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One Page from Beyene’s Haile ‘Tsbit Bahgu’: Reflections for Remediating Commenting Norms

One Page from Beyene’s Haile ‘Tsbit Bahgu’: Reflections for Remediating Commenting Norms

By Yosief Abraham Z

If it is from my empirical experience, significant matters create the sense of ‘would that be possible’ to the psych of human being; effortlessly, it is easy to claim ‘my livelihood’ than ‘nation;’ It is easy to elaborate ‘this’ than ‘the society.’ And this is not because human-beings are not discerning of the tremendous pillars. But by prioritizing the daily life, he avoids the vital historical missions.” (Tsbit Bahgu, p.6)

Almost after six years after witnessing his obituary on 29 June of 2011, Beyene Haile is one of the most appreciated, critiqued, ultra-acclaimed and yet, he is the author of—to majority--easily incomprehensible two books in Eritrea: Dquan Teberih and Tsbit Bahgu. In his final book—Tsbit Bahgu—the 1941 born author raises known affairs in undiscovered perspectives. He has embraced his philosophies on Eritrea, the power of the society, the relentless enemies’ efforts to darken the lights of innocence of Eritreans and, over that, the confrontation between Eritrea and the dynamic social transition.

Discerned of those ‘experts on Eritrea,’ the author remark assures “Though they haven’t their owned established philosophies, deeply-rooted and multi-folded knowledge, they are ‘analyzing’ affairs of the nation and the people in defying stance.” Therefore, this author who leaped up Eritrea’s theatrical performance through his ‘WegEi Libi (Heart-to-Heart) drama us in 2008, also takes us to what are really impressing in comparison with the most important issues.

R.I.P. Beyene Haile - 1941-2012. Credit:
They like hearsays, articles that usher daily incidents than those of life and its deep philosophies; and yet, they haven’t discerned that they are deliberating of their nudity when they are ‘clarifying’ on issues they hadn’t took part,” Beyene Haile adds. This author who was waging trilateral art battles—of the literary world, art management and painting—has still not back warded from expressing his uneasiness on possible repercussions of ‘experts’ on Eritrea and Eritreans.

But they haven’t the potency to comprehend the repercussions—impacts—of their ignorance. Still they do not comprehended that their temporary success, their absurd victory, will completely destroyed after it has darkened, devastated the pure vision of men.

Therefore, we are now passing through the narrowest path thus to define Eritreanism in its untainted complications. Now, the struggle has been between four ‘Eritrea’s stature:’ the real Eritrea, the opponents painted Eritrea, the other Eritrea that is defined by the skewed overseas countries policies and the future Eritrea. And amid this juncture, books by Beyene Haile, historian Alemseghed Tesfay and others are there for unbounded deliberations for reshaping our analyzing and commenting ways on issues of Eritreans and their nation.

Source: ትጽቢት ባህጉ፣ ገጽ 6 ብበየነ ሃይለ

Yosief Abraham Z is a freelance journalist and Executive Director of HorMid Media and Art Center. You can contact him at

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