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Eritrean Delegation Participated in Regional Conference on Human Trafficking

Eritrean Government officials - Yemane GebreMeskel is seated on the far right

Eritrean Delegation Participated in Regional Conference on Human Trafficking 

By Yemane GebreMeskel,

A senior GOE delegation participated in the Regional Conference on Human Trafficking that was convened in Khartoum from 21-22 May, last week.

The Conference brought together senior official from the Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Egypt, as well as the AU, the EU, UNHCR and the IOM.

Eritrea has put forth its perspectives and case against the culpable parties that have instigated and/or are involved in this sordid affair.

Eritrea also renewed the request made by President Isaias to the UN Secretary General to launch an independent investigation of this organized crime.

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Eritrean Delegation Participated in Regional Conference on Human Trafficking Reviewed by Admin on 2:23 PM Rating: 5



  2. No body should be misled by the con artist Isaias Afewerqi who is hopelessly scrambling to stop the unstoppable unraveling of his infinite crimes he has been committing on the people of Eritrea with impunity.
    To that end, he has arrayed a swarm of unwitting stooges of Eritrean origin and his tegaru accomplices, Yemane Monkey, Yemane Gebremesqel, Asmelash, Abraha kasa on a campaign of Disinformation to deceive the naïve Eritreans in particular and the world community in general.
    Remember during his heyday when, as he was viciously decimating the people, he was bragging that he was "amidst his people and that opposition to him was nonexistent. But not anymore, look at his puffy eye lids, sunken eyes and very dark face; all these are symptoms of his morbid fear of doom and gloom. We have to finish them off, him and his tegaru accomplices.
    Eritrean PFDJs and YPFDJs,
    We are living at a crucial time for ourselves and our country. There is no tomorrows; Isaias Afewerqi and his accomplices have systematically broken the backbones of our people and our country.
    Needless to say, you are the reason that these handful people, Isaias Afewerqi and his tegaru accomplices, could muster the energy to commit such devastating destruction on our five million people.
    If you would know , the very tactic they have been applying to turn you into their collaborating zombies is the very tactic Alula the terrible used on Rasi Woldemicale. Yes, Alula deceived the Rasi by swearing in the name of the bible, knowing full well that he would not honor it.
    Gullible Rasi ended up in a cave prison, and Alula in our country, which he devastated to the bone. This is the end towards which you are being manipulated.
    Incidentally, tegaru has a proverb: N'Derho B'Meshela, N'Hamashen (Hamasien) B, Mahla. They absolutely do not have any qualm with lying.
    Just look back, and try to remember the promises of Isaias Afewerqi made, and you will know that he never kept any of them . Why? Because, like Alula the terrible, he uttered them with an eye to fool.
    Wake Up! Stop being tools of your enemies!!

  3. Sounds like you're in a heated debate with yourself. No one is buying your outrageous conspiracy theories. Take a breather. Focus on your country, Ethiopia. Peace.

  4. You mistakingly smoke the pile you should swallow brother. I think you caught with unforgivable disease that make to lie but it will no kill though just make you to talk nonstop.

  5. Obsession is not a perfume i guess! RIP

  6. The campaign of arresting should start from EDF generals and colonels right from Cathedral. What Yemane Ghebremeskel is saying is just tears of a crocodile. I was smuggled out of Asmara by one of the drivers of the generals while the general was sitting right on the passenger seat. My brother was instructed to deposit the money in someone's account in Dubai. At this time, everything in Eritrea is faked.

  7. You are veryvery narrowing mind.l think you are not an eritrean.may be you grow up in need to study entire ertrea history.

  8. You forgot to mention that you and your family acted out of law and cooperated with the criminal smugglers.

    The blood of our martyrs never let the UNjust go free, as of your personal confession..

  9. Amlak mihret yewridelka!

  10. I think you your self directly or indirectly is a human trafficker. When it is getting scrutinized you are crying foul.

  11. Eritrea's Ambassador to the UK and Ireland responds to allegations that as many as 30,000 Eritreans have been kidnapped and tortured in the Sinai desert over the last four years. He spoke to the BBC's Komla Dumor.

  12. It is so funny the journalist is accusing eritrea saying that there is no freedom of speech while he himself didnt allow kubur amabassador to speak and/or to finsh the questions he raised...
    offcours he need to protect his job

  13. The corrupt generals of HGDEF are directly involved in the trafficking business, with the blessing of the dictator himself. Becaus he very well knows those corrupt generals will need him to stay as a leader in order to contnoue their business and will protect him from being overthrown. If UN start an investigation they won't get a visa to visit Eritrea and do investigation because that will lead to the truth to come out. People with right mind will ask the question , how many human traficers got arrested in Eritrea the last 10 years?.Almost none, and how is that possible in a police state with spies on every corner, unless the traffickers are protected by powerful people. In many cases ransom is paid in Eritrea again how is that possible?. Out only hope is removing the Tegaru maffia who are destroying our country and replace the with True Eritrean EPLF heroes.

  14. Only EriTv allows the dictator to talk forever, the dictator takes 30 min to answer one question. A true journalist will follow up with questions and that is something HGDEF officialls are not used to this, even though this is a common practice around the globe. According to this babon called ambassador the whole world is against the Eritrea, which is a total lie. Our main enemy right now is the Tegaru maffia in Asmara and their protectors DEMHIT.

  15. Where Is The CruiseMay 31, 2014 at 5:44 AM

    I am sure you have listened the interview of Dejen Ande Hishel (ex ERAF MIG 29 PILOT ). You and your likes where saying there are no political prisoners in Eritrea, the justice system in Eritrea is perfect…… Now what is your comment on that?? What kind of justification do you give to that barbaric act of the regime??

  16. Where Is Z CruiseMay 31, 2014 at 5:46 AM

    I am sure you have listened the interview of Dejen Ande Hishel (ex ERAF MIG 29 PILOT ). You and your likes where saying there are no political prisoners in Eritrea, the justice system in Eritrea is perfect…… Now what is your comment on that?? What kind of justification do you give to that barbaric act of the regime??

  17. @ Dawit meconen we can't have man like you 2 side covered horse never looked side to side because covered by someone. just only running front you are the same like that horse. We are not going to back how you are thinking we don't have problems religious, tribes, political If you're want to play that kind of game we don't want talk the door is open but don't talk sheet. ....

  18. Where Is Z CruiseMay 31, 2014 at 8:47 AM

    SO you are Admitting the general is criminal and that means the country is in the hand of criminals.

  19. I listened the six interviews by Dejen, and it sounds the same story of Assena 'President Isaias died and buried in Asmara'. Dejen escaped with a car used to transport 'prisoners to hospital'! I didn't know the régime cares about its prisoners health! May be that was not well thought on the creative fiction writer? Assena is having a fund raising campaign for their 'Project Dejen'. Z Cruise have you sent your contribution?. Yes there are no political prisoners in Eritrea only criminals caught red handed selling their country.

  20. You are worthless individual even don't deserve a reply. One day the prisoners will give their testimony in front of Eritrean people and you will say then there is no political prisoners in Eritrea .i am 100 percent sure you have at least one family member who suffered under this regime but you are characterless , greedy , tebelazai slave mind , mentally dead.

  21. Dawit, you will live for ever in a state of denial if don't abandon the sub national belief.

  22. YG, how the hell did you seat with weyane?

  23. Where Is Z CruiseMay 31, 2014 at 4:04 PM

    You know what? I really feel sorry for you. Bdewka zimotka "zombie" ika. The ex pilot made it clear for you, but since you are "Rissi HamHam" you will never get that.
    This is what he said " Gebenjata nerna intenkewn, lomi firdna wedina netsa mis'kona "

  24. Where Is Z CruiseMay 31, 2014 at 4:07 PM

    Forto, did you get heart attack after you hear the ex Mig29 pilot escaped from your daddy's prison? What did you feel?

  25. Few years ago the ex-student union leader Semere had to say these about our new jail breaker

    (D) Do you remember anyone who was around you in jail?

    (S) I would say I was in a better situation than others. Let me give
    you one example: Meharitells me that a young man named Dejen Ande
    Hishel, an ex-student who grew up in the Revolutionary School [a school
    run by the EPLF during the armed struggle] and who was later a Mig-29
    pilot and instructor after independence, was picked by two men from his
    work on March 18, 1999. Until July 2002, no one knew his whereabouts. He
    repeatedly asked [his jailers] what his crime was, why he was in jail
    and who brought him there; he never got an answer. His father and mother
    are combatants. His father is a lieutenant Colonel. His two elder
    brothers are also combatants-- that comprises the whole family. He never
    saw the sun. His family was allowed to visit him after [he spent] three
    years and five months in jail.

  26. Which part are you referring to? that a person Dejen never existed in ERAF? or was never arrested? or never escaped? or his way of escape?

  27. why do you have to label someone speaking of the circumstances brought upon the country and the people by mismanagement, incapability, stupidity etc as ethiopian, can't you see the state of affairs for yourself, for how long can this denial go on....Think

  28. history has nothing to do with what is happening idiot, you need your brain serviced...

  29. there are religious, tribal, leadership, economic and many other problems, so don't deny it, instead of resorting to abuse try to write legibly...


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