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The potency of novice Youtubers from Eritrea and time for rearticulating

Eritrean musicians Saed Berhanu and Robel Michael

The potency of novice Youtubers from Eritrea and time for rearticulating

By Yosief Abraham Z

One of the significant media stream powers we have witnessed from Eritrea in 2017 is the flow of non-interruptible musical productions to different expertise and novice channels on the web. With LYE TV profound lesson for the nation to implement supervising models thus to narrow commercial manipulations and other frauds, Eritrea has still been the source of musically overwhelmed art productions to the diaspora community.

Therefore, as if it is a new brand, novice Youtubers are chasing after new and profound musicians and has left blocked hole for series media productions. With recently launched and ‘Semai’ christened YouTube account, 14 channels have been, directly and indirectly, engaging in amplifying musical productions by the youth. Taking into account the possibilities to enhance the country’s image in tourism, culture, art, diplomacy and social life, it is now the time to engage in curing the novice Youtubers chase after singers as if there are no other options.

Even as Youtubers would be responsible if they violated any Eritrea’s civil and penal code of 2015 regarding copyright infringements, producers from the country expect to supervise their productions content and their affiliations toward positive legacies of the society. In a nation where values are pillars, any production that attempts to shamble the image of Eritrean society is not tolerable.

As dressing mode of the society, his culinary profiles and national substances have been part of the tangible modesty of the Eritrean society, novice Youtubers expect to use the freedom they have from Eritrea as provocation for ethical and legal acts. Even in time when those who have been anti-Eritreans are started to be supplied with portion of their compositions and productions from Eritrea is not because we do not know. In fact, it is to give the Youtubers a free platform thus to help them to remain responsible, matured and guarantors of legal codes.

While calling on concerned Eritreans to escalate the power of stream media in reflecting series contents on Eritrea, it is time to reconsider why we have not been victorious in echoing Eritreans right voices through YouTube and other streams that would deliberate about Eritrea in documentary forms, critical interviews, through broadcast on our current national agendas and other progresses.

It is known that Waka, Hidmona Nebarit, Ella Records, LYE TV, Semai and the recently coming Rora Super Hits, fully depend on artists from Eritrea for running their channels. And the trepidation is there when a few irresponsible Youtubers are using their freedom to accommodate illegal works as they are only inspired by the commercial motives. HorMid therefore asserts its readiness to engage with the responsible quarters on series media stream works that abandons musical quagmires in the year of 2018. And forms for volunteers will be dispatched through Madote in recent weeks.


Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist and Executive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. You can contact him at

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