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Ras Harab and Halibay resorts to be built in Eritrea

March 1, 2013

Eritrea is gearing up to start work on two high-end resorts in Ras Harma as part of a grander plan to make the Red Sea State a tourist hub of the region. Situated 74.5 miles (120 km) from Asmara and 21.7 miles (35 km) northwest of Massawa, the luxurious seaside resorts will be within 30 minutes drive of Massawa International Airport.

Inspired by Massawa's past and present architecture, Ras Harab and Halibay resorts will feature a number of high-end amenities, including an 18-hole golf course, a conference center, club house, open-air marketplace, main restaurant, swimming pools, SPA, diving centers, desert tours and much more.

Believing Eritrea's pristine Red Sea coastline will be a major tourist attraction in the coming years, the Government of Eritrea has developed; and plans to develop, several high-end resorts, hotels, bungalows and residential buildings on the Dahlak Islands, Massawa, Ras Harma and Assab.

 Ras Harab Resort
  • Conference center
  • Sporting area and fitness
  • Open-air market
  • Desert experience tours
  • Water games and kids
  • Shuttle service from/to Massawa International Airport

Halibay Resort
  • Lobby and main restaurant
  • Gourmet restaurants
  • Swimming pools
  • Equipped beach and beach bar
  • SPA
  • Diving center
  • Bike rental

Main Restaurant 

Ras Harb resort in Ras Harma, Eritrea
Ras Harb Resort Blueprint 

Halibay Resort Blueprint 

Ras Harb Resort

Ras Harab Render

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  1. Bright future is coming to our land , soon we will surprise. The world who abandoned us when we need their help.

  2. why white ppl in the plans?

  3. Ata Reddy intay da a quenka komu tebl..Intay gerom white people tebl..nessoms seb do aykonun? Tsbah negho turism gemirna ko kenedemom ina..komu aybahalen iyu..alet aynefle..

    hawka manuele kab roma

  4. kidm kedadim ni erirawian alimu kisirah alowo.


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