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Egypt to Buy 24 Rafale Jet Fighters


ST-CLOUD, France, Feb. 13 (UPI) -- Egypt as decided to buy two dozen Rafale jet fighters from Dassault Aviation, with deliveries beginning this year.

The deal, worth as much as $4.5 billion, is expected to be signed on Feb. 16.

"I would like to thank the highest Egyptian authorities for this strategic and historic partnership," Eric Trappier, president and chief executive officer of Dassault Aviation said. "Dassault Aviation will be equal to the faith that they have placed in us yet again.

"I would also like to thank the French authorities, which were behind the Rafale program, and have provided the political support, without which we cannot make any military exports."

The Rafale is a twin-engine fighter for a variety of air-air, air-ground, and air-sea missions. It is flown by the French Air Force and Navy and is being eyed by India.

Dassault Aviation notes that it has a solid history of doing business with Egypt and in the past has supplied the country with Mirage 5 aircraft, the Alpha Jet and the Mirage 2000 fighters.

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  1. President Al-SiSi should spend the money wisely on Foul, Felafel, Maramia, and a better training for his Air Force pilots, who own the largest (over 230 fighter planes) Air Force in Africa. Do not wait for sanctions from the West to learn a lesson from Iran to building your own (may be shitty in the beginning) fighter jets. After all, these expensive jets will never be used against Israel and you don't need these planes to fight Houthi of Yemen or the Moslem Brotherhood of Egypt.

  2. It's a huge military..i really don't know if the country's priority are that

  3. Deal with Ansar Beit al Maqdis in Sinai, Deal baby deal

  4. Those are the latest generation jet fighters and better than the previous Mirage, able to compete with any modern gadget. Having said that, those toys do cost a fortune specially when parts, training and armaments are included. Looking at the escalating Mid-East situation and the Nile issue, one can say it makes somewhat of a sense to go shopping.

  5. any military hardware egypt buys,,, it is cheered by eritreans, lmaoo. a slave is always a slave

  6. Go bend over for the white man for the last 100years and have the guts to call someone a slave stfu.


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