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Eritrea trade with COMESA set to rise

By Comesa

The stage has been set for a rise in COMESA trade with Eritrea following a successful capacity building programme that presented to stakeholders, the opportunities prevalent in the region for Eritrean firms.

The training which served as an eye opener for business stakeholders in the country was conducted in Asmara last month by a team from the Secretariat comprising Tasara Muzorori, Senior Trade Officer; Zerezghi Kidane, Senior Customs Affairs Officer; Helen Kenani, Trade Policy Expert; and Anthony Walakira, ADP Eurotrace Expert.

The training focused on enhancing the knowledge of Eritrean stakeholders on COMESA Rules of Origin and elimination mechanism of Non-Tariff Barriers. It also covered customs cooperation and trade facilitation, identifying sensitive products, as well as liberalization of Trade in Services, and developments on the Tripartite Free Trade Area (TFTA) negotiation process.

Participants that were drawn from the Eritrean private and public sector acknowledged that their trade with COMESA Member States was not optimal partly due to insufficient understanding of the regional market.

“Most of our exports are destined to European countries, but now we shall consider the regional market especially for salt which Eritrea used to export to Uganda and other COMESA member States”, they said.

Eritrea was among the first countries to reduce tariffs for intra-COMESA trade by 80% in 1998 and this percentage still holds to date. According to the Director of Foreign Trade in the Ministry of Trade and Industry Mrs Zeferwork Fesahaye Desta, the training programme would contribute to better understanding among the stakeholders of COMESA programmes including facilitation of the joining by Eritrea to the Free Trade Area (FTA). She was addressing the participants during the opening of the training.

Participants sought clarification on the best practices on the administration of the COMESA Certificates of Origin. The COMESA team clarified that in most of the COMESA Member States, the national revenue authorities were the Designated Issuing Authorities (DIA) to issue the certificates owing to their technical know-how and competencies. In the case of Eritrea, the Eritrean National Chamber of Commerce (ENCCI) is currently the DIA for COMESA Certificates of Origin.

The Eritrean Private Sector representatives recommended that a similar capacity training workshop should be organized for the larger private sector which have limited knowledge on what COMESA has to offer for Eritrea.
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Eritrea trade with COMESA set to rise Reviewed by Admin on 12:34 PM Rating: 5


  1. What have Eritrea to export other than refugees? oh i forget you have gold before but now it is history. So comesa is useless for Eritrea.

  2. Komal agame hessedena natna elkum hezkumo

  3. My god why are you this bad? did an Eritrean killed your family? ate your lumch? you know nothing beside envy...envy= hate and this is know how we are.... we are born entrepreneurs....we are also reach in resources such as potash and other metals such as copper silver ..and you know what else? hidro carbon and abonded fish and seaasea minirals ..thats right from the red eat shit and die only you and the.likes of you though not the poor tugrai populous.

  4. Agame are known for envying (we call it mehesad) in the region, gen budda kem zefelet, be alif iyu zetefeh, hegi kea nay weyane me erab tsehay keriba iya..

  5. Exporting human Organs & hungry refugees? haha you guys are funny, miskin souls .. RIP Ere

  6. Deki Ere, we told them we have what it takes to build a nation. We have the gold, copper, zinc, and potash. To this add the "salt" in to the equation. With hardworking, creative, technically sophisticated Eritreans in charge, the sky is the limit where Eritrea shall be come morning.

    Please add the "WHITE GOLD" (salt) to the list of " export commodity" of Eritrea.

    Deki Ere, stay on course for the Promised Land is just around the corner!

  7. Just fantastic. Eritrea is building a platform as a manufacturing hub. I also believe farming can become another massive potential. The dams sure did help but I wonder irrigation system from water coming from the red sea can also grow crops.

  8. Yes, Eritrea and Eritreans got to reach out and enrich the market around us in spite of the Weyane attempting to create a myriad of problems. What is in the Weyane mind that makes them jealous, very envious about Eritrea? Why they don't try to copy the Eritrean workmanship and start living by the sweat of their brow rather than the disgraceful alms they expect from foreigners east and west!

  9. Temesgen! Yebel ....yebele ....yebel

  10. do you know Ethiopia is selected for the president of COMESA.

  11. Yes bro. I´d add fish export as well.

  12. Eritrea Sudan Power Interconnector

    Category: Attached to Article: COMESA High Level Infrastructure Investment Conference

    Eritrea Sudan Power Interconnector (Filename: Eritrea Sudan Power Interconnector.pdf)

  13. Ethiopia will take the chairmanship of COMESA this year, so expect Eritrea to keep on playing an irrelevant role just like in IGAD and AU. Apart from that Eritrea is simply to small and insignificant to play a relevant role in COMESA. It has closed borders with two of it's three neighbors and has an economy that doesn't produce anything that the other countries are interested in (only remittances from the diaspora and mining). It has no electricity it can export to neighbors, no high end goods it's non-existent factories are producing, no military industry that regional countries could purchase weapons from, no services that it's few companies provide due to a highly skilled labor force, no tourism sector that would attract people from the region. Nothing that makes the economy of Eritrea relevant for others.

  14. Ye agame neger ygermal eko!!! What are u gaining if Eritrea collapsed or prospered?
    Don't you give up envy and jealousy. Eway tekal gorebet,
    The other day in the meeting of esat an Ethiopian said "we would rather if possible cut off the tigray region and send it somewhere else and connect with our Eritrean brothers through affar and wello regions."
    Now I know what he meant.
    We should find other description than "libido tigray" to describe these filthy creatures.for the coming generations to identify them with.
    Should we call them "buda zer"?.

  15. guest well you are a "buda zer" and a chameleon who changes it colour at will so you are deceiving people by the way are you from a family that practices weslatanet, must be father weslata mother weslata lij weslata!!!

  16. and u are from ethiopia which is a failed and aid addicted state.
    kondaf agame

  17. It is the "Yellow Gold" of Bisha, Zara, and Asmara that will shine for all to see. And then it is the other "Yellow Gold", Eritrean Potash, that will help countries like China, India, and Indonesia feed their people. And mow here come the "White Gold" (salt) to help feed both the people and domestic animals of African countries. What else? Sorry I forgot, here is the Eritrean "Blue Gold" (fish) to help feed the Middle East and Far East.

    "Yellow Gold", "White Gold", and "Blue Gold" and that is the Eritrean blessing. Do not forget at the center of these Eritrean blessing, it is the hard working, creative, and technically to advanced Eritreans in control of their destiny. Never and ever forget that!.

  18. water coming from the red sea can also grow crops. oohh pleaseeee !!!! so what kind of crop grows in alkalinity??? or have u thought of how economic it z to desalinate the sea water ??? i have been to dubai and am very much surprised how dead salt the sea is. there is no freshness in it,


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