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New residential buildings and resorts planned for Massawa

March 1, 2013

In line with its development strategy, the Government of Eritrea plans to build luxurious resorts and modern residential buildings in Massawa, according to renderings obtained by Although little information has been provided of this project, observation of the images seem to indicate the models were designed by Piccini; an engineering and machinery producing company based in Milano, Italy. Established in 1949, Piccini is owned by Eritrean businessman Asmerom Mekonen and has markets worldwide, including in Eritrea.

Design: Piccini
Cost: Unknown
Start of construction: 2013
Location: Mainland Massawa
Project: Residential buildings and resorts

New road construction in Eritrea
Small replicas of  the residential buildings to be built in Massawa

You can see the  company Piccini as the designers of this project
Master plan of the beach side resorts in mainland Massawa
Piccini architects discussing over the new Massawa project
Recent imports of heavy machinery from China is a strong indication that
construction of this project is going to commence within the immediate future. 

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New residential buildings and resorts planned for Massawa Reviewed by Admin on 5:27 AM Rating: 5


  1. Like it, but it depends on who will benefit from it. If its 4 the tourist then i dont see the point, but if its for the inhabitants then good for them!

  2. I am glad to see that while I am alive.

  3. To Madote:

    I heard that Piccini has been asked to leave Eritrea by the Eritrean government because of the Monitoring group report is that true ?

  4. Hi guest.

    No. There is no evidence to suggest this.

  5. really really really

  6. is there any evidence to suggest what you are claming


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