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Sweden Appoints New Ambassador to Eritrea

New Ambassador to Eritrea


Sweden appoints a new ambassador to Eritrea, announces Ministry Foreign Affairs (MFA). Last fall, Sweden expelled Eritrea's top diplomat in Stockholm, according to reliable sources.

The expulsion of the Eritrean diplomat had political reasons, experience the TT, but if the change in the Swedish ambassador record has a relationship is unclear. Foreign Ministry official says only that a diplomat was expelled, but did not state his nationality.

New Swedish Ambassador Per Enarsson, stationed in Stockholm may assume a key role in diplomatic efforts to get the Swedish-Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak free.

Article translated from Swedish using online translator.

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Sweden Appoints New Ambassador to Eritrea Reviewed by Admin on 3:21 PM Rating: 5


  1. All good that ends good, they are doing all themselves..Truth will prevail.

  2. This is a confirmation of the news we have been hearing that higdef is to release prisoners.

  3. For a political motivated reason, Sweden 'expelled' an Eritrean diplomate. Has anything changed? Not an iota!!

    Long live our leadership.

  4. According to this article, it seems the ambassador´s only job is to see to it that Dawit isaak is released from jail and nothing else. Why should Eritrea talk to him at all? Sweden has to learn to respect Eritrea and to treat it as it treats any other independent country. If Sweden doesn´t wish to have a normal bilateral relationship with our country, consisting of every aspect, then Sweden can even hold the appointment of an ambassador. At least, that´s my view.


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