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Layne Tadesse New EP

Layne Tadesse

NEW EP “For the Love” by LT truly an element of what makes a great sound.

By: Michael Seium

It was almost a year ago around Eritrean Independence Day celebrations when our own Eritrean Reggae musician Layne Tadesse, released his incredible album  “Victory To The Masses,” and to this day his songs have captivated many people around the world. His soothing voice and his ability to sync well with his beats be it reggae or Dance Hall or easy listening has only left a lasting impression on his work. Get excited if you are a music fan as LT known by his initials some time has come up with a new 5 song EP entitled “For The Love.” It is my pleasure to announce that Layne’s new release EP is a combination of Soul, Dance, and Hip-Hop all mixed with his signature Reggae vibe. The EP has 5 brilliant songs and with great messages. The two main hits “Let it burn” and “For the Love” are out of the ordinary and have excellent content as well as very beautiful and up beat positive vibes. “Let it burn” is a motivational song that was recently selected to be used in an upcoming feature movie that will be released in October 2015. It is full of energy. It can be used for sports, Nationalism, or any uniting factor that can energize people to work harder. Here is a link on VEVO where it has made its debut. Listen to it , click on it and support Layne at the same time.

Meanwhile the song “For the Love” is a song about African Unity. Coming from a son of ERITREAN Heritage, a nation whose passion for peace amongst Africa is endless, Layne tells of the coming together of Africa. Sort of like Bob Marley did in his “Survival” album. Layne uses a unique beat starting of with what may sound like an Eritrean instrument in the very beginning of the song.  Layne has once again outdone himself, as he sparks a renewed love for African people everywhere with this great tune. It’ll be inspiring to see this song being played everywhere as it sends out a strong message towards unity and peace across the continent of Africa and everywhere else. The songs on the EP include the following:

1.Ghetto Corner (Remix) Special version with a new beat.
2. Let it Burn
3. Rain
4. For The Love (feat. Keznamdi)
5. Take A Ride (feat. Jon Doe & Kia Lovejoy)

“For The Love” is currently available on iTunes. Hard copy CDs will be made available shortly according to information we have obtained. Please also stay tuned as information for a Kick Starter funding support to make a great visual representation of the song “For the Love”. Meanwhile LT and his band and his reps would like to thank you all for the support.
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Layne Tadesse New EP Reviewed by Admin on 1:08 AM Rating: 5


  1. I love Layne Tadesse..

  2. Go ! Layne bro. I am fun.i love the beat and style..

  3. Layne has everything Music, Lyrics, and good heart.
    Always listen to his songs.
    --would lobe to see him perform live --Let us know/where.

  4. ከመይ ኢልካ ክተሞግሶ ? ናይ ኣምሓርኛ ሽም ዘለዎ ሰብ እቲ ምንታይስ i know most Eritreans even hate the language Amharic let alone the people of Amhara................................. because your narrow mind.

  5. I still love Layne Tadesse and amharic language and Amhara people..Who are you to say most Eritreans? do you have any problem with this? get cool made in tigray diqa?


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