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Dahlak's Master Plan Expected to cost US$115 million

Second phase of construction on Dahlak Kebir in progress. Photo: eco-resorts in construction on Dissei island 

The Master Plan for Dahlak Kebir, the largest island on the Dahlak Archipelago, is expected to cost $115 million dollars, according to S. A. Miro, a United States and Abu Dhabi-based consulting firm.

The project will include an international airport, an industrial port, luxurious resorts and hotels with a combined 1,980 key capacity. Additionally, the development areas will be interconnected by 207 km (128 miles) of roadway.

Moreover, the project will include a planned permanent population on the island of over 10,000 inhabitants and, according to the firm, will feature its own "police, fire protection, retail, restaurant, medical, school, warehousing, storage, and light commercial facilities."

Previously, during the first phase of development on the Island, which was completed in late 2012, the project consisted of 48 luxurious bungalows, 2 villas, a helipad, roads, pools, electrical grids and desalination plants.

By building high-end development projects on Dahlak Kebir, Massawa, Ras Harab and Halibay, the government and its partners seek to attract Gulf and European tourists by featuring its pristine coastal waters as their focal attraction.

Cost: US$115 million
Status: In progress
Location: Dahlak Kebir
Architect: Gensler and Norris Design
Financed: Qatari Diar

First phase of resorts on Dahlak Kebir completed
First phase of development on Dahlak Kebir completed
Concept model for the second phase of development on the island - Credit: Miro Firm

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  1. Go Eri! Keep developing our country!

  2. can't wait till it's completed!!

  3. Bright future Eri keep going my country

  4. Adey màarei lemlimeley keman..hezbiki ke a yebarek..

  5. any update on this or on the second phase?????


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