because these young kids are fooled ones and left their country to better their life, they get uppset and confused in refugee camps of Ethiopia. Some of them ask their relatives like me to help them out of the miserable life. We send them thousands of dollars because we cannot just keep quite when a smuggler kill your brother or nephew asking for dollars. We kill ourselves to make ends meet and send them money but they still suffer for money money. They are kept hostages as a cash cow suffering to death. But there are some who encourage their relatives to leave the country too. I suspect most of them as half-Eritreans because they never feel at home with both sides of the border and the people even abroad. They are cruel and the cause of most innocent suffering. They do not care of if you Eritrean or Ethiopian. What they need is CASH !

  38. nisikhas gudam ikha gudam, gudam, gudam who thrown out his intelligence, GODAMN ignorante ! LOL

  39. Try to spell your masters lang correctlyGudam !

  40. The most important thing is you understand it.

  41. Ajoki Gudam endeher terdiewom, balom yearemewo.zeterfe entay serha alewom.

  42. More or less i do agree with Dehai. Instead of deflecting in to the west, eritrea needs take steps to minimze migration. 1) The youth needs see light at the end of tunnel not in Amerika or Europe but in eritrea. The govt should put a max limit of years on national service . If the service is endless the youth would be looking in to the west. While letting them go on their own life, the govt should put a method to mobilize them as fighting unit when the country is threatened from foreign aggression. The govt should device a way to bring the dispersed force back when needed. The govt should let them go on their own after organizing them say in to platoons, battalions, and brigades. They are free to do what ever they want but they should obliged to report to their head quarter when needed. A head quarter or meeting place should be set before dispersing them. Once a year the govt should simulate a "national mobilization drill" to make sure that they report to their headquarter ready for battle
    2) Many young Eritreans do believe the green side of the west. They do not know that the west is in economic crisis and is even unable to accommodate its own citizens. Unlike what Gudam said life is very very hard in the west. Gudam is just not telling the truth of life in the west. It is the migrant who live a life of slaves, treated as outcast having to work all the odd jobs such as dish washers, parking attendants, taxi drivers and so on. even if one is graduate he/ she won't get a descent job. There are so many graduates even PHDs holder immigrants who work as taxi drivers and dish washers in USA. Despite the fact life in west is horrible, the govt should do more and encourage diaspora eritreans come back home invest and live good life at home. The govt should set a comittee or a body that facilitates the coming back of Eritreans to their homeland eritrea. Embassies should present investments opportunities in agriculture, construction, transportation, tourism and so on in eritrea. Eritrea is virgin land with great potential in modern farming in the west and tourism attraction all over the country. Dahlak and red sea area could be center of attraction to the Arabs and Europeans. The govt is doing is practically doing on those sectors to attract foreign and Eritreans to invest home. The govt should make it easy those who want to come back home. With the flow of Eritreans from Europe and west back home the youth would then think again about migration to foreign country. The govt should interview the diasporas who come back home the reality of life in the west. This way the govt could minimize migration of the youth.

  43. Hahahahahah, ezi kelile 10 amet eko bezey kebret, agelgile.4 amet university.abmegedi alekuu....

  44. Entay serha aleka neska ke aremoee balekaa.

  45. ልኪእካ፡እዚ፡ሀወይ፡ናይ፡ቁጠባ፡ኩልሳእ፡አቢ፡ቦታለዎ፡ኮልእ፡ዘይትርስኦ፡ናትና፡ፀላኢ፡አሜሪካ፡ካብ፡አለም፡ዝገዘፈ፡እዩ፡ንሳቶም፡ዝገብርዋ፡ዘለው፡አሻጥራት፡አሎ፡ብቀሊሉ።ትርእዮ፡አይኮነን።ሀደ፡ምሳሌ፡ክህበካ፡አብ፡ኢሮባ፡ሐደ፡ሰብ፡ይመጽእ፡ደሀር፡ብሀደ፡ወርሂ፡ወረቀት።ይህብዋ፡ገዛ፡ይህብዎ፡ደሀር፡ብሀደ፡እመት፡ሀው፡ብካልአይ፡አመት፡ህብቱ፡የምፅእ።ነዚ፡እንታይ፡ትብሎ።
    እዚኦም፡አድታት፡ንስደት፡እቲ፡ህብረሰበት፡ከም፡ገነት።ሪኡዋሎ። ሀደ፡ሀደ፡አድታት፡ካብ፡አለም፡ዝደከዩ፡ዝባሀሉ፡በአል፡ኒጀር፡ማሊ፡ማላዊ፡ሱዳን፡.......እንተሪእካዮ፡ብዙህ፡አይስደድን፡ኢዮም።

  46. ጉዳም
    እሞ እንታይ ኢና ክንገብር ምስ ኣሜሪካ
    ንእሽቶ ኢናሞ ዝበሉና ክንሰምዕ ድዩ ሓሳብካ ከም ሃገር ስለዘይ ኣመኑ ክትህቦም ክሳድካ ኣይመስለንን ኣነ ንሳቶም ንጥቕሞም ክሰርሑ ኣነውን መሰል ሃገረይን ጥቕሚ ሃገረን ክሕሉ ናይ ግድን እዩ ኣብዛ ዓለምና እቲ ዝዓበየ ዓይቢ መሰል ክህልዎ እቲ ዝነኣሰ ንእሽቶ መሰል ክህልዎ ንተግባሩ ይትረፍ ንስነሓሳብ ከማን ክንቃለሶ ኣለና ደሓር ከኣ ፖልሲ ኣሜሪካ ቅድሚ 20 ዓመት ዝነበሮ ተሰማዒነት ኣብዚ ዘለናሉ ግዜ ተቐይሩ እዪ ዋላ ን ኣስ ውልቃዊ (ሃገራዊ) ሕርያ ወይ ጥቕሚ ከምዘልና ክንፈልጥ ይግባእ ስለዝኾነ ኩልና ምስ ህዝብን መንግስትን ጠጠው ክንብል ኣለና ብስም ደሞክራሲ ዝግበር ዘረባታት ምስ ጥቕሚ ዝተተሓሓዘ ከም ዝኾነ ኣብ ኩሉ ዝረኤ ዘሎ ፍጻሜታት ንዕዘቦ ኣለና

  47. አሁንስ፡መረን፡ለቀክ፡አሁንስ፡፡አላበዛሀውም፡

  48. How come you know about the country if you don't know the language?
    I thought it is the least thing to do and You are writing like Amharic, did your mind stopped when we get our independece?

  49. እንግሊዘኛ፡ስለዝፈለጥካ፡አለም፡ኩሉ፡ዝፈሊጥካ፡፡ከይመስለካ፡ናይ፡አሜሪካ፡ህዝቢ፡እንግሊሽ፡ስለተዛረበ፡ኩሉ፡ፈላጥ፡ከይመስለካ፡ሀደ፡ናይ፡ቻይና፡ብሮቬሰር፡እንግሊዝ፡ስለይተዛረበ፡አይፈልጥን፡ኢዩ፡ክትብሎ፡አይትክእልን።
    ብዛእባ፡ቆንቆ፡አብዚ፡ወድኤለኩ። አርባእተ፡ነጥቢ፡ጌሬለኩ።

  50. SelaliA, gasha has used about 40 English words to express his opinion and only 6 words in Amharic and his message is correct.
    What we have to object or reject are the saboteur who purposely post in Amharic to enervate us.

    Steady brother.

  51. Ignore Rora and keep on writing in Tigrinya, soon you will be able to master it like any one else.
    I notice that you are a matured person and I like your current Tigrinya too.

  52. ሱቅ፡ኢልካ፡ምስራቅ፡ይህሸካ፡ስጋብ፡ከም፡ጃኪ፡ስጋብ፡ትተሀዝ!!!!!

  53. (defy/oppose) gravity....

    Lalmba, what you are saying is the ultimate and most significant wish of all really concerned Eritreans.

    ካብዚ ጥዑም አፍካ፣ ናብ እዝንን ፍቓድን ፈጣሪ ይብጸሓልና !

  54. የቀንየለይ፡እዝ፡ሀወይ፡

  55. Hello selaliA,
    I don't think you understood what I wrote.
    Let me dissect what I wrote ...
    You are with us => you listen to what we tell you
    OR every refugee in the planet will be yours => we will give Eritrean refugees special treatment although we know every refugee in the planet will claim they are Eritreans.
    I hope this explains what I meant.

  56. I guess you were the only one.serving the people and the Nation
    TheyHafr Dmu gudam do mkone shimu?
    Good night now,

  57. ተዓዊቱልካ፣ ጉዳም ሓወይ፣ አይ ሰማይ እንዲኻ በጺሕካ ግን እቲ ሓውበኻ ሳም፣ አበይ ከምዝምድበካኸ ፈሊጥካዶ ዋላስ ገና?

    ሰለ ዘይተርፈካ፣ አበይከ ይሕሸካ?
    ዒራቕ፣ ስርያ፣ አፍጋኒስታን፣ ሶማልያ፣ ልብያ ዶ ዋላስ ጅቡቲ?
    ወደሞይ፣ ከም ዲፕሎማት ወይ ቱሪስት ከይመስለካ ከም
    ፈጥኖ ደራሽ ወይ ኢንፋንትሪ'ዩ፣፣

    አንታ ዒሉ፣ አመሪካ ክደልየካ ዊዒሉ
    እንተ በዝሔ፣ እንተ ፈተወካ፣ ረሳታቱ ክትሕሉ...

    እዋይ አነ ሓወይ!

  58. What I dont understand is whats the need of mixing additional language when he can describe his/her taughts without difficulties in english. I dont see any reason of using enemy language as if we do not have NINE well developed ERITREAN LANGUAGES.
    Confidence! brother, meriet.

  59. I agree with you Rora. Eritrean tigrigna is our PRIDE just like Tgre, Blen, Saho etc (all the other eight). My hat off for my forefathers who never had a will to mix the language with some other languages NEVER ! We have had many colonizers in Eritrea who burned our books, tried hard to kill our languages but thanks to the elder generation never gave up to Italians, British or Amharas like most of African countries who still speak their colonisers languages as their own.
    Eritreanism is our pride, avoid mixing languages!!!

  60. That's my point mixing and not writing proper "eritrean tigrinja" is not good at all, because i always belived we have our distinct nature in every aspect even though we share many many things with our negbours.

  61. I am not saying that i know English (i might be far from it) but advice you to write proper Tigrinja, because personally it is disturbing to see : after every word, and it remind me of Amharic(never liked it).

  62. Who talked about betrayal of their country? ( I guess you are trying to twist things about the government and a nation).
    The Question remains what's the remedy for the exodus?

  63. እስካ፡ንምንታይ፡ብአድካ፡አይትፅህፍን፡አይትፅሕፍን፡አድጊ፡ኢካ፡እስካ፡ዘይርድአካ፡1000፡ክደግመልካ፡ፀማም፡ኢካ፡መስለኒ።

  64. ብዛእባ፡ስብ፡ዝዛረቦ፡እንታይ፡ተሀስብ፡አንታ፡አጋሜ

  65. " Iti natas ne hamata "....hahaha.

  66. አይትህፈር፡እባ።

  67. Madote moderator, are you there?
    How can you allow, this Agazi thing, pop-up from his cesspool to infect this good forum?

  68. To those who live on the MOON. :)

    When the west sees an African country tried to stand by them selves without any handout trying to be the drivers of their future. that becomes a real threat b/c it breaks the mind set of dependency or modern day slavery. it breaks the chain. its like when someone that worked under u, wen that someone start his own company and start to grow to become mor than u that will make u angry its human nature, to dream to be on top haha yup :). And if u can't control them u have to bring them down frame them, like linked with terrorist and human rights abuses bla bla..,in other word make them suffer. like they try to do with Eritrea and other countries. if there is someone who doesn't believe that, all the bad things in the world is not the ''US'' creation. than u need to bring yourself down to earth and see the world through pragmatic eyes. the US trained the bad guys for their own agenda and when they done with them they push them so they can create terrorist, and then game on another business for the west. cuz they get more money by starting wars and to control someone else's resources, but they control the wars so they can't get out of hand. look at Libya or Syria. they destroyed them. we all know why US(the west) destroyed Libya its not —b/c they want to free the Libyan people from gaddafi's rule NO, its b/c of Libya’s ‘black gold’ (oil) and it wasn’t just Libya’s oil that the Zionist West wants, but Libya’s ‘blue gold’ (water) – the some 500 miles of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System that lies beneath Libya’s surface (The Nubian Aquifer is the only fresh water source that remains in North Africa and thus is the focus of what has become known as “Water Wars.”) and we all know IMF and World Bank loan, both controlled by Zionist Jewry. and of course when Gaddafi becomes main threat to International Jewry’s Banking Cartel was his plan for a common African currency—the gold-backed Libyan dinar—which would have replaced the all fiat-issued US dollar, British pound, and French franc as the main currency in Africa.. They controlled Libya by Al-qaeda first and when they finished, Neti hzibi yenaqutwa. so they can control the resources. and now Syria b/c its the backbone of the Palestine,Gaza, Lebanon and best friend of Iran and yes an that make her a treat to tiny Israel. its not about the innocent people people its all about control the power, *MONEy* and of course white always on top and the rest just followers. look at Africa when they get invited by that half blood (obama hussein ) they get so happy its like the US rock their Anjal brain. oh and that Ebola virus check up oh men the shame of it, oh the humility was so Epic man in angry and funny way. its like a baboon joke. pathetic ain't. so sad it just want to make build a spaceship and leave earth. :(

  69. God mekonan u made a very bad thing by that picture man. u shouldn't do that, it hard to look at. so sad heart breaking. :(


  71. Where is the problem if Makonnen chooses to communicate in Tigrinya with Amharic touch or sound and how do you know that he is prolific in English to use it?
    Encourage him to adjust to Tigrinya diphthong and the issue is solved.

    Don't worry about the preservation of our native languages, instead be aware that they have to be enriched more so as to cover the modern technical or industrial vocabularies and that can't be possible without inter-mixing with foreign languages.

    Confidence and progress with wisdom, brother SelaliA!

  72. I don't know what to call!! I think I will call you uneducated peasant!! A friend of mine had a phrase to describe people like you (from Dembelas to Dallas).
    I don't condone what the Eritrean government is doing to its people but for you to defend the actions of your host country is quite shocking!! Who is the instigators of all the conflicts that are raging around the world? Why was Gadafi removed from power? Don't give me the western crap. There are worst dictators than Gadafi and Aforki combined. But they are not touched because there willingly selling their resources for the price the west wanted.. Also they do what ever Uncle Sam says.

  73. I grew up in Ethiopia and my Tigrnya is very poor. Don't ever think I am an enemy!

  74. Language is for communication for me I can express myself well in English but sometimes I find exact words in the language that is very easy for me. Sorry!

  75. You remind me during sewra of a man who used to chastise us when we play Michael Jackson music and he would call us all kinds of names such not patriotic and this and that and he was the first person to leave Eritrea in 1991.
    My question to you is who are you to tell us who is Eritrean or not speak that Amharic or any other language. My advise to you please grow up and come out of the babble you are living in. Knowing as many language is an advantage not a curse and I'm sure you like Efrem tamiru music but no one judge you as you are judging others.

  76. holy shit WTF IS THAT!

  77. Since the US administration tried and failed to put a wedge between the People and Government of Eritrea, it is trying to get to the fish (Eritrean leadership) by draining the lake (the population). That is why they are granting asylum to anyone who claim to be Eritrean. However, if they haven't done so already, they will soon learn, this evil ploys of theirs will not work either.

    Long Live our leadership.


  79. Good morning guest; your honest and positive suggestion is;,however; already implemented, it nevertheless, is a breath of fresh air. May your day be filled with positive outcomes!

  80. No surprise from the savage Saudi Arabia. they will get what they deserve for the innocent people's suffering. evil bastards. i hope they they ROT IN HELL.

  81. Yes indeed bro; another beautiful day in madote( lil' paradiso).

  82. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk moyteee besehak

  83. Languages are resurces when used properly and eloquently without mixture of one another. So if you have the ability to express yourself clear on ONE and SAME language why mix another?
    The modern tigrigna at home (among youngsters) and abroad is mixed with english, arabic and God knows what. I mean we need to give it a try to speak proper tigrigna or else confidently without mixture. Mixed tigrigna and amharic should be left to agames, who infact try to speak pure tigrigna proudly nowadays unlike some Eritreans.!

  84. I understand you but you can still teach yourself proper tigrigna or express your thoughts in english as you do now.

  85. You not a supporter so why "Dehai" as your nick? isnt it enough you missue my Asmarino? and now Dehai ? You remind me the agame child called Semhar LOL LOL

  86. እኔም፡እብ፡አዲስ፡እበባ፡ተወሊደ፡ዝአበኩ፡ኢያ፡ግን፡ፀላኢ፡ኢልካ፡ከይትሀስብ።

  87. መታአቢተይካ፡ማለት፡ኢዩ።

  88. They come to learn of their mistakes as usual when they learn of the fact that 80% of the asylum seekers are Ethiopians. Our Government need to take quick measures to make an agreement with the UN and guarantee all the suffering young to give them a chance to go back to school and get paid by the UN for their suffering. Then they will notice that most of migrants who refuse to go back are Ethiopians. Obama would be ashamed again for his steps:)

  89. Gudam stand second online after Agazi-Z-Slave for US-Aid Disty/Fusto, unfortunately he need to stretch his hand more deeper with his head inside the fusto for some leftover LOL LOL

  90. Let me tell you something 'kab ketur tigrnya mezerab medelay sometimes I don't know which language I am speaking. Tigrnya is very difficult both to write and to speak 'y write it like the 'ademametse'. Besides that I know a lot of proverbs in Amharic than in Tigrnya. Therefore leaving this behind let us concentrate 'abe zerakebena gudaye'. Thank y for r comment. It is advisable!

  91. ዋላ ኢንግሊዝ ናይ ፈተውትና ቓንቓ ኣይኮነን, አንተኾነ ግን, ንማሃሮን ንጥቐመሉን, ናትና መኽተ ብጻይ ሰላሊዕ, ምስ ዓላማ አንበር ምስ ቓንቓ ኣይኮነን.

  92. UN and all its partners are known to be old Eritrea's enemy, we don't expect nothing new..the only thing to be aware of is to challenge them all. As a castle of clay sooner or later they are going to be disintegrated.

  93. Rora, what happened? I was seeing a hint of patriotism in you.

    What kind of question are you asking? Who says you cannot know about Eritrea if you do not know how to write or speak Tigrigna? There are many Eritreans who do not speak Tigrigna well, but are Eritreans and stand for Eritrea in every way! Most Eritreans who grew up in Ethiopia grew up being spoken to in Tigrigna, told about Eritrean history and visiting the homeland whenever possible. So, their Tigrigna may not be "perfect." Besides, who says you cannot support Eritrea if you were not born in Eritrea or do cannot speak one of its nine languages?

    It is just like kids who are growing up abroad. Some of them do not know a word in Tigrigna, but you see them on every occasion involving Eritrea. Some understand a lot of Tigrigna and speak a little. That does not take away from their Eritrean-ness; nor does it take anything away from Eritrea.

    In fact, many Eritreans who grew up in Eritrea were discouraged from speaking Tigrigna because some laughed at them instead of encouraging them whenever they tried to. Those who laughed at these kids as they attempted to speak in Tigrigna could not even recognize that as kids, they spent most of their time in school where the language spoken was Amharic.

    Do you see the similarity of the kind of thinking you expressed with the ethono-centric ideology next door?

    N.B. Please take notice of the difference in the names "gasha" and "Gasha." This response was posted by "Gasha."

  94. Then you should have stuck to that point and not say any more. You would have seen many agree with you. Constructing your sentences with the words of the same language is desirable. Here the mixing is in sentences and not words.

    But the question is why sweat the miniscule issue while "Mekonnen" is speaking about a big issue? That does not reflect positive.

    P.S. Do not forget there are those who have even fought during the War for Independence and have become traitors!

  95. i totally agree, i always envy others culture who use their language in pride like the Somalians even Ethiopians who use it from childhood as normal however among the Eritrean diaspora its the other way around as its considered cool to speak in English (i always find it funny the number of Eritreans who view me as a fresh-yy just because i choose to speak in Tigrinya) i always find it funny how for such a proud people like the Eritreans, who want to war because we where denied to speak and use our language and now we consider it uncool to speak our language - in fact i view all those who get pride and identify themselves as Eritreans yet can't be too bothered to do the same act of walking the walk rather than just talking about Eritrea as simply hypocrites (as if we are proud of our martyrs than the simples thing we could do its to show they did not die for nothing is to speak our mother languages for that what they sacrifice themselves for! as its the basic requirement to even call yourself as belonging to those people is to speak their language ).

  96. Y put it right! Thanks.

  97. Why Cane? Eritrea is a member of UN. There is a controversial issue which I understand but we should try to see the present achievement separately. For example EPLF has worked many of the activities with the people while they were in the field. It has helped to reach this stage which we are proud of. On one hand the capacity and the understanding of the grass root people has helped a lot. On the other hand the collaboration and the cooperation of UN and the dedication of its staff is commendable which should not be undermined. UN set MDG goals to the developing countries where Eritrea is one of them.

    I didn't forget UN didn't try to mediate between Ethiopia and Eritrea to solve our differences. We see clearly siding Ethiopia which we should work hard to convince them and make our fellow opposition Eritreans and our youth who flew the country to come back, correct their mistake and work together so as to make a big difference.

  98. Google it! Just Google it! When are you going to learn that everything you get on the internet is not necessarily kosher? Why don't you tell us the source of the information and those of us whom you call "blind supporters" are not blind at all! May be the whole issue is too complicated to you to see the pattern of destruction that is left behind any thing those you admire and you hope they would put you in power!

    You expect us to lie down and die to satisfy their illegitimate, "you die for us, let us live and prosper" interest. If you do not get it, HGDEF and Eritreans are saying, "No, there are ways we can satisfy everyone's interest! We are not giving up our rights to live in peace according to our values for your and Ethiopian benefit!"

    Stop regurgitating the lies that originate from your original lies!

  99. Gasha u r right, sometimes when you see evident injustice you get upset, otherwise i agree with what you say in general terms

  100. I love logic and respect those who live by it.

  101. Gasha, to call 'a spade a spade' is not wrong, what is wrong is complacence to mistreatment.
    Yes, Eritrea is a full member state of the UN, the question is: Is the history of the UN-SC vis-a-vis to Eritrea and its people, good, fair or bad?

    Flexible diplomacy is recommendable but it does not necessarily mean at the expense of your own interest and dignity.

    The opposition, how many groups are they?
    With how many of those groups do you think that the govt. can seriously compromise?

    Is it easy to forgive treason in time of war?


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