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Eritrean music Youtubers rank classified

By Yosief Abraham Z

Social Blade, an accredited YouTube consultation club, classified official ranks of various accounts that amplify Eritrean musical products. With LYE TV top list for uploading 497 videos and having 146, 322, 056 total views until Saturday, 20 January of 2018, Ella Entertainment Records is another forerunner in the track. Located its virtual office in Great Britain, Ella is in the race by uploading 361 videos, which in turn helped it to garner 91, 184, 788 total views.

Created their accounts on June 2nd and July 7th of 2014, both LYE TV and Ella Records have been awarded the ‘B’ category, an indication of collective influences in attracting high number of viewers and subscribers. With estimated earnings that range from $12,000 minimum and $197,000 maximum at yearly basis, Ella Records surpass LYE’s financial sheet for the former has collapsed the pillars of the latter with $27.1K - $433.4K estimated yearly earnings.

With its virtual office in the United States of America, Soyra Entertainment is also among the five YouTube channels that have gathered high views. By downloading 156 musical videos, Soyra Entertainment has appreciative number of subscribers and 25,936,102 total views. Based on this, YouTube ranked Soyra 72,107th rank globally for its video views. By estimating its annual highest earning as far as $41.2k, the report indicated of irregularities in uploading by Soyra as a reason for depleting its financial gain to low ebb—as of 2.6k per annum.

Social Blade also lists Waka Entertainment for having zero subscribers while the number of views is increasing dynamically. According to Social Blade of YouTube, Nebarit Hidomna is now in the way to ascendancy with 186 videos and over 25 million total views since the user channel account creation on October 13th of 2015. In tandem with this, Maico Entertainment and Mosobna are, however, still in the bottom ranks for they are challenged with continuous video productions supplies.

Nevertheless, it is known that there are continuous rumors from Eritrea on obscured transparency and probability of financial manipulations by various Youtubers from overseas countries.

Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist and current Executive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. You can contact him at

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