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BBC condemns Ethiopia For Jamming Its Broadcasts

Picture of  BBC correspondent Komla Dumor. Dumor passed away in January of  2014.

BBC condemns Ethiopia For Jamming Its Broadcast


Liliane Landor, acting Director of the BBC World Service Group, has called on the Ethiopian authorities to stop jamming BBC broadcasts in the Middle East and North Africa.

She joined directors from Deutsche Welle, France 24, and the US Broadcasting Board of Directors which oversees the Voice of America, in condemning the flagrant violation of the clearly established international procedures on operating satellite equipment.

Liliane Landor said: “The BBC calls upon the Ethiopian authorities to end this interference. They are disrupting international news broadcasts for no apparent reason. This is a deliberate act of vandalism that tarnishes their reputation.”

During the past week, BBC television and radio broadcasts on the Arabsat satellites have been affected by intentional uplink interference. Many international television broadcasts, including those from France 24 and Deutsche Welle, have been badly affected.

The satellite operator Arabsat has reported that the interference has come from within Ethiopia. The interference is intensive and affects services on all three Arabsat satellites. Unlike previous instances of intentional interference, these events do not appear to be linked to any particular content or channel on these satellites.

The interference is contrary to the international regulations that govern the use of radio frequency transmissions and the operation of satellite systems, and inhibits the ability of individuals to freely access media according to Article 19 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.


Arabsat Traces Intentional Jamming to Ethiopian Source

By  Peter B. de Selding,

PARIS — Satellite fleet operator Arabsat of Saudi Arabia on May 29 said it has suffered intentional jamming on multiple television channels on its fleet at 26 degrees east longitude and has succeeded in localizing the source of the interference in Ethiopia.

Riyadh-based Arabsat said it would use the full force of the law to collect damages from the jamming parties, without detailing how this might be achieved. The company said it has notified the International Telecommunication Union, a United Nations affiliate, and the Arab League of the action.

In addition to expressing its anger, Arabsat said it was “surprised by the vandalism” because its fleet carries neither Ethiopian nor Eritrean programming. The company speculated that the jammers were aiming at one or more satellites nearby and were affecting Arabsat by accident.

“Several efforts are under way to mediate the situation,” Arabsat said.

Several satellite operators serving the Middle East, including Nilesat of Egypt and Eutelsat of Paris, have had to contend with intentional jamming in recent years, most recently during the Arab Spring protests against several governments in the region.

Satellite operators have little recourse except to ask their governments to exert diplomatic pressure on governments in whose territories the jammers operate.

Arabsat and Eutelsat have also responded by designing their new satellites with anti-jamming features that once were used only on military telecommunications satellites.

With just two weeks left until the start of the FIFA World Cup soccer championship in Brazil, an event expected to swell television audiences worldwide, Arabsat has a special incentive to identify the jamming source and use government pressure to stop it. The company asked for the understanding of its customers, saying the situation “is beyond [our] control.”

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  2. ican not belive this avery thing is changing shift ERITREA use to be beleimed for evry thing now ETHIOPIA the popet of the weast is becoming bad what year makes change 2 or 3 years ago ERITREA was put in UN sanction now its ETHIOPIA TIME

  3. I can easily guess as to why Eritrean Net been suffering of slow connections be it telefon/radio/internet/TV all are jammed by the UGLY RATS of woyane admin. Holly Lord ! these shamless creatures are playing snowden of the Horn woyane-way , as if they master everything damn ! LoL

  4. Weyane gets its welfare check from America and then spends it on buying the services of Chinese companies to jam radio and television broadcasts of Eritrea.
    Agame are just evil neighbors. I hate these people. Everything they do is to try to hurt Eritrea or make life miserable for Eritreans.

  5. Lol they probably sold them the equment who they kidding , on my mind both of them are the same

  6. Agame and Tigray = Evil.

  7. They probably could not face watching the genuine Independence celebration of Eritrea and the powerful unity of Eritrea people and Government. They don't` know how to use the equipment and Eritrea people can not be blocked.

  8. LOL! I am sure they don’t know how to use the equipment. That’s why they jam their own broadcasts sometimes. agame lementi.

  9. What do you expect from Libi Tigray?

  10. No, actually North Korean and Chinese technicians are doing the Jamming for them. TPLF does not have the capacity to jam satellite frequency on their own.

  11. there is a reason why it harder to jam signals from Eritrea, remember why the AMERICAN's had a base in Eritrea for more than 20 years its for the same reason. the central zone of Eritrea for some reason, scientists do not seem to give an explanation you could send a signal from there and receive a signal without any problems - even from places in the other side of the planet. you need to understand the land is holy, its God's home and when this land speaks or shines the whole world could see & hear it (as it says in the bible exact description & Eri is the only land that meets this description) however one could choose to ignore it but they still could see & hear it. simply they can not block signals from Eritrea, you need to remember they try this before and failed (remember when they jammed aljazeera trying to jam Eritrea but could not do so) 2nd it shows the true nature of this nation, the fact that they choose to spend money on this, rather than on fixing their problems, they are born lementi, half human, the most repugnant people on the face of the planet.

  12. p.s. you do understand the meaning behind the olive tree in our flag and the meaning behind the small branch growing in the middle (the world give us as a representation / symbol of the people) and it does not, i mean does NOT mean peace, its meaning is much deeper and more powerful a real true insight into how they see us

  13. Horn of Africa

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    02.06.2014 16:07

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    ዋና ኣሰናዳኢ ድምጺ ኣመሪካ ስቲቭ ረዲሽ፡ እቲ ተግባር ምዕፋን ካብ ኢትዮጵያ ይመጽእ ከምዘሎ ተሓቢርና ኣለና ኢሎም።

    ተተካኢት ዲረክተር ቢቢሲ ሊሊያን ላንዩር ብወገነን፡ “እዚ ደመደይ ኢልካ ዝግበር ጸይቂ ተግባር፡ ንሽሞም`ውን ዘኽፍእ`ዩ” ኢለን።


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