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Latest Development Projects in Eritrea

The following are some of the latest development projects taking place in Eritrea.

New solar light poles placed near airport streets in Asmara. 

With an ambitious goal of replacing Asmara's street lights entirely with solar energy by 2015, the Asmara Municipal Administration indicated they installed 120 solar light poles in several Asmara neighborhoods, including Airport Grounds, Edaga-Hamus, Edaga-Haraj, Gejeret and State House. The new solar lights are just as bright as their predecessors and can be on for 14 hours a day non-stop.

Eritrean officials showing Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir development projects in store for Massawa. June 15, 2013

Eritrea is preparing to start a massive construction project that aims to transform Massawa into an international tourist destination. The project will consist of modern hotels, resorts, apartment buildings, villas and other amenities. The model seen above was designed by Piccini, an engineering and machinery producing company based in Milan, Italy. The cost of this project is estimated to be around US$300 million.

To view more pictures of this project, visit here

Eritrean and Chinese officials laying a cornerstone for construction of an elementary school in Arbate-Asmara.
A cornerstone was laid last month for a new four-story elementary school in Arbate-Asmara. Once completed, the school will have 24 classrooms, offices and lodgings, enabling it to accommodate 1,500 students per shift. The school will be jointly financed by the Eritrean and Chinese governments.

Watch video here

State of the art Rotainer System delivered to Massawa port.

An advanced, multi-million dollar Rotainer system, including a harbour crane, was imported to the port city of Massawa a few months ago from Australia. According to the manufacturers, the Rotainer system is designed for "tough, high production applications delivering up to 1000 tonnes per hour."

Road construction in Sahil

Eritrea has started construction of 100 km (62.1 miles) road that will link Massawa via Gahtelai, Shieb, Wedi-labka, to the Sudanese border town of Garora. On their part, the Sudanese will begin construction to connect Garora to Port Sudan. When completed, Port Sudan and Massawa will be linked with road, making goods flowing through both countries more accessible.

Dozens of buses imported from China last month.

Dozens of buses, loaders, compact tractors, excavators, fire engines, water tenders (tankers), small and large lorries and other construction and agricultural related machinery were imported from China at a cost of $80 million dollars last month. This is the third machinery related deliveries from China since 2011, which is a strong sign Eritrea is preparing for large scale development projects throughout the country that will create thousands of jobs and grow the economy.

Video: $80 million worth of machineries entering Eritrea.

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