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Eritrea's Quiet Construction Boom

Eritrea's Quiet Construction Boom

In a telling sign the economy is gaining momentum, Eritrea has been quietly building a number of multimillion dollar infrastructure projects. From luxury resorts to colleges to modern homes and dams, Eritrea is witnessing an unprecedented development boom. With so many projects under construction or slated to be developed, it's safe to say the camel (Eritrea) is no longer marching towards its goals; it's briskly jogging.

Here are a few of the projects under construction or slated for development:

Asmara Housing Project

The 2013 Asmara Housing Project is a pilot project that is being developed in Sembel, Halibet and Space 2001 districts of Asmara. The project consists of 1,680 homes and shops, and is the largest modern housing infrastructure project in the Horn of Africa. Due to the large scale of the project, the government has reorganized construction companies into three groups. In order to master the technologies and improve their skill set, all three companies are working on the pilot project as a single unit. Once they complete their task, they will be split back into three companies to head the construction programs in the eastern lowlands, highlands, and western lowlands.

                                                 (Click on images to enlarge)
                              Modern apartments being developed in Asmara - Credit: Aba Tirreg

                               Modern apartments being developed in Asmara - Credit: Aba Tirreg

                                        Renders of the project

                                         Renders of the project

Visit here to see more renders of the Asmara pilot project.

Massawa Resort Project

The Massawa project appears to be a mix of luxurious resorts, hotels and residential buildings. Currently, construction of the project has been postponed, presumably, due to Asmara pilot project taking a priority (it will be developed!). Although little information has been provided of this massive project, observation of the renders provided by the government seem to indicate the models were designed by Piccini, an engineering and machinery producing company based in Milano, Italy.

Established in 1949, Piccini is owned by Eritrean businessman Asmerom Mekonen.

                      Eritrean officials showing Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir the
                                                  Massawa project. June 15, 2013

Other Projects

Other projects under construction include:

Projects in the pipeline:

Gergera Dam (no date was provided - could be from a while ago)

                                Construction of Massawa-Qrora road

In an interview with state media in February, President Isaias Afwerki said, "The pilot housing project in Asmara is a precursor of a comprehensive urban and rural national housing scheme for the years to come." What this means is Eritrea is just getting started with the building boom.Urban areas such as Mendefera, Teseney, Assab, Dekemhare and Keren should expect to see housing development projects of their own.





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  1. We need news like that refreshing to our mind that get used to the negative news about Eritrea. Thanks Madote!

  2. Thank you your up to date news about construction information.A few people's understand our government plan eritrea including all our is not only is good job madote continue .

  3. Addey maàrei lemlemely..waoh..fantastic, zegerem iyu..hassadat ayrayu..

  4. Thank you your up to date news about construction information.A few people's understand our government plan eritrea including all our city. it is not only asmara. it is good job madote continue.

  5. ሉል ዓንደማርያምApril 11, 2014 at 5:19 PM

    Much better. I can believe this because I saw most of the construction while I was there. halibet area they cleared the meadow land near the hospital and were getting ready to put the foundation down. It was flattened. I saw the cold storage factory and the construction near between asmara palace and indagermen neighborhood.

  6. Thanks A Lot MAdote. Really Keep it up. always love to see Eritrea Growing.
    But you will be making some people Sleepless Tonight...with headaches and other " Hedure Hemamat" . :-)

  7. New Gejeret Community Recreational Center in Asmara:

  8. Renovation of Mai Jah Jah is underway in Asmara:

  9. New Debarwa hotel inaugurated this week:

    (Picture courtesy of Solomon Abraha)

  10. Construction of cold store in Alebu Area gains momentum

    Alebu, 11 April 2014 – The General Manager of Musa Ali Construction Company, Lt. Colonel Haile Mesfin, indicated that the construction of a cold store in Alebu Area has gained momentum, giving rise to finalization of 60% of the process.

    Accordingly, the infrastructural facility is segmented into two parts, and Chinese Company called Sefeco Group is also engaged in its putting in place. He further dislcosed that the joint venture on the part of both companies has given momentum to the implementation the Project.

    Mr. David Duan, Deputy Manager in the Chinese company, explained that Musa Ali Construction Company is playing vital role in executing the task timely. He further expressed conviction that the project could be finalized before the set time.

    Mr. Goitom Beyene, head of Engineering in Musa Ali Construction Company, stated that the cold store can accommodate around store 2,000 tones of agricultural products such as fish, meat and vegetables, and that it has four chambers as well as a reservoir impounding around 7,000 cubic meters of water.

    The Project has also favored exchange of experience between both companies, besides exposure to new technology on the part of Musa Ali.

    There exists a plan to construct similar stores in Massawa and Adi-Guaedad in the near future.

  11. Eritrean Banana Factory

  12. Aynetarateren ina

  13. ---Yemane G. Meskel ‏

    Eritrea's growth has been earned in years of painstaking endeavour while avoiding the dependency syndrome & in an adverse regional climate

    #It has passed the tipping point for rapid, sustainable economic growth. High time for Eritrea's detractors to come to terms with the reality

    #Eritrea has the resources, locational advantages, resilient and hardworking people, national cohesion and unity; and right mix of policies.

    #Eritrea's inexorable economic progress cannot be halted by juggling falsified figures and doctored projections..

    #These "sour grape" efforts smack of arguments on "economic unviability" invoked in the 1940s to undermine Eritrea's right to decolonization.

    #I am rather amused by phoney "research papers" and "GDP growth forecasts" churned out to predict "doom and gloom" on the Eritrean economy.

  14. really great news!!

  15. Eritrean Banana Factory

  16. Asmara Beer Factory

  17. Where Is Z CruiseApril 12, 2014 at 5:11 PM

    And this is national news??

  18. Outstanding job Madote. The economy booming in Eritrea will cause uncured headache to the arch enemies of Eritrea. Eritrea will be an icon of Africa nation.

  19. What makes you proud about Eritrea, is that to make roads like this, in other parts of Africa, they need to go through loans, donations of the imf, us, eu..Then is not said that the infrastructure reaches the final stage, in the middle the budget end due to high corruptions..

  20. Good news indeed!!The concrete, bricks and steel are rising. However the exodus of our young generation is also rising at an alarming level. What are these facilities and infrastructure for???

  21. Eritrea will prevail!!
    Never Kneel Down!!

  22. Are you blind? For how long are you going to blame the nation? Only jealous people see others faults stop being against Eritrea.

    Beja Eritrea Testah!!!

  23. There is no shortage of people in Eritrea, but sure shortage of residence house in Capital city and other cities and towns.

  24. It would had been nice if the boom was shared with the private sector, there is one of the housing project (Space near Expo) which should have been left as an open space/park .I am completely against developing that area.

  25. Talking to a wall!! Never you mind! Do you have any idea how many of our young men and women are leaving the country everyday? Weyane's policy ( defeating eritrea without firing a single bullet) is working. Soon there will be a big generation gap in our country.

  26. Where Is Z CruiseApril 13, 2014 at 7:18 PM

    Atta Wedi dehan dika?

    All I said was ; constructing ground +3 hotel is a national news?

  27. Where Is Z CruiseApril 13, 2014 at 7:23 PM

    Asmara beer factory been there for or Meloti founded in 1939. It was known not only locally but internationally. You people make it seem that HGDEF founded MELOTI beer brewery. Lol

  28. This is funny news ... "The project consists of 1,680 homes and shops, and is the largest modern housing infrastructure project in the Horn of Africa"
    The largest construction project in horn of Africa is underway in Ethiopia. In different part of Ethiopia city from 10000 to 50000 housing built per one project and in a year above 200000 housing built . so 1680 housing is nothing in horn of Africa especially in Ethiopia nothing.

  29. is this joke or what ? Asmara can not be re-built by such individuals who do not even know Asmara. This administrator I bet do not even know how to write his own name. Why Asmara now and see how its infrastructure is ? This kind news is just to divert the attention of innocence during our independence time; soon after may the 24 they will stop what they have started. Above all they do not have knowledge and economic capacity to renovate Gezabanda let alone Asmara I know for sure.

  30. dekemhare the best city

  31. robel ezi b geze teliyan zteserhe eu nay hgdef serhat aykonen


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