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Human Right: The Prefered Weapon of Destabilization Against Eritrea

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Human Right: Weapon of Destabilization

By Berhane Woldu

The United Nations has different branches that govern nations; the Security Council is the power house of the organization with primary responsibility to maintain international peace and security. The Council has 15 members; 5 permanent members with great Power unanimity; they are China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and United States. The Five Great powers can declare war, impose economic sanctions, negate admission of new members, appoint Secretary-General, and elect judges to the International Court of justice and exercise trusteeship function of the United Nations. The 5 permanent members are the Imperial Monarch of the United Nations; democracy in its abstract form.

The division that the UN is most proud of is the Human Rights section which supposedly provides universal and internationally protected code of human rights. A broad range internationally accepted rights; economic, social, cultural as well as civil and political rights. One of the achievements of the United Nations is the creation of Human Rights Law inclusive of economic, social, cultural as well as political and civil rights.

UN human rights commission is once again screaming foul unfoundedly. Eritrea’s record in its respect of Human Rights Law inclusive of economic and social rights is of good standing. Owning your residence and free land to farm at your birth village is not a privilege but your national right , women’s right, the right to work and social protection adequate standard of living, free education, health and social services are all rights valued in Eritrea. The fundamental rights and the dignity and worth of the person are cherished. The rights to education, cultural freedom, the right to trade without distinction as to nationality, sex, religion or language are equally respected. The right to petition is prized and Death penalty is abolished. Freedom of association, participation in public affairs and elections in the local governments are attained. Some people argue that there is no national election and democracy; without taking into account that the nation is in no war no peace situation. National institutions to facilitate and convey us to a national election are being formed. Hence with time predicament of national election will be resolved.

Human rights groups who campaign against violations of political rights often ignore the economic and social rights which are the prerequisite for political rights. Eritrea has historically been a nation of close knit society that has fought its colonizers in unison and is now working hand in hand to develop the nation. Issues that are misleadingly brought up as a violation of human rights are National Service and Religious freedom. In Eritrea there are churches, mosques and a synagogue, everyone has the right to worship A God of their choices. All religious institution has to abide by law. The religious law does not allow retail religions’ that are practiced in individual homes by uneducated “fast tong” sells people who haven’t acquired certification. National service was a one year and half program to serve in the national development program. In 1998 due to Ethiopia’s aggression; mobilization of the populations was needed to defend the country, as it’s the duty of the citizens to come collectively and foil the invasion. It was continued for some years for national development purpose and to ascertain the capability of the nation to defend its borders. Presently national service is back to one year and half; modest as it may be people have salaries.  Eritrea is a nation that labored, sacrificed its youth to the betterment of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights. Right is based on law from real laws come real rights, from imaginary laws fancied and invented by great powers are invented rights. Quislings and stooges have twisted; lied recounted the issue of national service for disinformation and propaganda with their imaginary law and self rightness.

If we look around our world we can find countries that have most awful records on human rights yet have not been labeled as such. The streets of Bombay, Lagos, Nairobi, and Addis Ababa are cities that you find millions of their citizens sleeping on the street neglected of their economic rights. Many of the urban cities of Africa are known for their street children and teenage prostitute in violation of their basic natural rights. Racial discrimination is rampant in Europe and young black kids are gunned down on the street of America. Women are paid less than men and in some countries women are not allowed to drive cars. The Syrians, Iraqis and Libyans who are dying in millions have no protection and human dignity the UN human rights laws are abstract; not applicable.  People have certain natural and irreversible rights; that all human have the rights to health, food, employment and equal distribution of national wealth. Is that the case in the developing countries?

Eritrea has professional army, navy, air force and Special Forces. In addition, Eritrea has people’s army (Hezbawe Serawite) trained and ready to defend their national interest. It should be of no surprise to anyone that Eritrea is a nation with well trained army and it will continue as such because it is part and the essence of being an Eritrean. Quislings and stooges; who haven’t studied Eritrea’s history, never visited or who have been absent for more than 15 years, are professing themselves as experts claiming that the military service is never ending, there are no religious freedom. The truth of the matter is the facts on the ground; known to UN human rights commission that have turned a blind eye.

Eritrea is marching towards securing a better living standard for its nationals. Its development in food security, education, health, electrification, clean water, and infrastructure are some of the achievements. Eritrea will ensue with its independent political path and self reliance will not scum to the interest of multinational cooperation and neocolonial powers. The Security Council has failed Eritrea after WW II, and again in this century unable to enforce an agreement that it is part of; namely the border demarcation between Eritrea and Ethiopia where the Ethiopian government is in violation of International law. The Human right violation echoed in the UN Human Right Commission is self serving narratives collected from stooges and quislings with no substance. Eritrean People’s Liberation Front and the Government since inception have made Human Right the pillar of their political principles.
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Human Right: The Prefered Weapon of Destabilization Against Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 2:37 AM Rating: 5


  1. I can not agree more, eloquently summarised!

  2. The so-called UN is controlled by the united snakes of america!!!!!!
    The world would have been better without un!!!!!!

  3. O my God this person (the writer) must be the adviser of his own new imaginary World than the present World we live in, and he is boasting as if the whole World is nothing but only his isolated land from the real World is right. You all baboons need to get medical help or TSEBEL from the real World.

  4. Genocides in EthiopiaApril 12, 2015 at 9:02 AM

    The issue of human rights as it relates to Eritrea is Bulls&#%. There are real human rights violations around the world but not in Eritrea. If they want to investigate real human rights abuses, they should go to Ethiopia and investigate the various genocides that are taking place by Weyane in different kilils.

  5. The UN idealism is if u can't control them make them suffer. human rights abuses ma foot....why don't they go to Saudi-Arabia, Ethiopia... and killing African Americans in the on...

  6. Thanks Berhane, for the clear analysis about our Country and and the right we are missing from the "un-united nations", one day truth will come and nobody can stop it, as for us (Eritreans) are used to be abused as in the 1950ies 1960ies and RESIST until the end,
    our victory is certain..
    zel-alemawi zekri ne Sewuatna.
    Awet Ne Hafash.

  7. Human Right shouldn't waste their time in an effort to hoodwink or derail Eritrea. It didn't work yesterday, won't work tomorrow or ever.

  8. Eritrea never fought its colonizers, but Eritrean fought its freedom for slavery. Don't lie by saying Eritrea was colonized by Ethiopia rather Eritrea was part of Ethiopia. Eritrea just like any of the provinces in the country had civic issues that the current leaders exploited to put back Eritrea in slavery just like during the Italian period in Eritrea. All Eritreans had equal access to education, health care, political participation, and to all civilian services just like any other Ethiopian. Eritrea was under colony by Italy that Eritrea never fought to free itself. Thanks god, we leave in the same era where all these things took place otherwise all false assertions put by your government about Eritrea could have been part of history. Don't build your history on false ground because history was unkind for those who did.

  9. There are human right violations in India, Ethiopia, Pakistan, and some other places. You can see there is human right violations because citizens go out and fight for their rights and get killed, exposing their government's human right violation. You compare those human right activities in those countries to Eritrea and you are telling us there is no any kind of killing or any kind of demonstration in Eritrea. This is the dumbest argument I ever heard. In Eritrea people are dominated by force and silenced by gone so that they can't even have the power the will to go out and fight for their rights. Some tried a while back and this people are back in jail. The Eritrean people are powerless. They don't even have the gut to go out and demonstrate at any cost for freedom. Don't tells Eritrea is quite because people are free to do what they want to do and their social and human right needs are met. Give me break!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Why do you lie to yourself? You saying Eritrea was never colonised by Ethiopia and was part of Ethiopia and at the same breath you are saying Eritrea was colonised by Italians and never fought to free itself.....contradiction...and twisting history what purpose? regardless of what you think you know and believe the facts remain the same.."all false assertions..." so the truth is with your government? what are you smoking?

  11. So twisting everything hmmm, well no surprise here. anywho...

    Eritrea was never! a part of Ethiopia; however it was illegally federated with Ethiopia in 1952 by the super powers during the end of the colonial era in Africa.

    Eritreans was forced to flee, killed or imprisoned by that monster-Haile Selassie and again fallowed by that Adgi monster mengistu haile mariam. and we waged war to take back our land/country of "Mdre-Bahri"/ERITREA back from u crazy people.

    Its b/c of the US geo-political interest the UN federated ERITREA with Ethiopia against the wishes of the Eritrean people, Eritrea was federated to Ethiopia in 1952. and that in effect marked the start of the liberation struggle.

    John Foster Dulles, U.S. Secretary of State during D. Eisenhauer presidency declared:
    “From the point of justice the Eritrean people’s point of view must be considered. Nevertheless, the strategic interests of the United States in the Red Sea Basin and world peace make it necessary that the country be linked with our ally, Ethiopia.”

    "The subtle way the West pulled Eritrea’s annexation left Eritreans empty handed without a country, under primitive tyranny of Ethiopia’s pseudo monarchy. In a flash, they defeated the surrendering Italian army led by British troops into Asmara Palace and not long-after, British soldiers and the US escorted Emperor Haile Selassie into Asmara with his wife and handed him a nation without having to lift a finger. Great Britain’s recently declassified World War II videos show this transaction clearly."

    So, Ety...No matter what Eritrea will NEVER!! be with Ethiopia.

  12. Oh and about that history thing u trying so hard to twist..... .......

    Eritrea's history took long time to be heard b/c of colonization, but now its been heard and its amazing. everything is falling to its place.

    thanks to Shaebia! the Saviour of "Mdre-Bahri"/ERITREA and its history, Eritrea history is resurrected from the ashes like the Phoenix. history like the kingdoms... Land of Punt, Kingdom of D'mt, Medri Bahri, Aussa Sultanate, Ancient Gash Group, the list go and on....

    When ur enemies trying to destroy u, first they delete ur history and get the glory for them selves. u know like the Arabs/whites did to Egypt. the same thing happen to Eritrea by u people.

  13. Eritrean never shot a single bullet against Italy. I knew it you knew, the whole world knew.Thank god you guys are not the historian of the world big events, like the world wars, which Eritrea was part of. You
    know I am telling the truth but nothing but the truth. Eritrea never colonized by Ethiopia. Of course the Eritrean rebel group fought the Ethiopian central government for independence; this is not something that happened a long time a go to talk about it as history. It is not even one generation old. South
    Sudanese people fought for independence but they were not colonized by north, a lot of eastern European countries become independent from Russia but they were not colonized. You guy just want the word colonized to be part of your history as if being a good stigma. During the referendum EPLF told the people to choice between slavery and freedom, now the coming Eritrean generation has to deal with slavery stigma attached to their history for ever because of the language they used in that time. I think it is a good thing to call thing what they are with going in the history book as colonized or slave attached to your history. These words are very bad stigma that once a generation is defined by it the negative impacts of these words are inerasable. I think Eritrea never colonized by Ethiopia but if you insist you win, and keep the words colonized, slaved to define you. I don’t have a problem with that but I was just trying to be historically and politically correct.

  14. Never,, what ever helps u sleep at night.

    Like i said--- Eritrea's history took long time to be heard b/c of colonization. yes our independence history is one generation old. But our Ancient history is old, matter of fact its older than u thing. its u people so hard trying to destroy our history, but u lost thank GOD to Shaebia.

    What is ur point here? u keep going back to the past and say this and that. why not talk about ur selves, what u become today. look at Ethiopia today its been the slave of the west just for food handouts, people dyeing everywhere like flies and here u are talking about the past. but u have to know this, we Eritreans we will not be Ethiopia, it's like asking a fish to live without water. like it or not, it's not going to happen. we don't want to do anything with u people. b/c its u that keep poking us,.and remember those who poke the lion end up bloody. and if u play with fire u will get burn. and we will make sure Ethiopia will be fragmented.

  15. I don't know what your government does to you guys in SAWA, brain washed, deprogramed, reprogramed. I don’t what to say. You are so incoherent. You said Eritrea is colonized. I said ok you can have your way but warned you the stigma that is going to come with it for generation. You said we fought the colonizers I agreed to let you have what you wshing for. Now your back and talk about Ethiopia being colonized this and that. I couldn’t follow your logic at all. By the way all papers and news reporting I read so for referees Ethiopia and Eritrea relationship as Eritrea being part of the Ethiopian administration. I don’t want to call you colonized and slaved because these stigmas are very degrading and once that label is used to define a society, I knew from American history how hard it is for people defined by it to lead a normal life. You took my comment as if I am defending Ethiopia, but the words are not the right word to use for Eritrean people situation In the past. I gave you some examples of people around the globe that had similar situation but they don’t call themselves slave or colonized. I don’t understand what your problem is.

  16. Rlax bro. I don't want you to be Ethiopan, you had your chance and you blew it up. We are better of with out you guys. You are right fish can't live with out water and Eritrea can't live with out Ethiopia that is why thousands are dying and millions are living the country. If you want to understan waht I mean, come and see how monay Eritreans are in Tigray today.

  17. "you had your chance and you blew it up." u say...hahahaha...oh men talk about flattering ur self LOL...

    We pay a havey price to librate ourselves, so saying "you had your chance and you blew it up" pretty stupid.

    Eritrea can't live with out Ethiopia. u say LOL it's the other way around BRO...

    come and see how many Eritreans are in Tigray today. u say...well thoes Eritreans are just passing through, like transit and u know like ur people liven in Yemen,Saudi-Arebia did that mean ur people want to be Arabs.

    Like the Amiche u deported b/c they are Full-Eritreans they got deported by tigray. So like i said don't twist it BRO, Rlax.

  18. You don't need an excuse to be violated. If there is no human rights violation in Eritrea, tell me why there are so many people are in prison, tell my why a lot of people are fleeing the country, tell me why there is no universities but SAWA camp only, tell me why the constitution is not enacted, tell me why for God sake what are you talking about. You are one of those loser, gut less individuals who are afraid of to say the truth to save your cheap ass from not to be thrown into prison by this ruthless dictator.

  19. tell me why there are so many people are in prison = for sure they've committed some crimes.

    tell my why a lot of people are fleeing the country = For obvious reason because they believe by fleeing their country and going to the west, they'll have a better life

    tell me why there is no universities but SAWA camp only = In SAWA we can accomodate more students that the old Asmara University

    tell me why the constitution is not enacted = when the time is ripe and when we ERITREANS decide it's time, then it'll. We don't need a garbage like, coming from nowhere to question. It's purely ERITREANS issue...please back off.

    tell me why for God sake what are you talking about = If you can't read and understand what he's talking, then you better shut-up. Or maybe you want to deny or cover-up the existing Human Rights violation in Ethiopia. No way my's too much exposed that, though the UN, US and the EU have closed their eyes and ears, the Ethiopians, the owners of the land ( Ethiopia) have risen and soon, very soon we'll see the demise of your WOYANE.

  20. Teawet...Teawet Cane libero...Awetna gdn iyu Fetari/Jesu hizna.

  21. Ata Agame, if it's true what you're saying, where was then your galant ethiopian army to defend one of it's provinces from the Italian occupation, if indeed Eritrea was part of your Ethiopia????

  22. Their favorite...KATIKALA...What else Berhin...

  23. Thanks to SHAEBIA,(your masters) in particular and Eritreans in general, we don't need to be historians of the world....but let me assure, in today's world even a 2-years kid knows the history of his Eritrea.

  24. እንታይ ኴንካ ኢኻ ንዮን ነጆን እንናዕለበጥካ ፍርንጭት ሰብ ተሕብጥ ዘለኻ? _ _ ሓሳድ እወ ሓሳድ!

    እዚ "ሕዚ " ዝህበካ መልሲ ብመሰረቱ ኣብ ልዕሊ ብዋርስይ Alec you ኣለሽ ንዝበልካሉ (ትሕት ኢሉ ዝርከብ) "ንዝንዝካ" ዝምልከት´ዩ።

    ኣይተ Erty ዲግሪ ደድቢት ልጨበጡ ስለ ልዀኑ፣ ኹሉ ጋንታት ዕስቦ መጫፍርቶም ላብኦም ተዛዊሩ እዩ፤ ጨቓዊት
    ጋንታ ማ.ሌ.ሊ.ት. ተዘሪዐን ስለ ልዀና ተዓቢሰን ኣጽቂጠን ሃጢመን እየን ዘለዋ።

    እቱይ ልድኻታት ህዝቢ እስጦብያ እትኮብ ልነበረ መዐንገሊ ጥሙያንን ዕሩቓንን፣ ንጎይቶትን ፈርንጂ እውን እናኣረብረበ ብነብሱ ይዓብር ብምጽንሑ´ማ፣ እቱይ ብወገነይ ወገንካ ዝምንዛዕ ተረፍ መርፍ መቕለት ክሳብ ዝጽንቀቕ፣ ከስዓት በዓል Erty ከጽምሙና ክሓግዩ ድም እዮም።

    [ በናትህ nicknameህን "በኣክሱማ ማርያም ፅፅፅዮን" ስልህ! ወደ Weyaniew0011 ቀይረው። ]

    በል እስከ "አ"ቶ Erty ኣብ ኾሌጅ ደደቢት ኣይግደን? ማለት ሕማቕ ተመሃራይ ኢኻ ኔርካ መስለኒ? ወያኔ _
    _ በመግዛትነት ኤርትራ ኣሚኑ እንተ ዘይነብር ድኣ፣ ኣይኮነን
    ቤተ- መንግስቲ ምለሊኽ ክትርእይዋ፣ ፈለኽ ´ውን ኣይምበልክንን፤ _ _ ባይ ዘዌይ
    ሞሊቕካ´ዩ እምበር ቁርቡስ ሓቂ ኣለካ፣ እስጦብያ ብእስጦብያኣስ ነብሳ ኺእላ ቀጥታዊ ገዛኢት ክትከውን ዓቕሚ ኣይነበራን፣ እንታይደኣ ባዕላ ዘይቀጥታዊ ግዝእቲ እንከንሳ ተለኣኣኺት ሕድሽ መግዛእቲ ኮይና፣ ንኤርትራና ተሕልቓ ደኣ ነበረት። ሕዚ ሕዚ እውን ንባዕልኹም ግዙኣት ኢኹም ዘለኹም፣ ዓቕሚ ስኢንኩምን ኹሉ ከይኣክል፣ ኣብ ሶማል፣ ደቡብ ሱዳን ክልእን ተካይድዎ ዘልኹም ዕንደራታት ድላይካ ተርሚኖሎጂ

    ከም ብዕሪር ሕይኽ ውዓል፣ "ዘይቀጥታዊ መግዛእቲ" ንብሎ ብትግርኛና፤ ነቶም ከምዚ ከማኻ ትግርኛ ዝእግሞም ድማ በቲ ቀንዲ ቋንቋኹም "በእጅ አዙር ቀኝ ግዛት" ይብልዎ።

    "ታሪኽ" እናልካ ድማ ሰብ ኣይተጽምም፣ ታሪኽ "ክብረ-ነገስት" ድዩ´ቲ ሓቀንያ ታሪኽካ?
    ግደፎ´ሞ ታሪኽ ኤርትራ፣ _ _ እቲ "ሊቀ- ሊቃውንቲ" ኣጠሚቕኩም ኣብ መቓብሩ´ውን
    ትሰግዱሉ ዘለኹም፣ ( CIA ኣርባዕተ እግሩ ንሰማይ ዘስቀሉልኩም፣ ሃዳሚ፣ ከዳዕ፣
    ጠላሚ ኪዳን ወዘተ.) "ተግዳላይ" ነበር፣ ሃጸይ ለገሰ፣ ዓው ኢሉ ደይኮነን ታሪኽ ኢጦብያ ካብ 150 (?) ዓመታት ኣይሓልፍን´ዩ ዝብል ዝነበረ፤ እንተድለየካ ቪድዮታት ሃሰውስው ክንብለልካ ንኽእል ኢና። ሰብኣይ´ንተዄንካ፣ ስብከት ዘይምሁራን ቀሳውስት ብዝመስል ዓጀውጀው ክተኹድድ ካብ´ትውዕል፣ ነዛ ሕጂ ኣብ ጆግራፊ ተሳኢላ ንርእያ ኢትዮጵያ
    ብዝምልከት ብኣሰማምያኣ ዀነ ቅርጻ፣ ካብ ኤርትራ ዝነውሕ ዕምሪ ዝህባ ጭብጢ ኣቕርብ´ሞ መጕት።

    ሎሚ እዚ ጽባሕ እቲ ዘብለኩም ነፈሒቶነትኩም፣ በበሓጎታትና " ልብ ትግራይ!
    " ተባሂሉ ስለ ዝተሸኽለ ዝቕየር ኣይመስልን ዘሎ´ሞ፣ መናብርትና ኰይኑ´ዩ።

    [ያለዝያ!!!] _ _ ኣደብ ጌርካ ክትነብር እንተ ዘይደሊኻ፣

    ወናማት ደቂ ኤረ ኣብ ዝዛተዩለን "ፎረማት"፣ ብቕንያቱ ኣጥኒና ብምድርጋም ተዕበድብደካ
    ዘላ ሕማምካ ፈልጥናያ ኣለና፤ "ጉዳይ ግድብ አባይ" እያ፣ ከም ገለ ተሸፋፊና ክትቅኒ ንምኽዋላ፤ _ _ ቅጭ እንተ ምጺኻለይ ግና _ _ ነቲ ውዕል ካብ እንግሊዝኛ ኣብ ኣምሕርኛ ኣብ ምትርጓሙ ተጌሩ ንዘሎ ምጭብርባር ጥራሕ´ኳ፣ _ _ ነዚ ካልኣይ
    ውዕል "ውጫሌ"
    ክበሃል ዝኽእል ቅጥፈትኩም ብሕብራዊ ቐለምን ዓይኒ ብዘንቁር ገዘፍቲ ፊደላትን ገረ ብምሽንጓግ ከላድደካ´የ።

    ዳርጋ ከማኻ ሐደ ዓቕሊ ኣጽቢቡ ዘሎ ወደል ነፍጠኛ ድማ ኣሎ (ገለ ስንድው ተብሉሉ እዩ ዝመስል?)፣ _ _ ሎም ግዳስ ከይነንውሓና!! ንግደፎ።

    ካፒቺ ዶ? _ _ KKKK ኣያ ሃዝራጥ ወያኔ!! _ _ ክሳብ ሎሚ መበል 21ክፍለ-ዘበን፣ዋላ "ሽዕርያ" ከይተረፈ ብዘይ ፋርኬታ ትበልዑ ትህልዉ ኢኹም?

    [ ኣንተንም ጨምሮ እንኳን ጾመ ልጓሙን ፈታላችሁ፣ ኣንተ ግን በሰው ደም እየፈሰክ ነው ፣ ኣይደለም እንድዴ? ]

  25. We tried but you guys started fighting us with the Italians after they fed you spaghetti and thought you how to use fork.

  26. 2-year old kids knows the history of Eritrea, I bet, you fed the kid the history by a spoon

  27. Grasie Sahle hawey..Awetna emo nay geden iyu..iti hawahu fulut iyu..

  28. You are so frustrated that, you go back to the past just to feel something. even though alec slapped you with hard fact, you can't take the hard fact on the ground. kkkkk
    like Alec said agame, your past will never save your weyane from the coming civil war. just be quite and see yourselves in this moment, ethiopia is the slave of the white man in 21st century.

  29. ኣብ ኩናት ዝወዓለApril 13, 2015 at 5:00 PM

    ህም! The situation on the ground could and only be repersented and analyzed by those currently living there,not by ur biased article.
    As far as i know, it is true that there are many schools have been built,sadly such goes to prisons,torture and check points.
    Citizens are not given any credit in their homeland.
    There is no Law!
    Only the authorites do impose whatever punishmemt they wish capital,life-time imprisonment or whatever.

  30. I rather be an agame than a colonized slave of Eritrean. You think calling people agame has a shocking value? Think again.

  31. We are talking about here history, that is I am going back to show you, you are not who you are you think. Nothing is far from the truth. You think somehow building a false image can save your day.

  32. What ever komal agame.


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