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Eritrea, Yemen seek to boost oil, minerals cooperation

Eritrea, Yemen seek to boost oil, minerals cooperation

By SabaNews,

SANA’A, Sep. 25 (Saba) – Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmed Basarih reviewed on Thursday with the ambassador of Eritrea Mohammed Abdul-Jalil aspects of cooperation in the area of oil, gas and minerals.

During the meeting, the Eritrean ambassador highlighted the significance of strengthening cooperation aspects between the two countries, mainly in the field of oil, gas and minerals and exchanging experience as well.

The ambassador handed over an invitation to Basarih for the Minister of Oil and Minerals Husain al-Kaf to attend the International Conference for Minerals which is to be held in Eritrea during 1 – 5 October.

Nighttime satellite photo of Eritrea and Yemen

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Eritrea, Yemen seek to boost oil, minerals cooperation Reviewed by Admin on 1:58 AM Rating: 5


  1. ጽቡቅ፡አስሚእካኒ።

  2. We wish all the Red Sea basin might have an oil reserve to help us in our effort to improve our condition.

  3. Tewelde Berhan GebremSeptember 28, 2014 at 6:31 AM

    እወ ንኺድ ንቕድሚት ጥራሕ
    ኣብ ንደልዮ ራእይና ክንበጽሕ
    ኤርትራዊ ብርሃን ኣብኩሉ ክበርህ
    ኣብ ኣፍሪቃውያን መትከልና ክቃላሕ
    ሰላም ክሰፍን ከባቢና ክድረር ክምሳሕ
    ናይ ምዕራባውያን ሓሶት ጠፊኡ ሓቂ ክስዕር ጽባሕ

  4. ናይ፡ሎማአልቲ፡ንበይኑ፡ኢዩ፡ፅቡቅ፡ጥራይ፡እያ፡ዝሰምእ።

  5. All Eyes on Red Sea and this is why Eritrea said first security and then well oil and gas etc etc.. haha. The most recent attempt to prospect for hydrocarbons in the country is that of Centric Energy (a British oil firm) in the Dhlak block of the red sea in 2010. Defba Oil Share company (A joint venture between the Eritrean government and a Chinese group) also explored for energy off the coast of Massawa in the North of the country. there is no doubt that there is oil and gas in Eri. Eritrea is Rich it will be heaven in Africa. and when this oil and gas settled next thing will be Eritrea damming the red sea.!! :)

  6. Indeed, Very Good News bro.

  7. Alec,
    U read my mind--hahah.
    -You missed the $1 Trillion(seriously) with 200 yrs plus life time of the Bada and Culluli Potash and even the whole Denkalia--mark my is more than a blessing but --caution as it could be a Nigeria Style Curse too.
    -the Multi-billion dollar Tourism,Salt(the best NaCl-salt on Earth),Fishing(the best and untapped Fish)
    -The as of yet--undiscovered multi-billion Precious Mineral and Metal Mining--not just the Bisha or Asmera or Dibariwa Projects(the whole Asmera is sitting on massive minerals deposit--and we will move to a New Asmera soon--towards-Shebeq-Adi Ne-amin) way behind Paradizo area.
    -The multi-biilion Dolllar Geo-Thermal Wind Mill and the famous Red Sea Dam Clean Energy Resource--
    -And---the as of yet,untapped Huge Human Resources Potential literally from all over the world with diverse Techno-Scientific Expertise and Experience....
    -Massive Oil and Natural Gas deposit only in N Massawa!!!
    Are we ready for this blessing?
    Let us work hard for Unity in Diversity,Peace,National Reconciliation and Constitutional Governance and everything else will be easy--enhe meda,enhe feres...thing
    Source:Western Economic Intelligence Services.

  8. --But the gross estimate has been said to be more than that of Saudi Arabia and Qatar--In N Massawa

  9. Yegberlena! Wesuate ena.

  10. I know bro, nai kulatna elama slezkone eu we think the same. and we are totally ready for this blessing, cuz b'kulu tefetina ena ''Neq'' ka'a aybelnan kabta haqi sndeq elamana. and etom tselaeti ka'a nezi development eyom ferihom kab elamana kenqfuna harer z'blu zelewu.
    Awet N'hafash!!

  11. እልል፡እልል፡በላ፡አዋልድ!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. ተመስገን፡ተመስገን፡ተመስገን!!!!!!!

  13. Deki Eri stksm say stksm say stksm.....

  14. Deki Eri stksm say stksm say stksm......

  15. Man that night satellite photo of Eritrea is truly amazing.

  16. yes man. Truly Amazing.

  17. K' kewin yu...nimintay zey kewin! some part of the Eritrean opposition thinks it will never be Eritrea will never progress unless"we take over" that itself make me think you just flying from East to West just to bring Eritrea down and think you can do what is achieved here?
    Ere is slowly but surely heading towards her destiny ...the future is bright.......Deky Ere nitahaben Had kea nikun....hisum tselae keyegagiyena HADERA HADERA ...awet nihafash!

  18. As you can see from this satellite picture, it is evident the geology support the presence of oil. Look, we are located just across oil and gas reach countries. From this satellite pic, one can learn that the coastline's of Eritrea is shallow. Thus, oil and gas will be accessible and feasible for exploitation at commercial level.


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