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Photos of my trip to Eritrea


My name is Natnael. This past summer I've had the chance of visiting Eritrea. Having been born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, I am very fortunate to have visited Eritrea on four separate occasions. During my trips back home, I've come to appreciate Eritrea as a loving, hard working, resilient, and prosperous young nation. I created a photoblog of my trip where I've organized photos according to Meryetna and Deki Erey (Our Land and Children Of Eritrea). I created this blog with the intentions of showing people who haven't been able to visit what Eritrea is like. My photoblog is optimized for viewing on desktop/laptop.

For more of Natnael's photos, visit here and here

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Photos of my trip to Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 4:22 PM Rating: 5


  1. Well done kiddo, well done !

  2. Bravo Natu...well done. The country belongs to young generations like. Contribute with whatever you can for the betterment of your country & you people. Good luck.

  3. Good boy! Thanks for informing us who are longing to visit our beloved country and people.
    Keep it up!

  4. We need more and more of it.

    ORIGINAL ONES (unworked, untreated, in its original state etc.)


  5. I've checked out all the pictures on your link. Great job, Nat! You should consider professional photography work :-)

  6. Thanks Natnael for sharing that amazing pictures

  7. Very nice pics! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Eritrea. Your trips to Eritrea will always stay with you. And spread the word among young Eritreans in your city. Next time you go, take more people with you.

  8. Take me back in time, take me back to my MEREB BETAI, and show me the beauty of my people and my country. You sure took back home to appreciate what I got; I confess I left before I knew what I got.

    Today Easter, thanks for making us Eritreans, both Christians and Moslems, celebrate Easter by taking us back home.

    And Happy Easter to all Eritreans!

  9. Human Right shouldn't waste their time in an effort to hoodwink or derail Eritrea. It didn't work yesterday, Won't work tomorrow.

  10. Thank you for all your comments. I greatly appreciate all of them!

  11. Natu proud of you, great job


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