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Ethiopian Air Force Did Not Bomb Bisha Mine: Senior Eritrean Officials - Latest Pictures of Bisha Mine

Aklilu Asmerom, an employee at the Bisha mine, took photos from the mine yesterday to visually show everything is business as usual, and to dispel wild rumors that the mine was bombed by the Ethiopian Air Force. (Photo Credit: Aklilu Asmerom)

Yesterday, Bronwyn Bruton, who just got back from a research trip to Eritrea where she had spoken with senior Eritrean officials, tweeted rumors of Ethiopian Air Force bombing Bisha mine are not true. She explained unnamed individuals/terrorists had planted bombs on the ground.

In a press release issued on Sunday, Nevsun described the incident as an act of vandalism. It added that no personnel were harmed in the incident, and only minor damages were sustained to the base of the tailings thickener. Despite this, however, Nevsun said it was still on-track for re-start latter in the week.

While it is obvious that the Ethiopian Air Force did not bomb the Bisha plant, this has not stopped many Ethiopian and the so-called Eritrean opposition websites from trying to present this as a fact. Some have even produced poorly-made Photoshop images of the Bisha plant under smoke and inferno as proof. Despite their claim being bogus, these websites are still clinging to their story to damage the stock of Nevsun.

The big news that was missed in all the disinformation was Ethiopian rebels had destroyed TPLF military positions in Tigray last week. Unlike the false news about Eritrea, there is video evidence showing the Ethiopian Defense Forces running for their lives as rebels overran their positions, captured their troops and weapons, and burned down their camps.

According to ESAT, the Ethiopian Air Force is in shambles and much of its air force is grounded out of fear its pilots defecting to Eritrea. Over the last 12 months, dozens of Ethiopian Air Force pilots have defected to Eritrea, bringing with them many sophisticated multi-million dollar fighter jets and attack helicopters. Trust levels are so bad that Russian mercenaries have been hired to fly many of their fighter aircraft.

The rebels success in Ethiopia last week coupled with the numerous Ethiopian Air Force defections to Eritrea of late may be tied to the false rumor of Ethiopian Air Force bombing Bisha mine. By creating this elaborate story, the Ethiopian regime was probably seeking two results: 1) boost moral of its followers and pilots by showing its air force can still function; and 2), use this sensational rumor to deflect attention from the rebels successes of late in Northern Ethiopia.

Photo Credit: Aklilu Asmerom

Video: Ethiopian rebels overrunning TPLF forces in Northern Ethiopia last week.

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Ethiopian Air Force Did Not Bomb Bisha Mine: Senior Eritrean Officials - Latest Pictures of Bisha Mine Reviewed by Admin on 12:49 PM Rating: 5


  1. Anyway it is true that it is e.i by Eth. air force or
    rebels the attack is clear happend.

  2. Are you retarded? No one is denying the act of vandalism!!

  3. Like always, our Eritrean camel will march forward without being distracted by the barking dog. But this time our Camel will probably need us around as one of the dogs who was barking for such a long time seems to have become mad and might try a bite. I will have to say it again, as a proud Eritrean, i only laid my Klashinkov and left my beloved Eritrea dreaming for peace to come but if they choose to play with fire then i will come back to pick my shiny Klashinkov.

  4. I can assure you he is more than retarded!

  5. weyane is smelling the coffee..... there is nothing who can stop the ethiopians. lets erase them once and for all. weyanes are shiting in their pants couse they know their time is expaired.

  6. Eritrea is equiped with best air defense system. It's impossible for woyane to enter Eritrean air space plus six air force squadron all over Eritrea.

  7. Yidegem new yemtlut?
    so you need once more?

  8. Hi Matigari,

    If you are proud Eritrean why you left your country at this difficult time? If you wish to serve the Tyrant GO BACK! No one will listen to you. Do Not Pretend that you love your country. By the way Loving your country is different from serving a Tyrant.

  9. How long it take to Tyrant to fabricate the 'act of Vandalism' is the bomb planted in the Ground? Everyone knows the Truth via different sources. It is the age of information and we have verified from our relatives and close friends who are working there. So we know the Truth that the Act of Vandalism is an Air Strike from Ethiopia.

  10. Seekingalpha report is citing which itself is citing So what you have is Tigraionline as their source to both articles. Tigraionline is a racist, ethnic-eccentric blog that both Eritreans and Ethiopians know has no credibility. It's a website that openly seeks genocide of Eritreans and promotes Tigrayan supremacy over other Ethiopian ethnic groups.

    What TPLF cadres don't seem to understand is the burden of proof is on you. If you are claiming Ethiopian Air Force bombed the Bisha mine, then where is the evidence? Simply having two Western bloggers speculating if its true or not and using their websites' name to legitimize an unfounded claim that originated from Tigraionline is not a source.

  11. Lol why you screaming desperately, if you got evidences show us, otherwise go celebrate ur lies with your agames on ,hasad agame.
    Whatever you do or say won't save ur azzz from the ethio-volcano this time.bis bis leba.

  12. You calling tigrai online racist is ironic to say the least. Ethiopia was not responsible for the bombing. Ethiopia does not care about this Bisha bombing issue. Ethiopia signed an agreement with Sudan and Egypt this week that was historic, but not reported by you. GERD project will go on and shabia supporters can't do anything but dream about stopping it. So envious, so hateful and so resentful and thus so isolated in the region.

  13. "Yesterday, Bronwyn Bruton, who just got back from a research trip to Eritrea where she had spoken with senior Eritrean officials, tweeted rumors of Ethiopian Air Force bombing Bisha mine are not true"
    Wouldn't it be more appropriate for the government to come out and inform its citizens instead of a foreign tourist briefing us representing the government? Wey gado! mengsti zeykonela hager!!

  14. ኢትዮጲያ ገርድ ኣስር ብትሰራ, ዊ ዶንት ሃቨ ኤኒ ፕሮብለም, ራስዋ ለ ኣናትዋ ሆነ ነገሩ, ራስዋ ምቐኛ, ሰው ምቐኛ ትላለች. ራስዋ ለማኝ, ሰው ለማኝ ትላለች.

  15. The esat video can't be real. any military that attacks an opponent sends an air force plan or drone to blow up the forces first then sends in troops. Why on earth would woyana send such few soldiers and they are not even in trenches, they are standin in the open shooting in a line. That doesn't even make sense. Looks more like Gibot invaded farmers land. Those so called soldiers sure don't fight like one

  16. Burn, you must be an idiot. He could go to his home country at anytime he likes to go. There is no argent right know. I would do the same thing. Until then I could be any were I would like to. I am paying my 2%, I contribute on Mekete fund. If you have time with that, go and eat the whole in Mekele. Period.

  17. I have served the Eritrean army and worked many years to develop my country.I am an economic refugee living in Israel, If in case a war broke between Eritrea and any other, Me and many many Eritreans we are ready to go back to defend and die for the country.

  18. tmbel ata agame lmani

  19. If you have truth why doesnot EriTV show us the whole compound?

  20. Oh Come on!! "The Ethiopian Airforce is in Shambles"? Seriously? Really? Everyone knows it is the Eritrean Air Force that is no longer flying due to shortages of spare parts because of the arms embargo!! "bombs planted on the ground"? Seriously? Really? Who on earth and how in hell would any ground attack take place when the whole operation is heavily protected by ground forces? By air, yes. Because the Eritrean Airforce is no loger flying and the air defences are no longer operational. This is part of Ethiopia's long term plan to methodically and progressively render the Eritrean military impotent. and it has worked! A demoralized Eritrean army, plagued by dessertions, rotting in the desert heat in the trenches and it's high tech equipment no longer functioning, Ethiopia has a free hand to fly in and out of Eritrea at will unopposed at any time they wish. Attacking and blowing up what they want, when they want.

  21. Well said Jonathan! That is all they are. A hopeless bunch of losers that have gambled on Eritrea becoming the "Singapore of Africa" and lost devastatingly. Ethiopia is developing and is one of the 5 African countries (Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa) the world is watching closely as they become the economic and military powers of the continent. Eritrea is a tiny irrelevent and miniscule spec of dirt on the shoe of Ethiopia. In actuality, Ethiopia would prefer a democratic, friendly, peaceful and developing Eritrea so that the Eritrean refugees that are draining Ethiopian resources will go home as would those who are hiding in the cities and living under the radar.

  22. But it's the truth, Zulaa!! Eritrea is the tattered beggar, that lives off the 2% of the income of the dispora which is basically sucking off other far more developed economies via Eritrean parasites planted in western economies and used to funnel funds to Eritrea. And ofcourse let's not forget the Seminars and Festivals that the Eritrean government holds all over the world to get money from the Eritrean diaspora. That is BEGGING!!

  23. Beles! Beles! Beles! Meles! Beles! Meles Chenawi! Beles!

  24. Hello Gust,
    Lol why you are insulting people for their opinion. I am Eritrean like you. Actually You Do Not know me but I am proud of the contribution I made to the country. One day you will realise that. Your beloved president once said'' Tirhu Gereweiuna bizuh Dimtsi Yigebir'' Now you are like that. You are barking like a dog!! Your problem is you are coming here to read what you want to hear Not the Truth! I am sorry!

  25. Hi Eri,
    Are you a spokesman for Mr.XX. By the way if you support the Tyrant yes it is urgent that the country needs you. In Eritrea the Government admitted that there is an economic challenge and it is ''NAY MEKETE EWAN'' So if you truly love your Country and support the Big Guy Go NOW!! Do Not Pretend! Paying 2% Do Not make you that you love your country. There are many Eritreans paying 2% just to go home to visit their families or want to get some plot of land. You might be one of them. IF you are really caring about the people and country Go and share the pain of our young people there then you would understand the true nature of the Government. By the way I have nothing to do with Mekelle. Actually I was expelled by Woyane but the worst was in my Country. cheers

  26. Wedi Shawel, running away from the indefinite national service and going to Israel makes you a traitor, traitor! Go back and serve your country like the rest of your brothers and sisters serving in the military service.

  27. Selam
    Bern, do not be emotional. Sharing the pain of your people does not solve their
    real problem. This is an old fashion way of expressing weakness. Think outside
    the box. Ask yourself the question. What have i done for my country? Not what
    have my country done for me? Look at the
    elders and former freedom fighters who spent their whole life for a dream that
    they had. Once achieved then we thought that is it. We have to sit around and
    enjoy. No that was mistaken. We needed to build a nation from scratch. Who do
    you then expect normally take responsibility to build the nation.I would say
    you and me. But we failed just because we didn’t get help. From whom? You have
    to know that during the liberation struggle some Eritreans choose to flee abroad
    than to the front (MEDA) for various reasons. That is natural as the nation
    will need the manpower to personal sacrifice, financial source, future human capital
    and others. But the failure is what followed later after independence. Just
    like their fellow Africans, the majority Diaspora failed to sacrifice
    themselves to nation building. We are talking about Eritrea. The issue should
    not have been about election, power, human rights, democracy and freedom of
    expression but of nation building. They expected the nation to build itself without
    their free labour. They expected the nation to manage itself without expert
    knowledge. They didn’t want to play by the book of the land but that of the
    white book. They read a book written by the white man and think like one. They didn’t
    stop there. They invited their beloved ones as well hence creating a wave of Eritreans
    fleeing their nation and creating stories about repression and slavery just for
    personal gain. What do you expect? To cover the huge gap then the government
    sent those with the potential to study abroad so that they could come and build
    a nation. Influenced by the white book again they defected. As for me, I have
    learnt from the mistakes of the so called intellectual Diaspora who are
    disconnected from their people. They are the cowards of Africa. But you Do not
    have to be influenced by their greed. You have to stand up for yourself and
    work with your people for a prosperous Eritrea under the leadership of our
    great compatriots. We will make it and I hope to see you there.

  28. Closing remarks:

    No Ethiopian Warplane crossed Eritrean borders on March 20th. Aside from minor vandalism by Ethiopian-backed desperadoes, nothing significant happened and no injuries were sustained.

    Just goes to show how pathetic some websites are for deliberately spreading disinformation against Eritrea.

  29. Good luck Rambo;;;;;;

  30. Hello Matigari

    Thanks for your message. I Do Not think I am emotional. I fully agree with you on one point that is you and me have the responsibility to build our country. However how do we build our nation? To build a Nation first we need to set up institutions that will help us to build the nation. The GoE should create a conducive working environment for the people of Eritrea so that all citizens will participate in Nation building. The GoE did not invite his own people to build the nation. To build your nation all Government positions should be filled with respective professional in all sectors? Is that the case in Eritrea? Why Engineers work as guards in ''Blocko''s'? Why all professional assigned some where else where they couldn't contribute anything at all. Why all Government positions filled with the Ex-fighters who have No any educational background to their respective assignments? YOU CAN'T BUILD A NATION BY EMOTIONAL FEELING! Why there is No any reporting and accountability system in place for the Government so that they can report what is going on the country to their people? Why all PFDJ business companies DO NOT Audited since independence? Why the GoE did Not tell his people the Countries budget to its people? Many many questions. These are the reasons why many Eritreans young people fled their countries and many Diaspora couldn't invest in their countries. NO GUARANTEE! Ask yourself why many Eritreans invest in Uganda, Kenya and even Ethiopia instead of ERITREA? All your article is SHIFTING THE BLAME! So I ask you to sit and think again!!!!

    With best regards


  32. You must really be stupid, Ethiopia and the others you have mentioned, are they building their country up using their own resources and money??? Or are they taking heaps and heaps of money from the west?, with interest that is


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